Charlie over 7 years ago by Liz Adams

Where I Like to Shop for Charlie

Baby boy wearing high top converse sneakers and stripe rain coat. Charlie wearing Osh Kosh Coat and Converse Sneakers.

Let me start by saying that I liiiiiiive for this kid. He is going to be 18 months old tomorrow (a year and a half!!!) and he has the most hilarious personality. So. much. attitude. For those of you that follow me on instagram, you know how dramatic he can be, too. Charlie deserves an Oscar for his ability to scream and cry at the drop of a hat and stop in the same amount of time. For as feisty as he can be, he also has the sweetest and most loving demeanor. Everyday with him is the best.

The best places to shop for Baby Boy. Liz Adams shares her favorite baby brands for toddlers. The best places to shop to find unique gifts for toddlers.

A frequently asked question around here is where do I shop for Charlie? My answers can vary but I’m always looking for new shops to find items that feel special. Any other mama’s out there agree that boys are hard to find good clothes for? Their wardrobes are so basic but I definitely rely on a few brands for the best fit and bang for your buck. Here is where I like to shop (I’m sharing favorites for boys and girls)…

Liz Adams shares mom's favorite place to shop for her child. Where to buy Converse sneaker for toddlers.

My Favorite Toddler/Baby Brands:

Old Navy: classic basics at a great price. I go here for leggings, jeans, basic tee’s and hoodies. Current favorites for boys here, here, here, here and here. Current favorites for girls here, here, here and here.

Zara: My favorite jeans and pants for C (size down), cutest sweaters, button down shirts, outerwear and shoes. Current favorites for boys here, here, here and here. Current favorites for girls here, here, here, here and here. Why is little girl’s stuff sooooo cute?

Nordstrom: When I find something I love for Dave at Nordstrom, I always look to see if they have a mini version for Charlie. Specifically when it comes to shoes (Charlie has these and these). I also love Mini Boden and Tucker + Tate tees. Current favorites for boys here, here, here and here. Current favorites for girls here, here and here.

Roberta Roller Rabbit: The best and softest pajamas! Charlie is in size 2T now. Our favorites prints here, here, here and here. They also have the softest crib sheets!

Monica + Andy: A Chicago shop with the sweetest prints and the cutest things for toddlers for newborn babes. They are also sold at Nordstrom!.

We also love Target (I love the Cat + Jack line!), Gap Kids (it runs a bit big for Charlie) and Buy Buy Baby (old school brands like Osh Kosh!).

What are your favorite stores for toddlers? I’m always looking for brands that not everyone else is wearing. Leave your suggestions in the comments!

Charlie’s Outfit: Osh Kosh Jacket, Zara Denim, Converse Sneakers (size 4)

Liz’s Outfit: Vince Cardigan, J.Crew Gingham Shirt, J Brand Denim, Chanel Flats, Fawn Diaper Bag