Family over 7 years ago by Liz Adams

Happy Birthday, Charlie!

charlie-is-one-9-of-18charlie-is-one-13-of-18charlie-is-one-1-of-18charlie-is-one-3-of-18charlie-is-one-5-of-18charlie-is-one-8-of-18charlie-is-one-10-of-18charlie-is-one-11-of-18charlie-is-one-2-of-18charlie-is-one-12-of-18charlie-is-one-4-of-18charlie-is-one-14-of-18charlie-is-one-8-of-18At 2:02pm on September 28, 2015 I became a mom to a beautiful little boy. We named him Charlie (because Dave and I had always agreed that you never meet a bad Charlie) and life has never been the same.

Charlie, you are the most fearless, adorable, hysterical and sweet little boy. I keep closing my eyes in hopes that I remember this stage in our lives forever because time with you feels so precious. You wake up happy, are constantly smiling, you love to explore, you are crawling all over the place, you are about to walk any day now, you love Webster, you sprint to dad when he walks in the door at night, you love to eat, you love your doggy and blanket that your great grandmother gave you and you love your mama, too. In the past year you have taught me the importance of having patience, of turning off my phone, of living in the moment, of letting go of expectations and to just enjoy the ride. You bring us happiness that we never knew was possible.

Every day as your mom is the best day. Thank you for giving us the most wonderful year and for teaching us the true meaning of love. As sad as I am to say goodbye to these special months, I can’t wait to see you explore the world in the coming years.

Happy Birthday, Charlie! We love you so much.

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