Motherhood over 7 years ago by Liz Adams

Our Favorite Spotify Playlist

charlie-is-turning-one-1-of-24 charlie-is-turning-one-2-of-24charlie-is-turning-one-3-of-24 After lots of requests, I am sharing the playlist that Charlie and I enjoy throughout the day (as heard on my snapchat – @lizadamsss). I have a babysitter twice a week which means five out of seven days are spent with Charlie. Most of our days are slow. Charlie goes down for his first nap around 9am. We never get out of the house until close to 11am and we are home for his 2pm nap. We spend a lot of time at home!

Thankfully I love our little apartment. We live on the third floor of a walk up in Lincoln Park. My favorite thing about LP is the tree lined streets making our third floor home a little tree house. Most days Charlie hangs in his pajamas (I can’t bring myself to dress him like a little man yet!) and we turn up the music and crawl around our place.

I can’t wait until Charlie learns how to dance because our little jam session is going to get so much cuter. For the most part this playlist is pretty chill, good background noise – you know? Then there are a few songs where I usually pick him up and we dance in the mirror. Thank you to my younger brother who always sends me cool new songs to add to my playlist – Charlie always loves them! You can follow me on Spotify here. This playlist is called Days with Charlie.

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