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Traveling With A Baby

tips for traveling with a baby (7 of 10)tips for traveling with a baby (1 of 10)tips for traveling with a baby (4 of 10) tips for traveling with a baby (5 of 10) tips for traveling with a baby (6 of 10)tips for traveling with a baby (3 of 10)tips for traveling with a baby (8 of 10)tips for traveling with a baby (10 of 10)Flying to Turks & Caicos was the second time traveling with Charlie but the first time visiting a place where we felt like we had to pack everything and/or didn’t know what would be available to us once we arrived. I feel like I walked away with a whole new appreciation for those mom’s I see traveling alone with three kids at one time – you mom’s rock (all mom’s rock).

Here is what we did to prepare and a few tips that helped us throughout the trip….

What we packed:
Car Seat
Car Seat Cover
City Mini GT Stroller
Baby Bjorn
FP Day & Night Play Yard
Light Up Toys
Diaper Bag

First of all, we called our resort ahead of time to see if they had a crib or pack and play available for their guests. Luckily they did so that saved us an extra piece of luggage. Also, google what is available to you around your hotel. We had never visited Turks & Caicos so I wasn’t sure about the grocery stores and what we would be able to purchase there (i.e.: formula, diapers, baby food). We ended up packing all of this but it turns out the grocery store was beautiful and had everything we would have needed! Knowing this ahead of time would have saved a lot of room in our bags. Also, check to see if laundry is available to you. We had a washer and dryer in our villa so I packed travel size laundry detergent and fewer clothes for our entire family.

We took an Uber to the airport which of course meant that we had Charlie’s car seat (we also planned on driving while on vacation). We ordered this car seat cover and checked it with the rest of our luggage. I was a little worried about the car seat not being cushioned enough for travel but actually the ticket agent marked it as an awkward shape so someone came and picked it up and literally carried it to the plane. It was also included in the fragile luggage upon arrival so I think the bag actually made the crew take better care of it. Apparently a car seat is not required in Turks & Caicos so besides the car ride from the airport to the hotel and back, we never used the car seat again (he sat on my lap for the 3 short taxi rides).

We used our City Mini GT stroller as soon as we got to the airport, through security and checked it at the gate. We used it everyday to go down to the pool and the beach and Charlie comfortably napped there in the shade. The City Mini has a huge canopy which has SPF50 protection. We took his stroller to every dinner, too. Charlie hung out and played with his toys before falling asleep. I love City Mini because it is lightweight, easy to maneuver and Charlie can go from sitting to completely reclined super easily.

I was so glad we brought the Baby Bjorn for morning walks along the beach. If you’re deciding between the Baby Bjorn or the Ergo Baby 360, I like both for different reasons. The Baby Bjorn is easier to put on yourself, smaller and I think Charlie is more comfortable in it (he always passes out), however, it doesn’t have great back support for the lower back. The Ergo 360 is bulkier which makes it not great for packing and I think is really hard to put on yourself, but it has WAY better back support. I can wear Charlie much longer in the Ergo than I can in the Bjorn.

The Fisher Price Ultra-Lite Day & Night Play Yard was another item I was so happy we brought. Charlie is on the move these days – sitting up, rolling over – and it’s hard to get a moment to yourself when you’re constantly holding him, picking him up or keeping him corralled. I was so happy we brought a play yard because it allowed us to sit on the balcony and let Charlie roll around in a cushioned area (our entire villa was wood/marble floor so I was so grateful for this soft spot) while we enjoyed a glass of wine to ourselves. We also carried it down to the pool so Charlie could hang out in the shade. This one is so easy to put together, comes in a travel case so basically already packed, it is lightweight, it comes with a portable changing station, and reclined sleeper (think Rock & Play), and the padded play yard. It is not bulky and honestly just made our lives so much easier.

A few other items – extra blankets, light up toys that aren’t super bulky, download a sound machine on your iPad or phone, and soft toys (Charlie LOVES this soft book).

To help all of you momma’s out there, I’m excited to giveaway the Fisher Price Ultra-Lite Day & Night Play Yard to one lucky reader. Not only was this used on vacation, but it is set up in my office every day so Charlie can enjoy himself while I get some work done. It’s honestly been a great item to have at every stage thus far!

To enter, leave a comment telling me your travel experience with baby, any tips or what you would use the Play Yard for! A winner will be announced on Monday morning on my Facebook page. Good luck! *THIS GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED.

In collaboration with Fisher-Price.

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  1. I have yet to travel with my 10 month old but we are planning to take a trip to FL in a few months. I have been dreading all the things I need to pack, but I really appreciate all of your tips. This will come in handy during the packing time.

  2. I meant to say VAIL – we are always taking trips up to the mountains in the winter and summer. This would be great to have! Thanks! – Patty

  3. For road trips make a diaper changing station in your trunk with a towel, diapers, wipes, diaper cream, and tdisposable bags. We also put a wet hand towel in a large ziplock bag for messes. You can contain wet or dirty clothes in the ziplock if needed.

  4. These are great tips for travel! We rely on a baby carrier (or used to when our son was smaller) at airports when we need to check the stroller. It’s been a life saver!

  5. Thank you so much for these tips!!! We have to travel to Newport for the first time in May and I have already been stressing out about how it will go and what to pack haha. This list will definitely be used and that is a great idea to check how close the grocery store is. Thanks so much !

  6. My first baby is due next month and I am always on the lookout for products recommended by other new moms! This sounds perfect for our family trip in August!

  7. I love wearing our baby through the airport in our ergo rather than dealing with a stroller (which can be checked). It keeps your hands free through security, boarding, etc and sometimes our baby will snooze in it on the plane too!

  8. I’m due with our first in June, so I love reading all of the travel tips! Would love to win this gorgeous play yard!

  9. Expecting first baby in August! As you know, researching all of the best products and choosing is a bit overwhelming! I really appreciate all of your reviews, they are super helpful in our selection process. We will be traveling a few months after baby is born and I think this would be perfect!


  10. Great post! My baby is due in the next few weeks and we already have a potential family trip to Boston planned for August– can definitely use these tips!

  11. I’ve followed your blog for quite awhile, but I’ve especially enjoyed it throughout the past year as you’ve talked about pregnancy and motherhood. My little guy will be 1 month old next week so your experiences have been incredibly relevant and resourceful! We are planning our first trip (to Mexico) for the fall and having such a lightweight, portable play yard will be handy by that time. I’m sure it would be used frequently for lake trips this summer and to visit my in-laws in FL next winter as well!

    1. Definitely need in Mexico! We went to Mx and our resort said they have portable ribs available…while the resort was beautiful, i have never seen anything so dirty and busted as the “crib” in our room. I wouldn’t let my dog sleep in it, let alone my son. Eeek!

      1. Oh no! Thank you for the experienced insight- we have yet to book accommodations but I’ll definitely have to pack a portable something for him to sleep in…I’d much prefer to be prepared! 🙂

  12. We totally could of used this Play Yard while in DR! We had a travel crib in our room, but Beau seemed to not be very happy playing in there (he also was sick ). One thing our hotel gave us was a baby bathtub so I would load it up with some soft toys and a towel and let him play in there on our balcony. I would say the one thing that helped us was I kept a major diaper bag with all the accoutrements and got the small Pool tote from Pottery Barn Kids and throughout day would throw what was necessary for that time of day (i.e. Breakfast – bibs, spoons, wipes Afternoon- swim diapers, swaddles for shade, sunscreen, towel, etc). Rather than lug around a huge bag it was easy to just swap in and out what we needed, plus it has his name on it! By the way, these pajamas on Charlie are freeking adorable!!

  13. We will be traveling to visit family soon with our 6 week old and having this play yard would be perfect to bring with us

  14. We are taking our 9 month old to the beach in a few weeks and would love this Playyard to keep him safe, as he’s on the move.

    As for travel tips, I would recommend wearing your baby in the Ergo or Baby Bjorn through security – they don’t make you take the baby out like they do if you have him in a stroller. I also wore my baby down the gate and onto the plane when I was traveling alone. It’s hard to fold up your stoller otherwise.

  15. Hi Liz!

    We could totally use this!!! We’re traveling from Chicago to Door County with my husband’s family in June when our little guy will be 6 months. I just emailed my mom friends yesterday about what we’re going to need. (2 months in advance, can you tell I’m nervous about traveling with him?!) I have no idea how we’re going to fit everything in the car!!! This would be perfect though! Charlie’s adorable! Looked like a great trip!

  16. So glad your first trip went well! My son is almost 5 months and would LOVE the play yard for everyday use at home. We will be doing some airline travel in June and this post was so helpful. Congratulations to your beautiful family!

  17. Thank you for sharing your tips! Super helpful. The play yard would come in handy while visiting the grandparents!

  18. Thanks for all the tips!

    I’m expecting my first in September and would love a Fisher Price Ultra-Lite Day & Night Play Yard to bring along on short weekend trips away, or to bring out into our backyard for a safe protected area for baby to lay/play while myself and my husband relax!

  19. Great post, thanks for the tips! I’m actually traveling with my 6 week old for the first time this weekend! I’m hauling the regular pack n play I keep next to my bed for her to sleep in-having this travel version would make life much easier. Thanks for the giveaway!

  20. We’re getting ready to take our first trip with the little guy and are deciding on travel cribs. This post was SO helpful 🙂

  21. Liz, oh my gosh, Charlie is the cutest. I love the photos and snaps you post with him. He is just darling and precious!

  22. Would love the PlayYard for my niece! My sister and her husband spend 8 months out of the year living in Germany and the 4 months in Minneapolis! When they are home for the summers, they are constantly on the move between visiting me in Chicago and weekends at our lake house. I think she would absolutely love this!

  23. Liz this was SOO helpful! Our first baby is due in two weeks and we have a trip to Florida scheduled 2.5 months after she’s born to visit my in-laws. I am already getting nervous about traveling for the first time with an infant and about ALL of the things we will have to pack with us! I love the idea of the play yard – especially for out at the pool. What would you recommend to put the baby in at the beach?

    XOXO – Em

  24. Im about to have baby #2 (my son Harrison will be 23 months when #2 arrives) and I would love to have a place for baby to play while Im playing with Harrison on our weekend trips to visit my parents in Newport RI!

  25. My first (and only) travel experience was one by myself! I quickly realized how the Baby Bjorn was a life saver for use of my arms (and going to the bathroom! LOL). I never thought about a travel play yard but that would be IDEAL especially for poolside and in the room for napping/sleeping! Thanks for sharing!

  26. Thank you so much for these baby posts. You give me hope that we can be young, fun, and still have a baby! I’ll be traveling to Chicago in July and we haven’t decided between flying or driving yet (2 hrs vs 12 hrs). I think it’s going to come down to if we want to bring the car seat. I lived in Chicago a few years ago so we decided to stay in Lincoln Park for easy access to other areas. Using the L and buses will be easy with him in a carrier but I’m concerned about Uber and cab rides, even if it’s just from the airport to the apartment. Decisions decisions.

  27. I am pregnant with my first child and reading you blog has been a great resource as to the things we can do places we can travel with a baby. I would love this Play yard not just for traveling but also to take to relatives homes!

  28. My first is due in August and my husband and I are big travelers. We are planning to go to London/Europe next spring and this would be perfect for traveling with our new little one.

  29. Hi,

    I am nieves, I am from spain but I live in NYC now. My daughter catalina was born in LA and she has travel a lot since she was 2 months old. Now she is 2 years old and my best tip for travelling with a baby/toddler is: buy some little and cheap toys to enjoy your children during the flight.

  30. Thank you for all the traveling tips! These will come in handy next weekend, as we travel with our 3 month old baby girl 🙂 The Yard Play sounds perfect for any traveling adventures !

  31. Hi Liz! I’m a fellow Chicago new mama and have loved following your adventures with Charlie. Our baby girl is 5 weeks and I’m super nervous about upcoming trips to France and NY to meet family. The play yard seems like a great tool to make those trips a tad easier!

  32. I have done very little traveling with my baby – no flights yet, just long drives.
    I find that she does very well in the car like most babies. Your post will prepare me for our first flight experience with the baby, coming up in a matter of weeks.
    Tx for these helpful baby posts!!

  33. We’re headed to Iowa to see my besties from HS next month and have them meet my 5 month old. This would be perfect to keep our nugget safe when we stay with friends.

  34. Expecting baby boy number 2 and would love this as our portable crib. This is the first time I have seen this product and love that it “combines” the rock n’ play with a play yard.

  35. I am due this month with a baby boy and we have planned a vacation in Mexico in November. My little one will be 7-ish months so this would be perfect to use while we are there!! I love all your tips – filing away articles for when I need them very soon! 🙂

  36. Tip: forever flying!!! After a disaster of a road trip we now souly fly! Would love this for our upcoming trip to Rosemary beach! Our 3.5 month old has started to roll so her portable bassinet will not work any more! Thanks!!!

  37. I have an almost 4 week old son and our first trip will be this summer to the beach. I would love to have the play yard to use for him!

  38. We’re traveling for the first time with our first baby in May (he’ll be just over 4 months), so these tips were unbelievably helpful! I’d probably use the play yard similar to you. We’re staying in a hotel in the North Shore, and it’ll be super useful for getting a few moment to ourselves. Our son loves his bouncer, and the seat is similar to this – which we wouldn’t be able to bring otherwise.

  39. We flew with our son when he was 6 weeks old. The white noise app on my phone was a lifesaver. That trip was easy because it was within the US. This August we’re traveling to Scotland for a wedding and it’s been hard finding hotels with cribs. Plus we spent all of our money on airfare, so winning this would be amazing!

  40. I am due next month and my husband and I have no intention on stopping our travel adventures. In fact, we are so excited to have a little partner to take along with us. Our first trip would be to California to visit my brother in-law. I am certain our son will love meeting his uncle for the first time! A Play Yard would be a perfect addition to our travel plans. Our little boy will have his own space for travel and at home. Keeping my fingers crossed our little family wins.

    p.s. I love all of your tips!

  41. I am a first time mom due in August and already looking at travel plans with the baby to Florida and North Carolina so I would get so much use out of this!

  42. I will be traveling quite a bit with a newborn, so the Fisher Price Play Yard would definitely come in handy!!

  43. I have a 3-month old who we haven’t traveled with yet, but in the next two months, we are taking him to Atlanta, New York City, and Oahu! As a first-time mama, I’m pretty anxious about these upcoming trips (what to pack, getting through airport, baby on plane) but I’m happy I’ll have my husband with me to learn the ropes!

    We would use this play yard at the house we are renting in Hawaii and around our home, too!

  44. I am 31 weeks along with my first and my husband and I are already planning our first trip with baby!! It is so refreshing to see that life (and travel!) doesn’t end the moment a baby enters the scene. We are avid travelers and would love to give this Play Yard a go during our annual family trip to Hilton Head in August. Depending how that goes, we’ll give Maui a try early 2017! Thanks for all your helpful baby tips

  45. We leave in a month for Seattle with our baby who will almost be 6 months. I’m already worried about what to pack!

  46. My first baby is due in the next 3 weeks. This would be perfect to use around our apartment or for our family trip back east to the beach.

  47. Hi! Traveling with a baby is exhausting for sure, but it also just makes everything better. While you have to worry about things you didn’t before (eg. a diaper blowout on my silk top that luckily happened after my client meeting…), it would be sad to experience new places without the babe. Our first use of the play yard would be for some family wedding travel over the next few months, in addition to our annual trip to the beach in SC. Fingers are crossed. Thanks Liz!

  48. We travelled internationally with our daughter at 8 weeks. The most helpful advice we got was to nurse/ feed at take off and landing to ease ear pressure. We were told to carry on her suitcase in case anything went missing and to bring 1 diaper per hour of the plane ride–bad idea! I also second bringing the baby carrier and recommend calling ahead to see if the stroller will be delivered at the gate as many international destinations deliver it at baggage claim, which makes the baby carrier a necessity.

  49. We are due in June and have so many summer/early fall weddings and I know a play yard is so necessary to bring the babe along. I love all your baby posts and Charlie is just the cutest!

  50. Traveling for the first time with my son next month to Florida! This playard looks like it would definitely be a good addition to bring with us! Thank you for these tips- very insightful! I’ve said this before (I think)- but I have loved following your motherhood journey, my baby is about 6 weeks younger than Charlie!

  51. We are taking our 9 mo old to New York and Baltimore at the end of May! This will be our first time traveling with him and we’re doing it all — planes, trains and automobiles — to get us around. I’m so excited he will be joining us on our family trip this year, but anxious to see how he handles it all. I don’t have any travel tips yet, but after the trip I’ll be an ole pro (ha!).

    For our summer trips, my family goes to the various MLB parks so we will be taking little man to 3 baseball games. Here’s to hoping he will be a baseball fan!

  52. We have yet to go on vacation with Charlie, but are planning one for this summer. I’m very anxious about it and can’t imagine it. Reading this post help me visualize everything we will need. 🙂 thanks!!

  53. We took Henry camping at 2 weeks old and he has been camping three times since then. I am too afraid to take him on a plane. Camping in a motorhome with him was easier than flying, but definitely posed its challenges. This play yard would be perfect to sit outside in while camping so we don’t have to hold him (like you said). He is 7 months old now and more mobile than I like to admit. You said you will announce the winner on FB, but I don’t have FB. I doubt Ill win, but if I do, please email me 🙂 Glad you had a nice trip! I love Turks & Caicos!

  54. I love this post! Charlie is so stinking adorable. My son is about the same age (born in September) and I’m SO nervous to fly with him. Our only travel experience so far was because we moved from NY to OH. We stayed overnight in a hotel half way and they let us use their crib. It was so awful I just had him sleep in my bed with me. I didn’t get any sleep that night. We have two upcoming trips to the beach this summer and based off your review, I have a feeling that Play Yard would be perfect for us too! 🙂

  55. Not yet a mamma but soon to be one! Baby girl is due in June and we have many trips already booked for her first three months. I would LOVE to have the Fisher-Price Ultra-Lite Day & Night Play Yard for both travel but also at home. What a great idea, thanks for sharing!

  56. We traveled for the first time with our 5 week old last weekend. A travel play yard would be so helpful!! Our first flight with the little guy is next week. Thanks for the tips!!

  57. i’m expecting twins in july, so i don’t have any travel experience with babies yet! enjoy all your baby gear and mama advice posts 🙂

  58. My best travel tip is to buy some new toys for the flight that your baby has never seen before! They will be mesmerized for hours!

  59. Great post!! I’ve discovered some pretty awesome baby gear through your posts so I’m always excited to read them. The tips are also much appreciated!
    We will be traveling to Chicago this summer and I was already stressing over traveling with my little guy since it will be our first long trip. The PlayYard would be perfect for this!

  60. thank you for writing this!! Traveling at the end of the month with my 7 month old for the first time! I’m nervous just thinking about it but also can’t wait! I would love the play yard to help give my husband and I some free time while away!

  61. My first baby (a boy!) is supposed to arrive in about a week and we are making a trip at the end of May back to Boston for my graduation from a PhD program! I’ve been trying to figure out where he will sleep when we are there / what is feasible to bring on the trip and not overburden ourselves! So thankful for your ideas and for you making it seem managable without tons of gear!

  62. Thanks for the tips! Will be flying alone with my 2 month old this weekend. Our first time traveling.. Eek! Thankfully we are visiting family and they have extras of everything so I’m just bringing me and baby and no extra gear this time.

  63. Baby Heider is on the way, which will be our first! The play yard would be a great addition to our necessities…I’ve really enjoyed following your blog for all the tips and must haves since Charlie’s birth!
    Living in Texas, our closest family lives 16 hours away (Midwest) so there will be a lot of travel in our baby’s future. I too, look forward to reading everyone’s travel tips!

  64. I’m expecting our first baby in September, and would love to have this to make life a little easier!

  65. We’ll be taking our first trip in May with our 4 month old girl & loved reading all of your tips! Great recommendations as I was a little worried how we were going to handle the carseat + stroller! We’d use the FP Play Yard on our many road trips to Wisconsin as well as traveling the US! Have baby, Will Travel!

  66. I don’t have any experience traveling with a baby yet, but we are travelling from Minneapolis to Florida in June with our 5 month old baby boy. Thank you for all your tips!!!

  67. I would use the play yard to take our sweet baby girl on her first little trip this summer…maybe a weekend in St. Louis or a beach town in Michigan!

  68. I just took my 4-week old to Florida last week and was able to find a baby gear rental company near the condo we were staying. I was able to rent everything we needed for the week! The Fisher Price play yard looks like something my little guy would just love!

  69. I would use it when we travel to see the in-laws or out of town friends. It would make socializing with the baby so much more relaxing.

  70. Thanks for these tips! I’ve flown a couple times now with my almost-six-month-old, and one piece of advice I can share is to dress your baby in a zip-up footed onesie for the plane (and bring one or two more in your carry-on just in case!). This will allow for easy diaper changes, outfit changes, and you won’t need to worry about socks falling off. Also, every plane has a changing table (I never noticed until I needed it!) which folds out into a nice size for the baby to stretch out for a diaper change. I bring a few of these for sanitary, easy clean-up (

  71. My husband and I just booked our first trip to Chicago in May with our daughter who will be 2.5 months old! We absolutely love Chicago (I lived there for a few years) and are so excited to go there as our first family vacation! We have been talking about taking her there since we first found out we were pregnant. We can’t wait to share the city with Eliot and certainly a great nights sleep in the play yard would help the experience :).

  72. I love this post! I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what travel will be like with our son – I’m due the first week in June and he’ll be our first! We already have a trip planned to the beach when he’s 2 months old and I’ve been trying to think of the best setup for him to stay comfy in the shade. I’d love the Play Yard as an option and it’s great to hear you’ve had success with it at the pool! All your tips about your life with Charlie have been so helpful to me, going through this experience for the first time myself. It’s great to have other successful moms to look up to!

  73. I’ve never seen the day/night play yard–what a great idea! We would use that for weekend road trips. All the other pnp designs like this are so bulky we would never dream of traveling with them.

    Our first flight (cross country trip) will be when H is 8 months old and we’ll bring our Baby Jogger and car seat as well. I’m planning to order food, wipes, and diapers to be shipped to our destination, so we don’t have to pack or spend time at the store as soon as we land.

    Thanks for the tips!

  74. I loved reading your travel tips! I am about to be a new mom in September and I am already anticipating lots of travel with our baby. While we may not be going to exotic locals, we do plan to travel once a month to Wisconsin to spend time with my family and our new baby’s grandparents. There won’t be a designated nursery so we will definitely be bringing our own baby travel gear back and forth. I am so happy to be able to read your recommendations because in this world of baby gear it is easy to get overwhelmed. Your suggestions end right up on the registry I am currently crafting! Thanks Liz!

  75. We traveled a lot with our first baby (7 flights in her first year) and plan to do the same with #2. The Play Yard seems so much lighter and easier to use compared to a traditional pack-n-play.

  76. These are some amazing tips! I saved the carseat cover and soft book in my amazon account for purchasing soon! My husband and I are expecting our first child in around 5 weeks and we will soon be moving (when baby is around 6 weeks old) and living across the country from both sets of family while my husband completes his 4 years of training. We will be traveling a ton to see family. I work from home, like you, so the play yard would be used daily in that regard, too! 🙂

  77. I am expecting a little guy in August and have been waiting to pull the trigger on a play yard until I had a solid recommendation from someone! I am so happy to hear that you love the Fisher-Price Ultra-Lite Day & Night one. It sounds like this one is the perfect, portable solution for traveling with a baby. I am looking forward to many trips with my little guy (and our play yard). 🙂 xo

  78. My husband and I have what seems to be a million weddings coming up this winter and next spring. We are expecting our first baby this August so this would be so helpful when we hit the wedding circuit hard in the upcoming months 🙂

  79. I would use it daily while attempting to cook dinner, and to get some work done! I would also bring it for sleepovers at Grandma’s house 🙂 Glad you had a successful trip, you are very brave!

  80. This would be perfect for our baby boy due at the end of the month:) Liz, you have been such an inspiration to me during my pregnancy and I have loved following along on your journey with Charlie – he is precious and you are a great mom! We hope to travel often with our babe and I will definitely be incorporating these tips.

  81. My husband and I were avid travelers before we had our daughter four months ago, and we’re looking to ramp back up now that she’s getting a little older and the weather in the Midwest is warming up. Both sets of grandparents live far away (5-8 hours drive time), and so long road trips are sure to become our reality soon. It would be so convenient to throw this in the back of the car and hit the road with our new family!

  82. Great tips! I’ve done three trips with my 6 month old so far. I took my bugaboo (with carrying case) one time and realized its way too cumbersome for travel. The baby Bjorn is a life saver. I recommend gate checking the car seat, if the flight is not full they will let you take it on the plane.

    I would love a travel play yard for our Europe trip this summer!

  83. Traveling with little ones appears to be easier when they are little and less mobile! The play yard is great for tummy time and entertainment!

  84. We’re planning an awesome trip this summer with our now 7-month old baby and this play yard would be so helpful. We’re trying to travel as light as we can, after an experience over this winter where we just had TOO MUCH – stroller/carseat/huge pack’n’play, huge checked bag, two rolling carryons… and oh yeah, a 15 lb baby 🙂

    We have had good luck with him snoozing on flights, but the one thing I always recommend is to either feed the baby on take-off and landing, or give them a pacifier to suck – it helps their little ears adjust.

  85. As a first time mom to be, this post was so helpful! We are planning on taking our son on a family vacation to Maine this summer when he is about 8 weeks old.

  86. We are traveling to Texas this summer and I’d liove something like this for. All the time we will be spending at the pool and outside!

  87. This play yard would be so perfect for travelling with our baby on the way! Also around the house or in the office!

  88. Thank you so much for this post!! My husband and I are planning a trip to Greece with our baby who will be 8 months when we travel and this eased my anxiety so much!! If I win I will DEFINITELY be taking this play yard with us!! Thanks so much, Liz!

    1. This postis so helpful! I haven’t traveled much with my 7 month old so thank you for introducing me to the FP play yard. This would not only be great for traveling but also using downstaires in our home on a daily basis!

  89. Great post! Traveling with a baby is so hard – we did it at 4 months with a teething baby. The Play Yard would have helped a ton!

  90. my baby is about to turn 4 months old 🙂 So far we have taken only one trip with him. We travelled from San Fransisco to Lahore which is 22 hour travel time in total. And he was only 2 months at the time! but thankfully he slept most of the time on the flight. As we were going to visit family, staying was super comfortable.
    My tips for travelling are that you can skip taking the car seat! Book a shuttle to the airport which comes with car seat installed. And on the airport, we simply used our stroller reclined all the way back.
    The way you have described utilizing Playyard is so tempting and useful! As my baby is getting close to the age where he would be able to sit unattended, I would use the Playyard to keep him entertained in a safe place while I cook and do chores around the house. I would also use it when we go for vacation later this year. My husband and I love to travel and this would be such a big help while staying at hotels.
    I’m bookmarking this blog so I can refer back to it when we have to travel next.


  91. I have yet to travel with my two month little lady but we are planning on going to Colorado to visit her grandparents from NJ this summer!! We love all your tips and appreciate them. I’m so nervous to travel with her as it is so anything that would help make it enjoyable and easier would be amazing!! xo

  92. Thanks so much for this post, Liz! As always, loving the baby posts since my son Merritt is 2 weeks younger than Charlie 🙂 We’re going on several trips this summer, so the play yard would be fantastic.

  93. I would use it for a trip to Joshua Tree coming up this Spring. Our first trip with our sweet baby, Anaïs.

  94. Great giveaway! I’ve only flown once with my baby when he was 5 months. I made the mistake of having a layover WAY out of the way which made the whole trip so much longer haha but otherwise it went well! He was obsessed with plastic water bottles at that time so that helped amuse him. Wearing him in an Ergo Baby carrier was also great! He slept all 4 flights. I’m going to be traveling 9 hours by train/bus/ferry with him next month (he’ll be a year old) so I’ve been making a list of what I need to bring!

  95. Expecting my first in August, so these travel tips are super helpful! I would totally use the play yard both at home and for trips!

  96. My daughter is 11 weeks old today and we are planning several trips now to visit friends and family. I’d use this Play Yard for those trips and at home (this would have come in very handy during those first few weeks after my C-section!). One of the best travel tips I’ve heard is to pack light and don’t forget a change of clothes and extra diapers!

  97. I’m expecting my first baby in August, so I love hearing your product recommendations! The play yard seems perfect for travel, and even for shorter trips to Grandma’s house. I’m going to have to look into that stroller too!

  98. I have not traveled with my six month old yet, but I am already mentally planning what we need to bring to my parent’s house (12 hours away) for our visit this summer. That pack and play looks so light and easy to pack – could be a lifesaver as a travel crib, Fingers crossed!

  99. I flew alone with my 3 month old to Florida in January! My tip-always bring extra outfits for blowouts on the plane!

  100. We are going to Turkey to visit our family this summer and our son will be traveling for the first time to meet his grandparents. He is 6 weeks old now. Would love to have it on our trip. Thanks! Love you and the blog. Beautiful family!

  101. My sister is pregnant with her first and I would love to get this for her to travel to see family and while she is at home not having to worry about her new babe wandering on hard floors!

  102. I don’t have any tips because I’m just six months pregnant but I love the idea of having a soft and safe place for our baby to hang out when you just need a relaxing moment with your hands free.

  103. We took our first trip with baby in January and were so lucky we were able to get one of the bulkhead seats with a bassinet. It allowed her to sleep but also gave us some time without needing to hold her during our long flight!

  104. Loved this post! Our first is due at the end of May and my husband and I are already anxious about traveling shortly after baby is born! :/ Thanks for the tips!!

  105. My husband and I plan to take our son to the beach with family this summer! He will be about 6 months old, so this play yard would be perfect in our condo!! Great tips about traveling with a carseat, stroller, etc.

  106. Thank you for the pointers! We are taking our baby to Maui this summer for our first family vacation. The play yard would be great to bring along 🙂

  107. My daughter is almost 2 months old and we live in Alaska. We are committed to taking her on as many Alaska adventures as possible so she grows up appreciating where we live. We are also frequently traveling to the Lower 48 to visit my family and friends so this would be perfect for Ava to sleep and play in when we are on the move!

  108. I’ve traveled with twin boys several times over the last three years. They grew out of their lap infant phase too quickly but I found they didn’t mind flying if they were sitting in their carseat, so I bring their carseats on the plane with us. They are comfortable and they have both napped really well on the flights. I suggest bringing your carseat on the plane.

  109. Thank you for sharing your tips! We took our 6 month old, Sam, on a road trip to Colorado. Long story short, we will be flying in the future:)

  110. Hi Liz! We’re taking our 2.5 month old up to Sea Ranch, CA in a couple of weeks. The play yard would be just perfect for our stay!

  111. With a 2 year old and a 3 month old this would be perfect for me! I actually am currently considering purchasing but it would be even better to win it! We live at the beach so I could use it for beach trips or for outdoor play at our house! Fingers crossed!

  112. I haven’t traveled with my baby yet, but have a family vacation to the beach planned for this summer. This post is right on point for me. Thank you for all the tips!

  113. I have an 11 week old (also Charlie!) and would love to have this play yard for summer trips to the cabin as well as a fall trip we have planned to Charleston. My biggest travel trip would be bring a great baby carrier — if you like to get out and about while exploring, it’s nice not to be restricted to using a stroller (or use the stroller and have the carrier along in case baby wants to be held). 🙂

  114. My son Owen is a few weeks younger then Charlie and I’ve loved your posts on motherhood! It’s nice to see what products are working for you and Charlie before I buy them:) We’re chartering a catamaran in the BVIs this June and a travel pack and play would be so helpful!

  115. Hi there! I am currently 32 weeks pregnant and have been following your blog for a while, but especially love all the more recent posts on your baby gear favorites as I start to buy all the items we need! The Fisher Price Play Yard sounds perfect for all types of activities, whether it be in our apartment, down at the pool, or while traveling. I can see us using it all the time. Loving these posts — so helpful!

  116. We would use it on our first trip to NYC to visit baby’s auntie 🙂 would give her somewhere soft to play away from licking puppies.

  117. Hi Liz!
    We are heading to Nashville next month and Charleston in June with our little boy. Love all your tips for traveling, I’m anticipating a trip home to see family (which involves a flight) this summer and I’m a little nervous about it. I love that this has the same angle as the rock n play (which he currently sleeps in next to our bed), would be perfect for our upcoming adventures.
    also.. if you have any baby-friendly restaurant recos in Charleston, would love to hear them!

  118. Thank you Liz, this post was so helpful–I am going to be a new Mom in August! My husband and I will be doing a lot of traveling (we live in Iowa and my family lives in Chicago and my husband’s family lives in England) so this would be great to have!

    Also, I have been trying to decide between those exact two baby carriers, but since you mentioned the baby Bjorn one is easier to put on and less bulky, I think I will register for that one!

  119. We have a family vacation planned for June in Hilton Head. We would definitely take the play yard with us for our toddler to play and sleep!

  120. What an awesome giveaway! We have an almost-five-month-old and we have some upcoming trips this summer, so the Fischer-Price play yard would be so helpful! Here’s hoping!…

  121. Thanks for the giveaway! I plan to travel with thre lil one as much as possible. Hoping to use it then!

  122. I have a one month old and we are taking our first trip in a few weeks. All of these tips are so helpful and I now want this play yard so much to help my little girl and us have a great trip!

  123. Adorable photos! We’d use this play yard for our baby due in 3 weeks! Just set up a Gracco one we registered for and not sure I’m loving it, so would be curious to see if this one is easier! Looks it! Thanks for sharing!

  124. Amazing giveaway! I would have this Play Yard shipped to Grammy’s house immediately for us to use when we visit her on Wednesday! Lugging big ticket items like this 3,000 miles is no fun!

  125. Our first baby is due in September so the Play Yard would be put to good use! I have numerous friends that swear by the Rock & Play and I like that the Play Yard has similar features of that and a Pack & Play. Thank you for all of your new mom tips and lists, Liz!

  126. I just had my first baby 4 weeks ago. My husband and I moved to Kentucky last year, leaving all of my friends and family in the Northeast. I am planning a trip to Maine in July to see my family for the first time since Thanksgiving and could certainly use this in our travels! I would love any tips you have for what to pack in the diaper bag and how to keep him happy on the plane!

  127. I’m expecting my first baby is 3 weeks, but can only imagine all the things you need to travel with baby. I have a hand me down pack n play, but this updated version would be great for travel!

  128. We have a 13 month old and baby #2 is due in 5 weeks (yikes!). We borrowed a friend’s bulky pack and play for our first child and it was too much to travel with and so cumbersome to set up and take down. Would love something lightweight for trips to Lake Okoboji, IA and overnights at grandma’s house!

  129. We traveled with our nugget twice so far! We rented a swing at our destination and it was so awesome. I highly recommend it!

  130. Headed to Bermuda in 6 weeks with our baby (he will be 6 months when we travel). Loved these tips for what to bring – I’m nervous about the packing! A play yard is a fantastic idea. Would be great to have! 🙂