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Fall To-Do List

2015 fall to-do list in ChicagoAs we wait for our little one to arrive, Dave and I have been dreaming up plans to enjoy fall with our new baby! It’s a short season in Chicago so taking advantage of the changing colors, brisk temps and that lovely smell of fall is important. Here are a few things we’re excited to-do this fall…

1. Walks along the lake {as a family of four, yay!}. Lincoln Park has a beautiful strip of open parks, waterways, the LP Zoo, and miles of lakeside trails running along Lake Michigan. I have lived in this neighborhood for 8 years and am a little biased {although the waterfront trails/paths run from the South side all the way up to almost Evanston} but the trees lining the water in LP have a week or two of changing fall colors that are always my favorite to capture on Saturday mornings with a hot cup of coffee in tow. Our favorite stretch runs from Belmont Ave, walking south to Fullerton. Most Saturdays you’ll find Webster sprinting down the paths along the water {if you follow me on snapchat: lizadamsss, you’ve probably seen this!}.

2. October is the last month to take advantage of the Green City Farmers Market being outdoors. Make sure to stop by on a Saturday morning for a Seedling smoothie and apple cider donuts. I also plan on picking up ingredients for my favorite Roasted Tomato Soup.

3. Our 3rd annual pumpkin party! If you’ve read Sequins & Stripes for awhile you’ll probably remember mention of our fall pumpkin parties. We invite all of our friends over and everyone has to bring a pumpkin dish {or at least something fall inspired}. We open the windows, the boys watch football, we taste test fall beers, burn our favorite fall candles and our dining room table is filled with every fall indulgence.

4. Fall roadtrip through Michigan. Dave is from outside of Detroit and spent his entire childhood visiting family in Traverse City and Leland. Growing up in Chicago and visiting my family’s home in Wisconsin, I never really ventured to Michigan until I met Dave but since we’ve been together I’ve completely fallen in love with the state. In November, Dave and I are going to take a long weekend and visit family in Northern Michigan – driving up the west side of the state, stopping at wineries, grabbing fresh produce at apple orchards and apple cider donuts at the Cider Mill’s, and venturing to Traverse City where the fall colors never disappoint. If you’re interested in planning a weekend, email me! I can detail a few of our favorite stops.

5. New fall recipes. If you follow me on Pinterest you’ve probably noticed that I’m always pinning new recipes to try. I’m excited to make Apple Cider Cinnamon Buns, Cinnamon Bun Waffles, Spiced Butternut Squash and Apple SoupPumpkin Spice Baked Oatmeal, Mini Cinnamon Sugar Pumpkin Muffins and Pumpkin Spice Marshmallow Popcorn.

6. Host a Holiday DIY Flower Bouquet Class! I’ve always wanted to learn how to assemble the perfect bouquet at home, whether it be for our own use, a hostess gift or beyond. I plan on teaming up with a local floral design company and I’d love to open this up to 20-25 readers {there would be a small ticket price to include flowers, champagne and sweet treats}. Would you be interested?

7. Re-define my wardrobe. I’ve had a lot of time to look at the clothes hanging in my closet over the last few months and not purchasing anything for myself has made me realize what I’ve been missing or the direction I’d like to take my wardrobe as a new mom. Simple, classic, feminine, comfortable and effortless. A few must-have’s on my list: a classic pair of flats, a silk white shirt, skinny jeans, a navy blazer, a turtleneck sweater, suede booties, a classic tote bag, red lipstick, a chambray shirt, a plaid scarf and a tailored top coat.

8. Enjoy time with my family. I can’t tell you how anxious I am to meet our baby. It feels like we are so, so close {my due date is on Saturday!}. I’m starting to get really uncomfortable and anxious for labor to begin but also nervous at the same time. Any mom’s out there have any tips? Every movement in my belly feels like a surge of excitement hoping it turns into a contraction {ha, I’ll regret saying this}.

What are you most excited for this fall? Can you believe we are almost into October? Time is so fleeting these days. I’m trying to hang onto every little moment.

Photo by Heather Talbert.

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  1. So exciting that you are almost to the end and going to meet your little one- and how fun that the gender is a surprise! I remember this time so well- of course it was only early August when I was in your place. Keep enjoying everyday as a family of three- I cherish those memories of the last few days. Try to not be upset if he/she is late and just enjoy the feelings from inside. Because once they get here- it all changes!! 🙂

  2. How did I not realize your due date is my wedding date?! I’m so excited for both of our lives to change forever! My fiancée and I are both originally from Chicago and lived together in Wrigleyville before moving to Atlanta. Your photos of walks along the lakefront always make me super nostalgic for those days! Good luck on Saturday!

  3. I love the entire to-do list! I think it would be so fun for you to host a holiday DIY flower bouquet class – it’s on my radar to attended a flower workshop! I would totally go

  4. So excited for you and this new season coming up. My husband and I moved to Chicago just two years ago, and I have loved hearing about all of your recommendations around the city. I would definitely be interested in the flower bouquet class if you host one!

  5. I’m soooooo excited for all things fall, and I’m living vicariously through your final weeks of pregnancy. My little guy turns two this coming Thursday. My pregnancy with him was so special — he’s our last, and a very welcome edition to our family, as we struggled with secondary infertility. I definitely remember my discomfort in the last week — the boy loved stretching out into my ribs! But as time goes on I find it hard to recall how it felt, and I miss it. I remember trying to be present in those last two weeks, and I’m so glad I did that. I wish I had taken more photos at the hospital, so take lots and lots of pictures. You won’t regret it. It’s true what they say about the days being long but the years are short… it goes by too fast, even when you’re exhausted. Be confident in your decisions as a parent — all of the books in the world can’t replace your intuition. Do what feels right, be kind to yourself even when you feel like you made the wrong decision, and relish the new relationship you’ll have with your spouse. You’re going to be the center of baby’s world, and it’s the best thing ever. Can’t wait to follow you on the next leg of our journey! You’re gonna be great.

  6. You will be in my thoughts as your due date approaches! Enjoy that first second you meet your little one. It’s the best moment of your life!!!

  7. Hey, Liz!

    I loved hearing all of your big to-do’s for this coming fall, especially the DIY flower bouquet class. If you wind up going through with it, count me in! It would be such a fun thing to be a part of. Hope you’re feeling well. Hang in there!


    Megan Stiles

  8. Do you ever go through White Hall, MI? My grandma lives out there (and I believe Alex’s family owns a restaurant there), but they have this super cool little craft beer spot: I would love to make it out there in the fall, I bet it’s just gorgeous!

    And good luck with your impending due date!! You will do awesome! I say, enjoy these last couple days as a couple–catch a movie and do things that you love to do on a whim. Once baby is here, it’s a whole new adventure! 🙂

  9. Enjoy every moment before baby arrives and savor every moment when your bundle arrives also 🙂 we just welcomed our little one September 1st and I can’t tell you how amazing it is, but what a change it is to life also. But we are so lucky to have babies this time of year! it’s amazing. Enjoy and good luck!

  10. As a local, I’d love a DIY Flower Bouquet event 🙂 Thanks for sharing those fall basics too! I’ll have to take a closet inventory (and clean out)!

  11. Great fall to-do list! I’m pinning that roasted tomato soup and spiced butternut squash and apple soup, both sound amazing! Also love the pumpkin party idea. Last fall I hosted a friendsgiving but this might be a nice twist this year! Wishing you comfort and good vibes as you head into the final days of pregnancy!

  12. Ha! Loved your comment about a white shirt.. you should probably remove all things white from your wardrobe. Like the second the baby is born.
    From now you are just going to be an over sized napkin. Milk, spit up, avocado hands.. all over. Its super cute though!

  13. Liz,

    Love the idea of a flower arranging class! I took a class in high school and it was so fun, I just wish I remembered more of it.

    Such a fun list of fall to do’s!


  14. What a fun list for fall! The pumpkin party idea is adorable. Definitely would be interested in the DIY bouquet class!

  15. So exciting that your baby is almost here! I’d definitely be interested in the floral design class – it’s one of my favorite things to do, and I actually just did the flower arrangements for my wedding shower this past weekend and they came out beautiful 🙂

  16. Hey Liz!

    Wishing you all the best as your life gets even more exciting, any minute now! I would love to be involved in a flower bouquet class…that sounds like the coolest thing! I moved to Chicago about a year ago after graduating from Notre Dame, and your Lincoln Park life inspires me everyday! : )