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Summer 2015


Can you believe we are almost into August? This summer has been a complete blur so I thought I’d go back and share a few snaps of what we’ve been up to. Summer is SHORT in Chicago and with busy weekends away I’ve been trying to savor our weekdays in the city. Morning walks, coffee dates, lunch and dinner outdoors, grilling out, getting together with friends, and savoring the heat {although it’s a little unbearable with the extra 20 lbs sitting on my body}. Summer is the best! You can follow my daily adventures on instagram here!
{above I’m wearing this MSGM dress, an old Club Monaco chambray blazer but similar here, Chanel ballet flats and my Loeffler Randall bag}


The prettiest row of homes in our new neighborhood. I love all of the bright colors against the white!


Lots and lots of watermelon has been consumed this summer. Actually anything sweet throughout my entire pregnancy. I’m constantly craving fruit and ice cream.


Pretty flowers after a rainy summer night at the park and an easy outfit for Monday morning errands.
{wearing Equipment shirt, DL 1961 maternity denim, J.Crew sandals that are sold out but similar here and here, and my Mel Boteri fringe bag}


I’ve spent a few weekends at my lakehouse in Wisconsin, completely shut off from social media and letting my belly get some sun! Wearing this scallop Marysia bikini.


{wearing Equipment dress that is on sale, Illesteva sunnies, J.Crew sandals, Kendra Scott necklace and Clare V Sandrine tote}


{wearing Joie dress, Soludos lace espadrilles, Fendi Bag, and Celine sunglasses}


{wearing Equipment dress that is on sale, Illesteva sunglasses, Old Navy sandals and market tote}


{my Tory Burch bikini is on sale, Clinique sunscreen, Illesteva sunnies}


It’s really hard to beat summers in Chicago! This view of the Chicago river makes me so happy. I really want to be one of those kayakers. If you’re visiting Chicago this summer you have to do an architectural boat tour along the river – one of my favorite things to do to really see the city!


Don’t forget, Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale ends on Sunday night! A ton of amazing fall items will go back to full price so take advantage now.


Coffee talk at one of my favorite spots in LP: Floriole with a side of the tiniest baby hat.

summer-2015-instagram-18My first baby. I’m worried this guy is going to have some jealousy issues once our baby arrives. Any advice for the transition on your fur babies? We have been savoring summer mornings by walking to the beach almost daily. Webster LOVES to swim and I love waking up and witnessing this view of the city. Chicago’s lakeshore can’t be beat. You can usually see more on my snapchat: lizadamsss.

What have you been up to this summer?

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  1. Bring home one of the baby’s hospital blankets for Webster before your bring baby home so he can get used to the smell. Ours snuggled with it for a few weeks – so cute!

  2. I also have a “first born” lab who I was VERY worried about. She’s already pretty “special” and human like as it is and has to take a daily dose of prozac to keep her from acting out while we are away from her, so I knew she wasn’t going to want to share me. She LOVES the baby. I find the nursery door pushed open a lot because she’s gone in there to check on him, lays at my feet every time he’s nursing and will come find me when he’s crying with a look on her face like “excuse me mom, my baby is crying”. It’s adorable, he’ll be great! We didn’t bring home a blanket, but greeted her outside when we got home and I gave her lots of attention and we brought him in in the carseat and let her sniff him. Honestly, I think she was just glad I was home 🙂 Good luck!

  3. We have a 1.5 year old chocolate lab, Hobie who has been great since we brought home our newborn boy almost two weeks ago. Hobie was definitely our first baby (he’s 110 lbs and sleeps in our queen size bed with us among many other spoiled rotten things), so we made sure he was included on baby prep. He’d lay in the nursery with us as we put the nursery furniture together or assembled the car seat and stroller and we didn’t change the way we treated him leading up to the arrival of the baby. While in the hospital, my mother in law took one of the blankets the baby was swaddled in and let Hobie get used to the smell. Then the day we brought the baby home, my husband went in to the house first with the hat the baby was wearing so he could recognize the scent. Once we were inside, we let him sniff out the babe and give his feet a couple kisses and since we’ve been home, we’ve had no problems whatsoever. He’s actually pretty protective and will come into the nursery anytime the babe is crying, or if someone knew is holding the baby, he gets really close to the person to make sure he’s okay. It’s really sweet and I think as long as you continue to show them love, they do alright. Hobie’s daily routine has certainly changed, but he’s taken it in stride.

  4. I was worried, too, about our pup being jealous of our baby (we have a Lhasapoo). It is a good idea to bring home a blanket or clothing item to let him get the smell and scent. But let me tell you, he was SO EXCITED when we brought our son home, we couldn’t even get our son out of the car seat because our pup was practically climbing in, trying to lick his face. We have pics of him on the couch, front paws perched on the edge of the bassinet, just peeking in to look at him. Of course, he probably was just trying to figure out how to get in and lick him to pieces, but it was a cute picture. But now anytime a baby comes to our house, we have to hold him back because he’s just beside himself with excitement. I think it’s the car seat that sets him off, I dunno… Labs are great dogs to have for kids, so I’m sure you’ll be fine and you may find YOU’RE the jealous one because Mr. Webster might be paying more attention to the baby than you! Ha! Enjoy your last few weeks!! It’s a very special time in your lives.

  5. I love that you continue to wear non maternity clothes throughout your pregnancy! I’m in my 4th month and desperately trying to avoid maternity clothes for as long as possible!