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Third Trimester

third trimester baby updatesWell we are officially into our third trimester! 29 weeks to be exact. It’s crazy to think that there are only 11 weeks left to prepare for our baby and to be honest, we have absolutely nothing at this point. Aside from a few items of clothing and a couple of tiny baby gifts, our nursery is completely empty. Our furniture arrives at the end of this month into August and we have registered and are waiting for our baby showers to start assembling the details. To be honest, it all still feels so surreal but I think once the nursery comes together the reality of it all will set in.

Like I’ve said before, if it weren’t for my growing belly and following all of the typical rules, I honestly sometimes forget that I’m pregnant. I have been really lucky that I’ve felt pretty good up until this point. My first trimester was sort of a consistent bout of exhaustion and just not feeling like myself, my second trimester was over in the blink of an eye, and I’m really excited for the next few weeks. I think this feeling of comfort is about to change as getting dressed has become a serious task but it’s all part of the experience. Here are a few details about my pregnancy thus far…

29 weeks: Our baby is the size of a butternut squash!

Gender: We are going to be surprised! What do you think?!

The baby: Moves around constantly! I remember the first time I felt those little popcorn kicks in my second trimester but now me entire belly is like a wave. I could spend hours just starting at my stomach. It’s crazy to feel our baby’s little body underneath my skin. Seriously you guys, I feel so lucky to get to experience pregnancy.

Exercise: Lots of long walks with Webster, Tone It Up Videos 3x per week, TDM classes 1-2x per week.

Diet/Cravings: My appetite has been pretty constant from the moment I wake up throughout my entire pregnancy. First trimester cravings: pineapples, cheetos, yogurt and granola. Second trimester cravings: fried rice, apples, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, ice cream. Third trimester: veggie omelets, fruit, trail mix, and more TBD! I really need to eat more greens and I consume abnormal amounts of water. My stomach is like a water bed.

Total weight gain: About 15 pounds from my starting weight. However, I lost 6-8 lbs my first trimester from not feeling very well and was probably down to a weight I should have been when I got pregnant {post-wedding bliss weight gain ;)} so we could also say 22 lbs.

My body: Changing by the day! My boobs are absolutely unreal – for someone who was always a small B, I’m almost a D! It’s seriously crazy. I’ve struggled with some acid reflux but nothing a few Tums can’t fix.

Beauty: I’ve been using almond oil on my belly, hips, butt, and thighs to avoid stretch marks but I’ve heard that these are pretty much hereditary and there is not much to do! I’m still using my beauty products – I haven’t been as worried about switching everything to all-natural options. I keep my body healthy, don’t consume alcohol and after talking to aestheticians I am confident that my topical products won’t cause internal damage.

Swelling: Nothing yet but my hands and face are puffy in the morning depending on how much salt I consumed for dinner.

Sleep: Is tough. The bump is just in the way at this point and since I’ve always been a stomach sleeper I have to consciously roll from side to side throughout the night. Also, our baby must think that night time is dance time because he/she likes to bounce around in my stomach while I’m trying to sleep. For someone who has always been a really good sleeper, this has been a struggle for me.

Maternity clothing: I’m avoiding this at all costs. I’ve been living in Hatch dresses, this Madewell dress, J.Crew denim shorts, and anything basic and easy.

Things I miss: Sushi, a bagel and lox for brunch on the weekends, a frosty beer in a cold mug, a turkey sandwich, goat cheese, my summer clothes and getting dressed in the mornings, and being able to touch my toes.

Things I love: My morning coffee {yes, I’ve had regular coffee almost everyday of my pregnancy – less than 250ml is ok!}, decorating our new apartment, stretchy dresses {if you haven’t noticed, I’ve been living in dresses}, long walks along the lake, take-out {I miss cooking! so lazy…}, quick weekends away, and watching movies.

Let the countdown begin!

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  1. You look great and I feel like it’s flying by! I was a stomach sleeper too so sleeping on my side was rough! I would prop myself up on bump nest pillow and sleep on my back a little to give my hips a break! And PS I would eat a turkey sandwich like every day before I got pregnant and you can still have lunch meat just have to heat in microwave which I know isn’t quite the same! ❤️

  2. I have loved reading your pregnancy updates so far! I am currently 35 weeks along right now so it’s been so interesting to see how our pregnancies are similar/different! We did not find out if we are having a boy or a girl either. And I am with you on the baby movement (especially when I’m trying to sleep!) I always expected to feel baby move, but I had NO idea how much activity I would experience. It’s pretty amazing. 🙂 Best of luck to you these last 11 weeks!

  3. I started having trouble sleeping around 18 weeks, but as soon as I started using a Snoogle pillow, it made a HUGE difference! Also, we didn’t find out and the anticipation was so fun! I was shocked when Otis was born – I was pretty sure it was a girl! Good luck with these last few weeks!

  4. Congrats on being in the third Trimester! I love that you’re not finding out the sex. I’m due in December, and we’re not going to find out either! I also miss cooking – I’ve been too lazy to do it too 🙂 Enjoy your last Trimester – you look great!!

  5. I think you’re having a boy. I just had a baby (boy) 3 mths ago at Prentice (the best! hope you’re going there). I woke up thinking of OJ and could drink juice all day long if I didn’t put a cap on it. Also, needed TUMS 24/7 and the old wives tale was true because my baby had hair.

    Things I’ve found and loved: Pampers Swaddlers diapers (way better than Honest or Huggies IMO); Miracle Blanket swaddler (life saver!), UppaBaby Vista (so worth it in the city – I can put $150 of groceries in the bottom thing) & UB carseat, Graco Pack N Play Playard w/Napper, Baby Einstein Nautical Play Gym, Fisher Price Rock N Play. You CANNOT have enough swings, bouncy seats…get something you can easily carry into bathroom while you’re showering, bedroom while making the bed or folding laundry.

    Good Luck! The delivery was long as hell (50 hrs and then a C which I was petrified of having), but it wasn’t nearly as bad as I had built up in my head. And then end gift of a baby is SOOO worth it. Especially when you get to month 2 and s/he starts smiling at you and you don’t feel like such a rookie. Just have to power through the first 2 months and lack of sleep & hormones.

  6. We are having very similar pregnancies! I am due in early November and we seem to have a lot in common… even though I’m a planner, the nursery is nowhere close to ready (feeling like it’ll all come together after my shower!), craving the same foods, used to cook dinner every day and now more like…never :). Also, definitely been a coffee drinker throughout my pregnancy (just 1 cup!) and have experienced a few dirty looks from strangers, HA! Hope you enjoy the final few weeks!



    PS: My guess is: BOY!

  7. It’s funny I found your blog a few months back because I am going to the same resort you did in St. Lucia for my honeymoon in November! 🙂 So I have continued reading all of your blogs and love them. I have a question about the topical products that your aesthetician has said is okay. Which ones are they? I plan on getting pregnant and was wondering :).

  8. Super cute Liz! So, it’s kinda my thing to guess sex of baby based on symptoms and how you look. Your face is so bright, it’s telling me boy, but losing weight 1st tri, makes me think girl! I’ll put a final vote in before your little one arrives! xxx, nikki

  9. Definitely invest in a Snoogle pregnancy pillow. I was a stomach sleeper too and it just gets harder in the last trimester as your belly gets bigger. I LOVED this thing. Totally worth the $60 on amazon.

  10. Keep doing what you are doing to prevent stretch marks. Don’t believe the hereditary talk. Put as much oil and butter (my favorite is Burt’s Bee Mama Bee butter) as you can stand…day and night. Put a camisole under all shirts so it doesn’t ruin any nice clothes. Trust me it works. I carried twins and didn’t develop one stretch mark around my tummy/waist/hips (my mom has stretch marks). However, were I didn’t put it (breast) I developed a few… lesson learned.
    Oh and I love your blog!

  11. Haha, I loved reading this post! Though it sounds like you are so good with your exercise … I have seriously failed at that! But embrace the maternity clothes, omg! I am one of the weird ones who seriously wonders why we don’t all wear maternity pants all the time … they’re just so comfy 🙂 And I hear you on the sleep … do you have a body pillow? I would be lost without mine! Anyway, thanks again for sharing!

    xoxo – Erin