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Good for the Soul

SequinsandStripes_Rest_1 SequinsandStripes_Rest_4SequinsandStripes_Rest_2 SequinsandStripes_Rest_3This summer has been particularly busy. I hate that word because it sounds like an excuse but between wedding planning, weekend trips, and work it doesn’t feel like I’ve taken advantage of this beautiful season that I love and is gone in the blink of an eye.

I’ve been feeling a bit rundown and my creative juices have been at a halt these last few weeks. Too much to focus on, I think. I read this quote by Shanti on Pinterest and reminded myself that it’s okay to take a break. Why is it that we feel guilty for giving ourselves time off? Like we should constantly be looking at our phones, or answering emails immediately after they are received – I put so much pressure on myself to always be doing that I miss out on so many moments of just being. So last Wednesday I left Chicago for my family’s home in Wisconsin and had the most wonderful five days out of the city. It was amazing. So this post is really nothing but a reminder to let it go sometimes because these moments are so good for the soul and life is way too short to not let your eyes sparkle.

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