Our Wedding over 9 years ago by Liz Adams

Our Engagement Photos

DaveLiz-0105_1DaveLiz-0316_1DaveLiz-0204_1DaveLiz-0198_1DaveLiz-0107_1DaveLiz-0006_1 DaveLiz-0059_2 DaveLiz-0298_1DaveLiz-0148_1DaveLiz-0070_3 DaveLiz-0220_1DaveLiz-0084_1 DaveLiz-0336_1DaveLiz-0172_1   DaveLiz-0210_1    DaveLiz-0321_1  DaveLiz-0367_1Dave and I are getting married in exactly three months from today. I feel like I just announced that we were engaged and it is crazy to think that we are in the home stretch of our wedding planning. It’s been such an amazing process, something that I’ve cherished so much and have spent a lot of time making sure that every detail is exactly us. I know I haven’t really shared any details here on S&S, but in honor of our three month countdown I wanted to share a few photos from our engagement shoot with Tim Tab Photography. We couldn’t be more excited about the team we’ve assembled for our special day and Tim’s photography is one of my favorite components. I love that he captures the little moments and really makes your love shine through in each and every image. More photos to come when it’s all said and done! Eeek, we can’t wait.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

All photos by Tim Tab Photography