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Honeymoon Recommendations

HoneymoonSo Dave and I are in the beginning stages of planning our honeymoon and I was hoping to get your help! We are completely stumped on where to begin…

What we know is that we want a beach, crystal blue seas, tropical drinks, somewhat remote, relaxing, sunny, and warm. We are not big flyers {I hate flying}, so we are looking for something somewhat close {Caribbean, BVI’s, etc.} and are looking to travel for the last 10 days of September. Hawaii is a little too far and since we are traveling to Europe in May we are looking for something with a little more ease.Β Any favorite places? Especially that time of year? Right now we have heard great things about Virgin Gorda, St. Lucia, and Turks & Caicos, but I’d love any direct rec’s! Lazy beach days with no obligation, you know what I mean? I’d love to hear your favorites! The comments are where it’s at.

*You guys, thank you so much for the recommendations so far! This is making me so excited! Keep them coming!

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  1. Hi Liz,

    When I think in a place like that, always come to my mind a Key West, but since you already have been there, you must to try Cancun or Aruba, specially if you stay at Ritz Carlton. πŸ˜‰ Stunning beaches, peaceful,and is not that far from Chicago right?
    Hope helped! All the bestfor you.

  2. I’d look at La Sammana in St. Martin or little Dix
    Bay in Virgin Gorda. Both beautiful places, romantic,
    peaceful… Just wonderful! Have fun planning it’s
    the best part.

  3. Liz, my husband and I got married 2.5 years ago the last week of september and went to Ocho Rios, Jamaica (stayed at Sandals) and it was amazing. Red Stripe and Reggae, calm blue water, beach side drink service and abundant sunshine are some of the highpoints to Jamaica. What really made us want to go back was the genunine warmth of the Jamaican people, we have been to other caribbean islands but Jamaica is by far our favorite. Congratulations on your engagement and good luck with your honeymoon search πŸ™‚

  4. Caneel Bay on St John in the USVI hits all points on your list, and its your honeymoon so you should go all out. The island is mostly national park and is really secluded as far as Caribbean islands go. Take a boat to Virgin Gorda or Tortola in the BVI for a day or so, rent a jeep and drive to every beach on St. John. Eat at Vie’s Snack Shack on the East End and Fatty Crab in Cruz Bay. The island is the safest and friendliest I’ve visited so there’s no need to stay at your resort all the time. Make sure to get a Painkiller (the national drink) at the Red Hook ferry terminal on St. Thomas (where you’ll fly in to), it makes the short ferry ride to St. John that much more fun! I have some posts on my time in St. John on my blog, be sure to take a look! xo Misia

  5. I love Barbados… going again this summer!! Don’t know how it is in September weather-wise but it is BEAUTIFUL!!

  6. We went to Fiji for ours and it was amazing – my husband found a secluded resort because we didn’t want to be surrounded by tourists in a crowded area. It was gorgeous, private & so relaxing. Not to mention, everything is incredibly affordable (your money goes further there) & the people were so kind. I can’t recommend it enough!

  7. Ooo, totally writing down these suggestions. My guy and I are also starting to try to figure out our honeymoon (also from Chicago! but we’ll be going in late August). I’m thinking an all-inclusive, since that seems to be the best way to stretch out money. Possibly Jamaica?

  8. I agree with everything Misia said about St. John. It’s a place that’s so near to my heart, and I recommend it as a vacation spot to anyone with the Caribbean in mind. I will add two things to her recommendation: ZoZo’s, the new restaurant at Caneel Bay Resort, is absolutely the best place I’ve ever eaten. And most of St. John is a National Park, which means there are lots of hiking trails that give you access to off-the-beaten-path beaches (you may even get the beach to yourselves!).

    What an exciting time for you both! Good luck with planning!

  9. You should consider St. John, either Caneel Bay or the Westin. It is quiet and undeveloped, with gorgeous beaches and a fabulous coral reef for snorkeling. I have been all over the caribbean and I think St. John has the most natural beauty, it is breath taking and romantic. There is lots and lots of wild life to see as well.

  10. My husband and I got married last June and we ended up going to Virgin Gorda for a week – stayed at the Bitter End Yacht club and then we went over to Peter Island for 5 nights. We had the most unbelievable time and cant wait to get back to the BVI’s. Virgin Gorda was magical – we had so many fun activities – at Bitter End, we even had our own little boat we could take out to go Island Hopping and find our own private beach. Snorkeling was amazing and the people were so friendly. Peter Island is bit fancier and was a great way to end our honeymoon – relaxing by the beach with great service and wonderful food.

  11. Aruba was one of my most favorite vacations ever!! It’s outside the hurricane belt so you can bet that the weather is fabulous year round!! We went at the end of Sept into Oct and it was perfect!! It’s really close to Curacao as well so you can spend half your time in both places!! Also – all inclusive!! πŸ™‚

  12. My soon to be hubs and I in the planning phases too. Our plan is to head to Australia (specifically Sydney and then up to the Whitsundays).

    Some other places we’ve been to that I think would make amazing honeymoon locations:
    1. South Africa: Check out Cape Town and Stellenbosch, and then head up to Richard Branson’s private game reserve, Ulusaba.
    2. Thailand and Vietnam: Great beaches! And even the best hotels (we’re talking five stars) are incredibly cheap.

    1. Oops, I just saw that you are not a big flyer. I love traveling so I got excited! Ignore my suggestions. Maybe check out Aruba or St. Barts. T&C is great too.

  13. What about Costa Rica? The Four Seasons there is incredible – if you go, spa treatments are a must. I also loved the Virgin Islands and have heard great things about the Four Seasons in Nevis. Good luck, what a fun trip to plan!

  14. Abaco…in the Bahamas…we stayed at the Ritz Carlton resort in a house for a family getaway. No cell phone service! Great beach! Extremely relaxing! There are not many attractions…perfect if you just want to relax and soak up some sun!!!!

  15. BVIs and USVIs are amazing but since you’re going in September, you need to take into consideration that it’s hurricane season. My husband and I got married last September and chose Mexico because of this reason, just didn’t want to chance it. We stayed at the One and Only Palmillla in Cabo. By far the highest quality resort I’ve been to. It’s 20 minutes outside of Cabo, closer to San Jose. Look into it. Water is bathtub warm that time of year and the restaurants at the hotel and in San Jose are amazing. You’ll get a little more culture in San Jose which is cool and if you’re there at the right time in sept. You can celebrate Mexican Independence Day with the locals. Good snorkeling, kayaking and surfing!

  16. The Bitter End Yacht Club on Virgin Gorda is simply to die for! Beautiful beaches, lots to do (or chairs to lounge in to do lots of nothing) and they have either beachfront suites or these more private cottages for honeymoon fun : )

  17. I would recommend Bermuda over Aruba. I went for a few days last year, and it was absolutely beautiful – lush, tropical, and very relaxed. We stayed at the Fairmont Southamptn, which was in a great location. It’s also (far) off the coast of South Carolina, and while you can’t fly direct from Chicago, it should be a closer trip than the Caribbean. I was surprised to find that Aruba was an arid climate, which isn’t really my thing.

  18. hey liz!
    so smart although my husband & i love traveling Europe I’m happy we did something much more relaxing for a honeymoon because you will so be ready for a drink and a poolside nap! we also aren’t huge fans of long flights if we can avoid it and I think Turks and Caicos is one the prettiest places. you can rent a place like villa Palerma but that’s better for groups so maybe a resort would work! happy planning and hope you enjoy!!!

  19. Make sure you check if it is Hurricane Season. September is Hurricane season in Mexico and the last thing you want is wet stormy weather. We chose Hawaii for that very reason because we had our honeymoon the first two weeks in October. Can’t say enough good things about Hawaii.

  20. I have been to a number of islands in the Caribbean, Hawaii, and to Mexico numerous times, but I have to say that St. John’s in the USVI is by far and away the most beautiful, easy, relaxing place I have ever been.

  21. You should come to Costa Rica. Santa Teresa and Montezuma beach are gourgeos!!! Perfect for a honeymoon. Good luck and have fun!

  22. We’ve been to the BVI several times and absolutely love it. Our favorite places are Little Dix on Virgin Gorda and Peter Island. Peter Island is much more secluded and quiet, but they are both fabulous. Little Dix has lots of activities and if you feel the need to leave the resort property they’ll pack you a picnic and take you in their boat to drop you off on any number of Virgin Gorda beaches for the afternoon.

    It’s also fairly easy to get from island to island so you may want to consider splitting up your trip between two different resorts.

  23. I’m thinking about honeymoon spots too and two of our favorites so far are Hermitage Bay in Antigua and Sugar Beach The Viceroy in St. Lucia!

    1. Ashley- we are looking at the two places you mentioned and would love to hear what you decided and any feedback you have! Thanks!

  24. Turks! My boyfriend and I are going back in April. It’s calm, relaxing, absolutely stunning(!) and sans children running around screaming. Must go!

  25. We just went to San Pedro, Belize at the end of October for our honeymoon. It is amazing! Not a super touristy spot and not too far away. We stayed at two resorts, Matachica and Victoria House.

  26. I also hate flying! We did a cross-country road trip for our honeymoon, so we got to hit up the beaches in Santa Monica, poolside in Palm Springs, and then also got in the lakes, mountains, rivers and plains — a little bit of everything!

  27. I can’t recommend Zihuatanejo in Mexico enough. We honeymooned at the Viceroy there 4 years ago and it checks all your boxes…beachy, relaxing, tropical drinks and somewhat remote. Don’t forget that September is still hurricane season for the Carribean! Good luck! XO

  28. We have been to St. John several times and it will always be a great vacation place in my mind. However, it is definitely a party island (or maybe that is just because I have friends who live there?), so I am not sure if that is what you are looking for for your Honeymoon. We went to Cap Juluca on Anguilla for our Honeymoon and it was fabulous. So relaxing and quiet, phenomenal restaurants to explore on the island. The last 3 days we popped over to St. John to have a little fun and boat to the BVIs, and I think it was a really well-rounded trip! If you have 10 days, I would consider splitting it up like that!

  29. My husband and I went to St. Lucia and stayed at Sugar Beach by Viceroy for a week last September and it was amazing. It was so beautiful and the food was delicious!

  30. We stayed at the Westin in St. John in the USVI for our honeymoon and absolutely loved it! It’s a short flight to St. Thomas and then a 30 minute ferry ride to St. John. We did a day trip to the BVI (Virgin Gorda, Tortola). We would highly recommend to anyone!

  31. be VERY careful with St. Lucia. my parents were staying in a villa there and were held at gunpoint in their villa. on the same night 3 other couples were also held in their villas. in the middle of the night, tied up and robbed. luckily no one was killed. if i were you, i would NOT go there. if you do, do NOT stay in a villa. stay in a hotel. apparently, that was not the first time it happened at this resort as my parents learned from the detective after the incident. the resort also highly touted their security.

    1. I too went to St. Lucia for a vacation in 2011 and stayed in the northern part of the island, can’t remember the exact name of the resort but I really liked it. While it was beautiful, it really opened my eyes and made me feel like it could sort of be a place to go on a missions trip. It’s a pretty poor country, and the children there will do anything for a $1. I walked alone to the “town” down the road one day to check out the mall while my boyfriend was golfing and I was approached by an older gentleman that said something along the lines of “I’ll be here waiting for you when you get back.” Allllmost had me ask a police officer to drive me back. Besides that, I had absolutely zero issues and really enjoyed it. Also met lots of people on their honeymoons and that were daytripping from other nearby islands. Hope this helps!

  32. My husband and I were married in Turks & Caicos on Grace Bay Beach. We are huge beach people (we snorkel, dive, etc) and have been lucky enough to have traveled quite a bit. You will not find a better beach. The water is the most beautiful turquoise I have ever seen (it also turns electric green and deep blue as you travel the island) and you simply can’t beat the temperature of the water. It’s like taking a bath. We have been to Provo (the island on which you would stay) quite a few times and know many of the hotels. I’m happy to offer suggestions on where to stay and what to do if you end up going this route. While the Gansevoort is a lovely hotel(I’ve stayed there), it is at the far end of the beach next to the public beach which can get a bit loud at times. The most beautifl part of Grace Bay Beach is right smack in the middle near The Sands. Grace Bay Club is a bit expensive, but so, so beautiful and great for a honeymoon.

  33. It’s been almost 9 years but my husband and I honeymooned at royal West Indies in Turks and caicos- amazing !
    Never seen such clear waters!

  34. The BVI is beyond beautiful. I went on a sailing trip there 2 years ago so I go to see a lot of the islands. Peter Island Resort is amazing and very secluded and relaxing. Virgin Gorda was a really great place too. Tortola is more populated than the other islands so that probably wouldn’t be as great for a honeymoon. I am going to Vieques, Puerto Rico in April which is a small island off of Puerto Rico. It is supposed to be much less built up and I know they have a W resort on the island. Hope you have a wonderful time and good luck picking a place!

  35. We loved our St. Lucian honeymoon! We split our time between the Ladera Resort and a beach resort on the other side of the island. Ladera is breathtaking and the resort staff are amazing. I would highly recommend St. Lucia for your honeymoon!

  36. I am headed to Hermitage Bay in Antigua next week for my honeymoon – I am sure we will come back with great things to say! A small resort with only 25 private villas for each couple to stay at – I can’t wait!

  37. Bermuda! Beautiful beaches and places to explore, excellent food and drink. Easy to take fun day trips to explore the island.

  38. Are you SURE you don’t want to go to Hawaii? Because I’m telling you, the travel is worth it! Fairmont Orchid on the Big Island — per-fec-to! If you really don’t want to travel that far, I hear that Costa Rica is BEAUTIFUL and eco-friendly. Our friends are honeymooning there as I type this (jealous)!

  39. We went to Antigua for ours and we loved it! It’s a short flight, the island is beautiful, the water is perfect! They speak I feel like everyone and their mother went to St. Lucia for their honeymoon recently, so we decided to go someplace that not everyone else we knew had been. I would highly, HIGHLY recommend Antigua.

    Also, this is random, but everyone spoke English on the island. I know very little Spanish, and in the past we’d traveled to islands where everyone spoke Spanish, and I hated being clueless as to what was going on. It’s a little thing, but I really liked that I could talk to and understand everyone πŸ™‚

  40. I second the Viceroy in Anguilla, the hotel was absolutely exquisite and the restaurants on the island were amazing. My husband and I went for our honeymoon almost a year ago and are dying to go back.

  41. We’ve been to the Cayman Islands a few times and it is amazing. Lots of great snorkeling or lots of great sitting and relaxing. The Ritz is amazing there.

    I’ve also been to Turks and Caicos- most beautiful beaches ever. St Martin is also amazing- the french side of the island has the best food.

  42. I shot a destination wedding at Couples Sans Souci a few years ago and it seems to fit your description. It’s nestled into a cliff overlooking the ocean with a few private little natural pools and open air cabanas at the tip of the cliffs for massages. And the showers are, well, made for honeymooning, which was especially hilarious when I was there with my boss. Have fun picking a location!

  43. My husband and I just got back from our honeymoon in Anguilla and it was incredible! We stayed at the Viceroy – which is beyond words! Congrats on the engagement and happy planning!

  44. I’ve been to the Bahamas and stayed at the Atlantis twice. I cannot recommend it highly enough, it’s gorgeous and you never have to leave the resort. Also, St. John’s is one of the USVI’s and it’s quite remote. You have to fly in to St. Thomas and take a ferry to get to the island, but it’s so so gorgeous. My family stayed at a private villa, and it was divine!


  45. Words can describe the beauty that is Tulum/Riviera Maya. I know Mexico isn’t high on people’s list in that the cool/trendy spot right now is St. Lucia, but based on your parameters this area really couldn’t be better. Beaches are amazing, drinks are plentiful and the flight is just a few hours. I’ve flown from Chicago and it’s really accessible. You land and quickly get to the area from the Cancun airport. Also, the money you save in going to Mexico means you get more time there, or money to spend on meals, excursions, etc.

  46. You CANNOT beat Belize. It’s the perfect relaxed and remote getaway, and Central American isn’t thaaaat far. We stayed at Hamanasi Resort, which was spectacular.

  47. We honeymooned in Turks and Caicos a couple years ago in October and just went back for our second anniversary in 2013. Grace bay is beautiful, has super clear water, and there are many restaurants right in that area. We booked both times through vrbo, it saved us money and I highly recommend. We stayed at Villa renaissance, although I doubt you could really go wrong for how many beautiful hotels they have there.

  48. I stayed at the Bitter End Yacht Club on Virgin Gorda with my boyfriend a few years ago and I highly recommend it! It’s a bit remote (takes a couple boat rides to get there) but totally worth it. It’s a small, secluded resort, right on the beach. The staff is wonderful and the views are amazing. Enjoy your honeymoon!

  49. We traveled to St. Lucia for our honeymoon. It was amazing! We stayed at an all inclusive out a bit, but I would recommend staying near the Pitons. Beautiful, relaxing yet still plenty of exploring to do if you want.

  50. My husband and I went to St. Lucia for our honeymoon and we absolutely loved it. (Apparently it’s one of the top honeymoon destinations in the world). There are also a TON of resorts there – from big to small…beach to mountains – so you have a lot of options. I am also glad you are going for 10 days..we went for just 7 and we regret it!

  51. We went to Jalousie Plantation in St. Lucia. I think it’s actually called Sugar Beach now. It was absolutely perfect!! It was very private, and felt very high end for what we paid. Definitely a great value! We chose not to stay at the open air resort Ladera that’s right next to Sugar Beach, but we went there for dinner and both the views and the food were spectacular! Oh, take me back!! πŸ™‚

  52. Not sure what your budget looks like, but Peter Island in the BVIs is beautiful. As is Little Dix Bay. If you are going to St. Lucia and aren’t constrained by a budget, Jade Mountain is pretty hard to top. Have fun!

  53. I can’t help but echo everyone’s recommendations for St. John. It’s exactly what you are looking for, and one of my favorite places and vacation memories. (I have traveled a lot of places) I convinced my boyfriend to go about a year ago, and he is not a big beach person but he STILL talks about the trip all the time. We stayed at the Westin because of his hotel points, but if you’re looking for something more remote, one of my best girlfriends rented a house with a private beach for her honeymoon this past year around the same time you are going. You can easily take day trips to other islands, and the restaurants are so good. We took a boat excursion that took us to 4 different islands and a remote snorkeling destination off of the island that inspired the book Treasure Island. I don’t think it’s a party island at all. My boyfriend and I enjoyed watching the people have too much fun at happy hour at some of the local bars, but it is definitely quiet at night! Plenty of snorkeling, beautiful beaches, and other activities to keep you entertained.

  54. Grace Bay in the Turks&Caicos look to me like heaven on Earth…that would be my first choice…however please remember that it is technically hurrican season in the Caribbean until November so definitely buy insurance!! I cannot stress this enough, it save us when we had to cancel a few years ago. Hawaii is where i went for our honeymoon, Maui & Big Island…we also went in September and it was lovely….so much so, that we went back again on our 1 year anniversay. I’ve seen a bunch of beautiful photos of Tulum, Mexico on Instagram lately and it looks like where all the beautiful people are going this year πŸ™‚

    Cheers, Lisa

  55. Hi Liz,

    We are also planning our honeymoon in September and had similar criteria. Unfortunately, MOST of the amazing resorts in the Caribbean shut down in the month of September. We are getting married Sept 13 so maybe this won’t be the case towards the very end of the month? We had this problem with Cap Juluca, Bitter End, Little Dix Bay and a few others. We ended up deciding to go to Grand Velas in Playa del Carmen Mexico. Hope that helps!

  56. My husband and I researched all the Caribbean and British Virgin Isles endlessly and we settled on Aruba for our honeymoon. It was perfect!

    Here are few reasons why we chose it:
    1. outside the hurricane belt–threat of bad weather is almost zero
    2. perfect temperature every. single. day. It’s always mid-80s with a gorgeous breeze
    3. water so clear you can stand waist deep and see your feet
    4. EXTREMELY friendly locals
    5. Bucuti and Tara–our resort–won most romantic resort in the region this last year and it lived up to its aware 100x over
    6. The food is AMAZING. We love to eat well and lots of the islands have a reputation for terrible food (after you paid all that money on a resort!) Aruba has a large population of immigrants from Argentina and Denmark and the food shows it–sooooo delicious. Every single restaurant was incredible
    7. cost/pay off was balanced
    8. Extra stuff to do! We did a half day jeep tour and snorkeled in a hidden natural pool — seriously incredible and a must-do!

  57. I appreciate this post, my fiance and I are planning our honeymoon as well, and everything you listed above were our criteria!! I’m enjoying reading all the posts about beautiful beaches! Our list right now is Bermuda, St. Martin, St. Thomas, Turks and Anguilla! Good luck!

  58. On our honeymoon my husband and I traveled across France. Our favorite place though was Nice in the south of France. Being in the riviera where the weather is warm, the pepole are nice and speak English and the Meditteranean Sea is warm amazing. Plus since it wasn’t the carribean it wasn’t full of American tourists. Just lots of Italian ones πŸ˜‰

  59. I’ve been to all three places on your mind and St. Lucia was far and away my favorite. I got married September 20, 2013 and went there immediately after the wedding. The weather was perfect (although it’s always hot being so close to the equator) and we found it the perfect mix of relaxing and fun activities…we did lots of hikes, nature walks, etc. The locals are so nice and the food was magnificent. Check out Sugar Beach and Jade Mountain, we spend 6 days at SB and 2 days at JM which was beautiful but enough time there. Let me know if you have questions happy to answer.

    1. Thank you for this! We are getting married on September 20th too {yay!} and St. Lucia is high on our list. Good to know that hurricane season didn’t affect your trip! xo

  60. Tortola! Such a hidden gem and you can make day trips to all the other BVI’s! I especially recommend The Soggy Dollar bar and doing a snorkeling day trip!

  61. Anguilla! My husband and I honeymooned there 10 years ago. We stayed at Cap Juluca and loved it; so much so that we are going back in May to celebrate. Anguilla is amazing, very quiet with amazing restaurants. The beaches are gorgeous!

    We have also been to Parrot Cay in Turks and Caicos and loved it, too. Just not as much as Anguilla.


  62. Keep in mind that September is technically considered rainy season in much of the Caribbean and Mexico. My husband and I stayed at Secrets Maroma Beach, in Mexico, the first week of October 2012 for our honeymoon. We LOVED the hotel – it was the most beautiful experience and they really treat honeymooners like royalty. And it helps that it’s all inclusive (the food is really good too, especially the Asian and French restaurants). We did, however, have to deal with rain. We had one day get 100% rained out and it rained every night either during dinner or while we were sleeping. Rain at night didn’t bother me as much but having overcast skies during the day was kind of annoying. Just keep that in mind!

  63. st lucia is amazing. check out sugar beach. i have some restaurant and tip on how to get a good rate. just shoot me a note if you choose there πŸ™‚

  64. We honeymooned in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. It was such a relaxing experience that sounds exactly like what you were describing. Definitely recommend it. πŸ™‚

  65. Hi Liz

    I just listened to a podcast last weekend with you and Jess Lively. Recently found your blog and didn’t realize you went to OSU. I’m from Columbus.

    Anyway, I thought I would share my opinion of Virgin Gorda. I was there years ago and its unlike many of the other islands I have been to. It’s very quiet, there are animals such as cows that roam freely and you will see all of the resorts and homes with the metal grates over their driveways so the animals can’t enter.

    There are some beautiful resorts such as the Bitter End. We stayed in a villa as we were there for my sister-in-laws wedding.

    The only thing I didn’t like was that we had to take an old five seater small plane from San Juan to Virgin Gorda and land on a sand runway. The rest of our group flew in to Tortola and then took a ferry over. I would recommend that mode of transportation to get to the island if you choose Virgin Gorda.

    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding.



  66. So glad you posted this…I’m getting great ideas as we plan ours too! We are looking at Fiji, since it is somewhere we would probably never get to in the future. But, not being a big flyer, I wouldn’t recommend that. For a closer trip, people have recommended St. Thomas and St. John for us. Also, we really enjoy Cayman Brac – it is not at all fancy and has very few restaurants, but if you’re looking for simple, relaxing, and quiet, its a great alternative. You could always spend a few days on Grand Cayman for a little more excitement, then go to the Brac for more quiet and relaxation!


  67. Highly HIGHLY recommend Bora Bora. It will be the most incredible beach vacation of your life. Stay in an overwater bungalow at Intercontinental Le Moana (not the newer Intercontinental Thalasso, which is beautiful but not anywhere near as awesome as the older resort). Stayed there on my honeymoon two years ago and we’re already planning an anniversary trip back in the next few years! Pack light, bring lots of sunscreen. πŸ™‚

  68. Our honeymoon was in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in early October. We stayed at a boutique hotel, Casa Velas, which was a less rooms-no children-pools behind each room kind of place. Because they had a big sister resort on the beach, we had access to both places. We did an all inclusive package which included both resorts and a private beach club which was INCREDIBLE. It was right on the ocean with an amazing pool and staff. I also hit up the spa while I was there and it has still been the best spa experience of my life. At night they light candles all over the resort. There is also a lot of things to do and see. We walked to the marina and went offshore fishing one day, went to the big market another day, lounged and relaxed mostly. Highly recommend!

  69. Four Seasons and Montpelier Plantation in Nevis. We did 4 nights at each on our honeymoon as well as our 5 year anniversary and it was AMAZING

  70. Grand Cayman Island- Rum Point or Cayman Kai (further from where the cruise ships dock) hands down, the most beautiful vacation destination in my opinion! Congratulations on your engagement and your upcoming wedding! I’m sure your day will be stunning

  71. Ambergris Caye, Belize. Some of the best diving (or snorkeling if you don’t dive) in the world! You don’t have to stay in a resort because most accommodations are in very large bungalows directly on the beach, only feet from the water. Frankly, if you’ve stayed in one resort, you’ve stayed in them all. (But there are several if that’s your thing) In addition, there are many other islands to explore on day trips. Caye Caulker for a European vibe, for example.

  72. My husband and I stayed in St. Lucia for our Honeymoon and LOVED every minute of it! Jade Mountain is gorgeous, but we actually opted for La Toc as we wanted something all inclusive and loved that we’d have the option of exploring or dining at all three resorts in St. Lucia. It was a great choice for us and were able to hand pick where we wanted to eat, swim, etc… You can be as lazy as you want (which we took full advantage of), but the resort also has complimentary kayaks, paddle boards, sunfish, etc… And we never felt unsafe, as a few of the other comments said. Just like any other island, we didn’t make a habit of walking through downtown by ourselves and with our resort being pretty remote and peaceful, we never felt anything but secure. We’re already planning to go back for our babymoon! Best of luck with your search!

  73. My husband and I went to Grand Caymen for our honeymoon (almost 5 years ago!). We loved it. The beaches are beautiful, and there’s fun stuff to do on the island,too. My husband is not a big lay on the beach and do nothing kind of guy so it was nice to have things to do in the afternoons when he just could not sit around any longer. We’ve also been to Costa Rica on a family trip and loved it!

  74. How exciting! The Ritz in Grand Cayman comes highly recommended! The hotel is beautiful as are the beaches! Grand Cayman also offers excellent activities like snorkeling, catamaran rides, etc. The restaurant Blue inside the hotel is an impeccable dining experience as well!

  75. My husband and I went to Parrot Cay in Turks and Caicos and I SO recommend it. They upgraded us to a villa with our own plunge pool and outdoor shower. Amazing spa, and they have a several restaurant concepts, and Shambala options(ie super healthy) at each one.

  76. Liz, I’m so glad you said you don’t like to fly because I HATE it. I know I’m supposed to like to travel, and I do, but flying these days is so miserable that I feel less inclined to go far from my pretty spot in North Carolina. Anyways, we are headed to St. Lucia for our honeymoon in May. I can’t wait. I have a list after reading all of these comments though! Ya’ll made Turks and Caicos and St. John sound perfect.

  77. Liz, if you’re looking for help with the honeymoon I’d recommend Jetsetter. We used them to plan our honeymoon on the Amalfi Coast this June and they will tailor a Caribbean adventure, with hotel(s) and activities and transfers, to suit your interests! I can’t recommend their honeymoon travel service enough!

  78. HI!!!
    I am from the beautiful island of St.Lucia, also known as the Helen of the West and the number one tourist destination in the caribbean particularly for couples. It is truly something you would have to see for yourself. People are friendly, the cuisine is phenomenal and the sites are truly amazing. It is no wonder that some celebrities such as kim kardashian, coldplay, oprah, prince of england, eddie murphyto name a few have all visited. There are many hotels which have a different spin and cater to different needs. One of our best hotels among all of which are great too would be Jade Mountain. It is an escape within an escape. I hope that you visit!!!

  79. I just got back from Turks & Caicos and I can’t reccomend it enough! We stayed in a private villa (we had a big group) in Provo’s Chalk Bay area and it was truly stunning. We visited friends over in Grace Bay at the resorts and they were just as beautiful. It’s not a long flight – not a big flyer either – but the payoff was so worth it. T&C was just rated the 2nd most beautiful beach in the world!

  80. We stayed at The Sands in Turks and Caicos for a week at New Years. Pros: it’s absolutely beautiful in T&C, the beaches are incredible, the snorkeling is fantastic, and the food is delicious (we ate at several restaurants during the week). The Sands is a quiet, condo style resort with one restaurant and clean beaches. It was really quiet. There were some children. All of the staff were wonderful, and the food was pretty good. And, it’s close enough walking distance to other resort restaurants in case you get tired of eating there. We had a washer and dryer in our suite and an ocean view. Cons: the prices were pretty steep for just about everything. Our rooms were nice but not overly well designed or luxurious. It was a great experience and nice alternative to Mexico, but I think we prefer all-inclusives more just so that we can relax and not worry about what we’re spending while on vacation.

  81. Providentiales Turks and Caicos! We got married and spent our honeymoon at “The Sands at Grace Bay”. It was the most memorable amazing experience of our lives. We were so lucky to have gotten to start the rest of our lives there. The sand is the cleanest we have ever seen and the water is sensational. The people are really friendly and the food is 5 star. Here is a link to our photographers blog we had our wedding and reception right on the beach.
    We had 50 of our family and friends with us and they are all still talking about the experience in turks and caicos. Have fun!

  82. Go to Bermuda!! Cambridge Beaches in amazing!!! It is only a two hour direct flight from either NY or Boston!!! Little Dix in BVI is awesome too but takes more time to travel too

  83. Oh! I just got back from Half Moon in Montego Bay Jamaica … I’m an events coordinator (by day) and have been to more islands than I can count and Jamaica is soooo beautiful. If you go be sure to do river boarding at Brakko (go on Friday = no cruise ships). This resort is beyond gorgeous.

  84. Jashita Hotel in Tulum, Mexico! Love of beautiful ruins to explore, adventures (caves, snorkeling, ziplines) relaxing beaches, and romantic sunsets! Its the non-cliche version of Cancun with a less than 4-hour flight! Can’t beat it! Happy planning!

  85. Hi Liz,
    We went to Curacao for our honeymoon in early October. It’s in the southern Caribbean, so mostly outside of the hurricane belt during fall hurricane season. Would definitely recommend it!

  86. Liz,

    Your wedding is going to be here before you know it! Planning the honeymoon is almost just as great as planning the wedding. Sean and I went to Barbados and we loved it. It’s the perfect amount of seclusion and nightlife. It’s also where Tiger Woods got married back in the day. The island is British (everyone has an English accent) and very Caribbean chic with old sugar plantations. A few more reasons we love Barbados…

    The beaches – like a dream
    The nightlife – so many swanky restaurants and hotels. It can be as remote and but so much to do after your catch your breath from the wedding.
    Shopping – It’s like 5th Ave meets the Caribbean

    A few specific places to look up – Sandy Lane (pink and chic); Crane Beach (one of the top ten in the world) and The Cliff (be sure to dine at sunset for Michelin rated cuisine and the best view)

  87. Keep in mind that end of September is still hurricane season… I went on my honeymoon (and going back in May) to Excellence- Play Mujeres, Mexico. It is AMAZING! You fly into Cancun and it’s about a 30-45 drive and super private, 5 star resort. It is large but there is seriously a jungle next to it, no other resorts around. Impeccable service and the food is amazing ( 9 restaurants ) all inclusive with top- shelve drinks and tons of stuff to do on property. Highly recommended!! πŸ™‚

  88. Hi Liz! My husband and I honeymooned on Peter Island, BVI in December. It was the best resort that we’ve ever been to. Small, remote, private, and picturesque; I cannot recommend it enough! You are taken care of every day from sunrise to sunset. The food is incredible and the staff is friendly. According to what we’ve heard since returning, no resort ever tops the Peter Island experience. I can’t decide if that’s a good thing or a bad thing πŸ™‚ All the best as you narrow it down!

  89. HIGHLY recommend the Sandals resort in Turks & Caicos…we did our honeymoon there and unfortunately, it was sooooooooo amazing, it spoiled travelling anywhere else!

  90. We got married last summer and went to Peter Island in the BVI. It was incredible. Beautiful, remote, top notch service, and you can charter a boat to take you to the other islands one day to sight see. We cannot wait to go back!

  91. You should absolutely look into Peter Island in the BVIs.

    I went with my husband on our honeymoon for 10 bliss-filled days. It was amazing. The island has only one hotel, which is Peter Island Resort. You have access to two amazing restaurants, private beaches, incredible snorkeling. The rooms don’t have a TV so you are forced to relax next to the ocean. It was everything we could imagine and more – and will be going back again mid-November.

    It can be a little tough to get to (we flew from Michigan to St. Thomas, stayed in St. Thomas for a night, and then had a private boat from Peter Island pick us up – which Peter Island Resort will arrange for you), but completely worth it.

    We went at the end of hurricane season, before the beginning of high season so the price was perfect.

    Good luck! πŸ™‚

  92. Hi, just came back from our honeymoon in Tulum. From NYC it’s 3-1/2 hours to Cancun and a straight shot 90 miles south. The beach is AMAZING and since it’s buts against a nature preserve it’s eco conscious. We stayed at My Way Luxury resorts with is midway on the beach. On either side of the little casitas there are no big hotels so you are alone on a pristine beach. They only have 5 casitas so we were virtually alone the whole time we were there. I would go back in a heartbeat.

  93. It depends exactly what you’re looking for. Turks and Caicos and Anguilla both have very white beaches and light blue colored waters. They’re both great places! Jamaica and St. Lucia both have a lot of green vegetation and mountains and darker turquoise waters.

    The benefit with Anguilla is there is a ferry you can take to St. Marten for a day to get different scenery. I’d recommend Viceroy or Cuisinart.

    We were married at Couples Tower Isle in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. It’s secluded, only has 262 rooms, and the food was great.

  94. My husband and I went to Tortola in the BVI for our honeymoon in April 2012 and I cannot say enough wonderful things about Frenchmans. It is a secluded, gorgeous estate with 9 private cottages–perfect for a romantic getaway. They serve delicious homemade breakfast every morning and really take time to get to know you and make recommendations that fit your interests. Frenchmans within walking distance of Sopers Hole Marina, where you can take ferries to Virgin Gorda, Jost Van Dyke, Peter Island, or catch a day sail/snorkeling excursion.

    Incredible dining, perfect temps, secluded villas…it made for a fabulous honeymoon.
    Here is the website:

    Happy honeymoon planning!

  95. Just went on my honeymoon last summer – we went to st thomas! My hubby didn’t get a passport in time, so we decided to do the US islands. Stayed at an all-inclusive on St Thomas, and were able to take a few day trips to St Johns to get out of the resort if we wanted. BEAUTIFUL!
    I’m not a big lay on the beach person, but after all the planning, it was wonderful to be able to not have to think for like 8 days.
    Email if you want pictures or recommendations! πŸ™‚

    We were going to plan a trip and drive the coast of California, but after a few days & tears of stressful planning, we decided on the all-inclusive route. Most important thing to remember is that honeymoon planning should be FUN! Good luck!!!