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Happy Weekend

FridayHappy dances all around because it’s Friday! Another week of November in the books and it’s hard to believe we are one week closer to the holidays and closer to a new year. Today I am trying on my first wedding dress {and probably a few more after that} with my mom and then tomorrow we have a few more appointments and my dad and sister will be joining us as well. It feels very surreal to imagine myself in a dress, especially for someone who always thought she knew what she wanted but is suddenly at a total loss. It’s strange to think about your wedding dress and then start thinking about other factors of the day like will it go with our venue, can I dance in this dress and will Dave like it? Ultimate question. It has definitely changed my mind about what I always thought I wanted in a dress because it has to be something that he is blown away by, too. Ya know? Weird. I will tell you that I have four in mind that I really like and they are all completely different – so we will see. What are you up to this weekend? Whatever you do I hope it is wonderful. Thanks for reading this week!

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