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How do you stay connected?

stayingconnectedSo I’m curious, how do you stay connected and up to date with your favorite blogs? To be honest, I personally do not subscribe to Bloglovin’, I rarely look at my Feedly, and I never used my Google Reader – weird right? The blogs I know and love are remembered in my browser, and I sort of just wake up, grab my coffee, sit down at my computer and my fingers begin typing the names of my favorite blogs. From there I am introduced to others that sometimes get added to the list that my fingers automatically remember, but other than that I do not have a place that holds all of my favorites. Doesn’t that seem silly? It wasn’t until I made the jump from Blogger to WordPress {which I had always heard was a big transition but it affected more than I imagined} that I realized how important RSS is to your blog.

So I wanted to ask, has it been easy to keep up with S&S since the jump? Are you having any difficulties? Anything that you miss from the old site? Anything you wish were different? I want this site to work for you so I’d love to hear your opinion!

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  1. I use bloglovin to follow all my favorite blogs, when you switch from blogger to wordpress for a few days you will not get any post then one days maybe the 7 last post will show up. So I would advise any blogger when they are about to switch to let the readers know. I do remember one day going to my blogroll and seeing a bunch of posts from you. But It’s back to normal now. Love the new site.

  2. Google Reader doesn’t even exist anymore! I keep up with your blog through bloglovin as it was convenient when google phased out reader…bloglovin simply ingested all the sites that I followed so the switch was easy. As for your new site, I haven’t had any problems! I did notice that some people had trouble when they tried to click on links to your site from your Facebook page.

    Congrats on your new site! Looks great!

  3. I switched to blogger and have been loving it. It’s so easy to use, it’s really a no brainer (even before coffee). I also find new blogs through my daily favorites, and it’s super easy to add them.

    no issues so far with your new site, love the new look!

  4. I use bloglovin’ to keep up with my blog reading. It has it’s pros and cons but, overall, I like it. For me, your jump from blogger to wordpress has been pretty seamless. I haven’t had a problem keep up with S&S!

  5. I use bloglovin’ and it works great to filter by new posts and blog name. I’d love to hear more as to how the transition from blogger to wordpress was challenging, and any tips for other bloggers looking to do an update!


  6. I used to be like you, just typing in whatever blog came to mind. I had my favourites that I would check on a daily basis but just recently I switched over to bloglovin. I am really happy that I started using it, I no longer waste time trying to remember the blog I wanted to go to or time going to blogs that don’t have new posts. I can also quickly scan the content and only read what I find interesting/useful.

  7. Okay, this sounds so ridiculous but this is how I follow my favorite blogs. I start off by going to Alex Kaehler’s site (Things That Sparkle), read her post, and then click on my favorites from her blogroll! I know I could put these sites into a bloglovin feed or whatever, but this way works for me. Since the transition, your site isnt on the list (since it updates per each time someone makes a new posts), so its been harder to follow you (I sadly sometimes forget….)

  8. The new layout looks great! The only thing I noticed is that when you link to other sites, instead of opening in a new tab or window, you leave S&S to go to the site. Unless that is just your preference!

  9. I use bloglovin’, so it was seamless for me! I used to do what you do, until I found myself losing track of the blogs I loved – bloglovin’ is by far my favorite way to keep up with blogs!

  10. I’ve been looking to make the move, but I’m too afraid!!! I really am not a hugeee fan of blogger and would like to redo the site, but it’s going to take a lot of time. I also use bloglovin to keep up with all my blogs, but I have about 6 favorites that I know by heart that I just search first thing in the morning 🙂


  11. I do exactly the same, Liz! Not sure if it’s that efficient but it works. I have bloglovin though – maybe I should start using it more. Also, I had no issues with your switch. I would love to hear more about why did you do it and how painful was the process (I use blogger now and I’m not the biggest fan..)


  12. I may be the minority here but I hate Bloglovin’. I bookmark all of my favorite blogs and go through a “Daily Reads” tab every morning (or when I have the time)!

    Chelsea & The City

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  13. I have become addicted to BlogLovin. In fact, if a blog isn’t connected to BlogLovin then I rarely remember to read it. I love that it tracks what I have read, what I haven’t, and that it is accessible via computer, phone, and iPad. SO convenient!

  14. i have a bookmarks folder for all of my blogs, and that worked for me for a long time. however, now that i travel with my ipad, it was harder to remember all of the blogs i’d look at besides the handful of main ones, so i registered for bloglovin. it was very, very helpful to have while traveling, and i used it a lot, but now that i’m home, i just use my bookmarks folder!

  15. I use bloglovin. I think you’re missing out on a lot of good blogs by not using it. I have (of course) my favorites that I remember by heart but then there are some blogs I don’t read every day that will put out a really helpful article or inspiring post now and again and I’m so thankful for my bloglovin feed.

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  16. Hey Liz- Your new site looks great! Really liking your redesign. A couple of things I just wanted to suggest… You should have your links in posts open in a new tab (or new window) so that when people click on a link (to an item of clothing for example) they don’t leave your site. That way your tab is still open, and if they get lost on the site you linked them to, browsing around, it’s then easy to get back to S&S.. rather than having to hit back a bunch of times. Also I don’t know if it’s just me but your overall body type is very light and very small.. I feel like I am squinting a bit! I know small type is good, but maybe bump it up like 1 point!

    Congrats on all the new changes.. excited for more great content in the future! 🙂 🙂


  17. I only very recently started using Bloglovin’-before that, for years, I just used the favorites tab on my computer to go to each individual site. Once I started using Bloglovin’ though, I realized how much time it was saving me, because it tells you when new content is published (rather than constantly checking a site to see if a new post is up). I tried feedly for a minute but it seemed really un-intuitive…couldn’t quite get a grip on how to use it. Love the new site!

  18. I love the simplicity and ease of bloglovin. I have tried other things but quickly abandoned them — I was quite happy when bloglovin arrived!

  19. I have really gotten into subscribing to blogs by email. It is so easy and then I don’t have to remember to go to their site. I also use other bloggers blog rolls on their sidebars.

  20. I use feedly! I thought the layout was similar to Google Reader and opted for that. I read my feedly about twice a day to stay up to date with blogs I love and tourism blogs for work in Philadelphia!

  21. Bloglovin is my favorite way to track and keep up with all my favorite blogs. It keeps things organized and I can even “heart” that posts that I want to go back and re-read or save for any reason.

  22. I read all my favorite blogs on my iPad, using the apps, Feedly and Flipboard. I have had trouble with getting your most updated posts but your site isn’t the only one. There are a couple others so I thought it was the apps not keeping up to date. Hope that helps answer your question.

  23. I feel like I click through daily from twitter feeds, and then every once in a while I end up going back into feedly to read things more thoroughly — I had to do a major clean up though after google reader closed down, having less to read makes it easier to focus on the sites I love!

  24. I use Feedly, but for some reason your blog doesn’t update there–the last post listed there is Fall Layers on 9/10. Would love to keep up with your posts there!

  25. I love your site! I read it everyday! One thing that I like to do (maybe not everyone) but when I see something I like that you linked in your post, i click on it and basically want to save it to look at it after I’ve finished reading your post. It’s hard to do that when it opens up in the current page and breaks up the “flow” of reading your post. I don’t know if it would be hard to do or not, but maybe consider having links open up in a separate window? Also, most of the time I read my blogs on my iPad mini (so I’m not certain with how it works with other ways to look at your site like an iPhone or computer) but your website goes to the far left corner and I keep thinking I’m missing part of what you are saying! I am a graphic design student and just starting to learn a little about web design so I am kind of just noticing this, but maybe see if padding to the left side is possible? Either way I love your site and will read it every day!

  26. I recently started using bloglovin’ and surprisingly love it! I didn’t think I would, I keep the blogs I love bookmarked but it’s nice getting an email every morning with an update from all my favorite blogs in one place.

  27. I am the same way. I have a list that I’ve committed to memory that I wake up every morning and check. If I find a new one, I add it to my reading list on Safari and I eventually remember it.

    I tried to get into bloglovin’ and didn’t really like it that much. Love the new site! Looks great.

  28. The only trouble I’ve had, is that when I click on a link that you post, it no longer opens in a new tab, but rather takes me from your blog to that link in the current tab. I preferred the old way better. Love the new look though!

  29. I follow S&S daily with Feedly. I realized at one point that I wasn’t getting your new posts (when the new website started). So I just re-entered in your url and it has worked ever since!

  30. I use something I think that’s called iGoogle (is that Google Reader?)It works great for me and has for some time. But your blog has not updated since the Fall Layers post. Anybody know how to get it back up and running? I have tried to search on the site but it doesn’t come up (?)

  31. I’m old school, I go to the actual site of each blog I follow. I think because I’m designer, seeing their site and design is part of the experience for me. With a bunch of the readers you just get the post content, not the full experience!