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Happy Weekend

Happy Friday, friends! Remember when I said that I wasn’t going to be here the rest of the summer? Well I had to deal with a family emergency this past week, which lead me to cancel my plans of attending a wedding this weekend, and ended up taking an opportunity that was presented to me a few months ago to attend Lollapalooza this weekend! I am teaming up with Fruttare to help spread the word about their #itsallgood campaign and the Fruttare Road Crew! The #itsallgood Fruttare Road Crew will be at Lolla all weekend to help festival goers look on the bright side and help out with any bumps in the road. If you need SPF, if you lost your sunnies, if your phone is dead and needs a charge – they are there to help! #awesome Just tweet them at @Fruttare or @FruttareFruitBars on Instagram for any help! Plus, you’ll have to stop by their booth to try their yummy popsicles. 
I will be tweeting, instagramming, and facebooking all about my experience with Fruttare, plus if any of your are there and are looking for the Fruttare Road Crew, just tweet me and I’ll help you out! So, are you going? If you happen to see me in the massive crowds, please come up and say hello! I’d love it so much. Have a wonderful weekend! 
{photo taken from my instagram}