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Over the holidays, I saw a news segment about resolutions {which I can’t even being to find now} that got me thinking. The news anchor was interviewing a woman that said this year her resolution is satisfaction. To be satisfied with everything in her life, because let’s face it, in the big grand scheme of things, most of our lives are pretty amazing. We all have dark days, and I know that there is a lot of hurt and greed in this world, but doesn’t satisfaction sound like a pretty amazing resolution? I had a great vacation after the holidays, but the stress and anxiety of coming back always makes it hard to return {which is silly}. Especially the pressures of starting a new year off on the right foot. So I decided to take a deep breath and think of all of the satisfaction in my little world, and ways that I can enhance rather than resolve my life. So, this year I vow to write more thank you cards, to travel somewhere new with Dave, cook more meals at home, take more photos {with my new lens!}, print + frame my photos, call my loved ones more often, entertain, be patient, unplug on the weekends, and dedicate M-F to working hard. It’s going to be a good one and satisfaction is going to lead the way.