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We got an office!

One year ago, I decided to leave my job in Corporate America and dedicate all of my time and energy into this little blog. After a few months I decided to start offering styling services, a long time dream of mine and something that has been so unbelievably fulfilling. Fast forward one year and I am completely blown away by the support, continuing clients, and the way my little business has grown in just 365 days. Then, a few months ago Alex asked me if I would be interested in ever having an office. My immediate thought was “huh? I’m too young for this” but after numerous lunch meetings and a blogging friendship that turned into more of a “we are the same person and I’m obsessed with you” friendship – clearly office-ing together would have to be a good move.
So that’s what we did! We found the perfect space, nestled in the heart of the Gold Coast in Chicago, to house our two styling firms under one roof. I could not be more thrilled to grow Sequins & Stripes into something bigger and better than what it is today and words can’t describe how excited I am to be working next to a creative and stylish inspiration like Alex. Thank you for all of your continued support and stay tuned for lots of sneak peeks over the coming weeks!