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Building Your Space

In September, my boyfriend and I will be moving in together {woahhh!}. Actually he is moving into my current apartment that I share with my best friend, and together we have to make the space ours {not mine}. The idea of this sounds a bit difficult because throughout my styling history and general idea of what my personal style is, I have never had to worry about my feminine sense of style affecting a boy. So now we have to join our things and make them collectively run together in some sort of furniture and styling matrimony. But how does this work? 
So, I am asking my sweet readers to give me some advice. Do you have any tips for decorating with a boy? Any unisex styling strategies to make both parties happy? I am going to try and not be influenced by the fact that I am constantly surrounded by style and allow the two of us to creatively work together. But, this can be tough because sometimes boys just don’t get it. I’m thinking lots of gallery walls, stacks of books, and secret purchases while he is at work. 
What do you think? 
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