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Style Consulting

I wanted to give you an example of some e-consulting work I’ve done for a few clients over the past couple of months. Typically these clients live out of state {for example, this was for a client in NYC}, are unable to meet with me in person and are looking to clean up their wardrobe and/or make some additions to their wardrobe. In this case, this woman was a young mother of two who could not find any time to shop for herself. She didn’t want her wardrobe to fall by the waist side and needed some help maintaining her young and sophisticated style! The first step I take when working with new clients is to send them a personal style assessment which gives me a better understanding of their personal style, who inspires their style, what their body type is, what they would like to see more of in their wardrobe, etc. and allows me to create a specific styling strategy for each individual. After numerous email exchanges this client asked me for three separate outfits: casual outfits for running around with her daughters, dressy-casual outfits for going to museums + lunch with her girlfriends, and some date night outfits for dinner with her husband…I got to work.

Here are just a few pages from the 10 page portfolio I assembled. I have always learned from visuals and hands-on opportunities so if I am unable to get into your closet, this is what you will be presented with.