Style over 12 years ago by Liz Adams

What inspires your style?

Let’s be honest, we all have our personal style pretty much set in stone – I would consider mine classic, preppy and a bit playful with a mix of color and pattern layered in between. I am a huge fan of sophisticated and feminine silhouettes {think these pants and this dress} and I love layers {primarily because I am always cold}. Although, there are times when I open my closet and want to give everything away and start over, but then I say to myself, “Hey Liz, you’ve got this! You’re a stylist, people like you’re style, now work some magic on this closet and let’s go.” So, if you’re ever discouraged you know who to call! I digress.

This week, while Victoria is at Alt Summit, she decided to do a Mini-Alt Week on her blog for all of us not in attendance. NOTE: If you are a new blogger, are thinking of starting a blog, need some tips to enhance your blog, or are looking for some motivation – go check out her blog, now. As a blogger, I can’t tell you how helpful this series has been. Plus, you’ll see some tips from yours truly!

Anywho, one question Victoria asked me was what inspires your blog posts? And in return I thought I would ask my readers, what inspires your style? I mean where do you go for inspiration?

Here are a few of my favorite places to stir up my brain when it comes time to assemble those stylish outfits:

This Time Tomorrow
Cupcakes and Cashmere
Cheetah is the New Black
Kendi Everyday
Refinery 29
In Style
Lucky Mag

Also, when I feel like I’ve been sitting in comfy clothes for far too long discouraged I sometimes head to Michigan Avenue and Oak Street to browse the stores and see what’s new. It keeps me in the know, which is important for me and when working with clients.

So I ask, what inspires you when you get dressed in the morning or go shopping with your girlfriends?

PS: In case you missed it yesterday, Danielle’s home was in the new issue of Rue {page 69}. Her home was styled by miss Alaina, and her wardrobe was styled by me! The whole day was a blast and I am so lucky to call both of these ladies my friends.

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