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The Everygirl: For every girl, everywhere.

Did you hear? The Everygirl, brainchild of my uber talented, real life friends, Alaina and Danielle, just touched down in blog land and has caused quite the commotion. 
This new online resource {launching February 2012} sets out to help shape creative, stylish, and career-driven women in their twenties and thirties, by interviewing inspiring women who live and lead attainable lives. Not only will The Everygirl touch on topics like fashion, finance and entertaining on a budget, but it will speak with the girl who started a blog and built a brand name for herself, the girl who picked up her life in search of something new, or the girl who stylishly decorated her home without breaking the bank. They will look at the steps it took to get there and give advice for others hoping to do the same. The Everygirl is for you, for me, for every girl, everywhere
So, get a jump start on this amazing resource by subscribing to their newsletter on their website, and follow them on Twitter and Facebook for updates and sneak peeks leading up to the launch in February!
A + D, I am so proud of you and can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeves!
To read more about The Everygirl, check out Alaina and Danielle’s announcements from yesterday.