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TOMS Shoes    J.Crew Dolci VNeck Tees    Frye Melissa Logo Riding Boots    Gap Pom Pom Hat    Longchamp Le Pliage Tote    Madewell Novelist Shirtdress    J.Crew Cable Stripe Sweater    Gap Fair Isle Socks    Zara Sequined Wallet    J.Crew Heatherstone Snood    Madewell Driving Gloves       Amazon Kindle                     

Okay my lovely readers, these are the items that I plan on packing for my 23 day trip to Europe. Obviously, laundry will be nonexistent {for the most part} so I intend on loading my suitcase with items that can easily be mixed and matched for numerous outfit changes. Do you have any additional suggestions? How about walking shoes? I plan on being on my feet a lot and need to be comfortable. I will be taking daily outfit posts while abroad {yay!} and plan on packing a few of my favorite accessories to change it up a bit. I am one week away and want to begin packing today! 

Thanks for your help! xo

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  1. You’re right on track I think. Those are all great picks! You want to be able to be very versatile and layers are key. And yes bank on your walking shoes! I wish I had TOMS when I went over! Good luck packing Liz!

  2. A crossbody bag is a must! and make sure it zips close. These are way safer and keep both of your hands free to take pictures while also eating various pastries {I’m not the only one who does that…right?}

  3. A fun pair of loafers (my leopard Sam Edelman’s are the best – and super comfy as well), scarves that you can wear to easily mix things up (great way to add color), a cross the body bag (keeping hands free for all that photo taking), your favorite skinny jeans, a basic blazer (great over t-shirts and paired with a scarf), black riding pants (I live in my black JCrew riding pants), fun necklaces (think bib to take your basic t-shirt/blazer combo from day to night), a poncho, and lastly a pair of ankle boots. Enjoy your trip!!!

  4. Love all the ideas! I would definitely pack a cross-body bag that’s not too small. An umbrella and/or rain coat is crucial too. I also recommend an organized travel wallet of sorts — doesn’t have to be too big. Oh! Dryer sheets — they are the best way to make your clothes smell freshly cleaned on the go. Have a blast!

  5. My husband and I took a trip to Europe in January. think thin and layered. I survived in January with a motorcycle jacket, although venice was cold so I had to buy a thick sweater (no complaints). I took one pair of riding boots and one pair of hunter rain boots which came in handy in rainy Paris. Nothing else and I was fine the whole time. I packed mostly leggings (jeggings, leggings, anything stretchy and thin – one for each day) and tall socks. I packed a couple of cardigans that cover the toosh, long tees, and three large scarves. The longchamp helped and was a great carry on for the way back (packed with all of my new goodies). I also bought long fingerless gloves- perfect for the last minute photo ops in the cold. Oh and I packed a hat or two. I packed the travel packets of tide to wash socks and bras in the sinks since I didn’t pack one for each day. I also packed a swimsuit because we went to the hot springs in Tuscany. Just think easy, thin, and swapable. Luckily you should have amazing weather this time of year. Have fun!

  6. Im insanely jealous of your trip! You are going to have the grandest time. I think you are right on track, but I agree with some of the others. A cross-body bag is a must. Your hands and shoulders are completely free which = comfort. The key is to have one that is big enough for your necessities and camera!

  7. Your trip is going to be amazing! I would pack a lightweight raincoat/trench just in case. Can’t wait to see your posts from the trip!

  8. I think a smaller cross body bag and thin layers – ls tees and cardigans that you can layer with. I went to Amsterdam last Halloween and it was chilly…but that dress and those Tees are essential to my closet now! (LOVE!!!)

  9. Yes, you’ve got it. Pack light, pack layering clothes that can be mixed and matched and walking shoes are a must. Across the body purse/bag also.

  10. I was in Italy and France about the same time last year and we had a lot of rain. It POURED in Rome the entire time we were there and my thin raincoat wasn’t warm enough for Paris. Bring tons of layers, a waterproof coat with a hood and a tiny umbrella to carry everywhere. Gloves are a great idea, I was dying for some when I was there!

    Have fun!

  11. Oh, what a wonderful trip! I like everything you have on your list so far. I think walking shoes are a must, and I agree with everyone else regarding a cross body bag AND I can’t go anywhere without my sunglasses!!

  12. Girl, it looks like you got it covered! I wore my Toms all over Italy and they were perfect, nice and comfy and allowed my feet to breathe, and you can wear them with everything! Also depending on where you go, there might be a lot of cobblestone, so i suggest wedges for evening wear. xo

  13. I’m not really sure what else I’d bring! I think you did a great job of covering it. I always pack one more pair of shoes but then never end up wearing them. I guess I’d just say bring something that could be dressy just in case something marvelous happens.

    Have so much fun!

  14. great list so far!! my fave essentials are definitely my TOMS (have them in red!), and lots of tees and cardigans for layering. so jealous!! oooh, and jeggings. don’t judge. xoxo

  15. perfect list! comfy flats and comfy flat boots are a must! and if throw in leggings! when i studied abroad I lived in leggings on days I was doing a ton of walking!

  16. when i spent a semester abroad in france, my staples were basic tees (v-necks), scarves, blazers, flats, and a crossbody bag. and if you don’t bring scarves with you, no worries! there are great markets all over europe, which is where i bought the majority of my scarf collection.

    so jealous you’re going to europe! have so much fun!

  17. Good walking shoes are a must!! A few other tips:
    1) Make two copies of your passport–leave one at home with a friend and keep another one with you.
    2) Call your bank to let them know that you are traveling abroad
    3) A cross body bag is super helpful while doing touristy things
    4) Pack at least one warm outfit and one cool outfit-since weather is so unpredictable.
    5) Scarves can keep you warm, be used as a pillow and dress up an outfit

    Have a wonderful and safe trip!!

  18. Liz, those riding boots are gorgeous!! Especially with the indented logo!! Looks like you’ve got a pretty good start to your packing list. I’m so excited you’ll be doing daily outfit posts!!

  19. oh i’m so glad you are bringing a snood! i love them. you have some fabulous picks there. the only suggestion would be a statement blouse, one that you could wear for a really special night or two. but then again, you are packing lightly.
    i have to now follow your blog because I’m anticipating these updates!

    have a wonderful trip!


  20. What an exciting trip. I am ashamed to say that after living in Europe almost all my life I have never been to Prague or Barcelona. In terms of packing, it’s been fairly cold here in Paris. Lots of people are wearing their wool coats now. I would say that Toms are not warm (or waterproof enough) for this time of year. I think converse are probably a more sensible walking shoe (everyone wears them here). Of course Southern Europe will be a bit warmer, so you can disregard some of my advice if you want.

    As a point of reference, I wore a thin wool sweater, a blazer, thin mittens, a hat and wool socks today and I was comfortable but a little warmish when walking quickly. I would definitely bring gloves and a hat for if it is chilly.

    It can also be pretty rainy here in October/November, so I would bring something for the rain. Lots of people are wearing trench coats here or a thin waterproof shell is nice for throwing over a sweater when it rains. An umbrella is also a good idea (unless you are too cool for one 😉 ) Your trip sounds so exciting. I am sure you will have a fantastic time whatever the weather!

  21. I just got back from Europe, and while we caught the end of summer, it was definitely fall by the time we were leaving. Your list looks like the perfect, fashionable starting point! Just take lots of things you can mix and match, and minimize the toiletries as much as possible. Have so much fun!!