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Save or Splurge

We have all dealt with the issue of save or splurge. The blog world tends to direct us towards wants rather than needs and being a 25 year old, city gal, it is hard to decide which areas of my life I need to save and/or splurge. My daily blog visits have me building shopping carts all over the internets and not wanting to spend in areas of my life that need some lovin’. I tend to stay on top of my style through shopping for clothing and accessories but I have decided that I need to cool it on shopping for clothes and start flirting with my bedroom. I know that either way I will be spending money on things for me but sometimes I deserve to dream of splurging on a dreamy bedroom, right? Plus, if I can find items to fit into my wardrobe at a fabulous price, well then sign me up!

{$100 and under!}
My bedroom really needs some TLC, so with all of the money I save on my wardrobe….
A girl can dream right? ย