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Fall Favorites

I know the blogosphere has been buzzin’ over fall and all of the goodness this cool season has to offer, but I can’t help but bask in all of its glory. I purchased my first “fall-ish” candle yesterday, made myself an espresso, and couldn’t help but fall into the cozy nostalgia that autumn represents. There are so many details of this lovely season that encompass my affection for fall and the change in temperature, but here are three things that make me super excited for autumn in Chicago…
The Food
The Scent.  
The Fashion.
Tomorrow marks the first day of fall and Dave and I are headed to some wineries and apple orchards in Michigan – I can’t wait! What are you doing to celebrate the change in weather? Any favorites that you get excited for?

I am also sharing some of my favorite pieces for fall over on Breakfast at Toast today, along with a slue of rockstar bloggers. Head over and check it out! 

{fall images via My Pinterest Boards}