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Summer Packing List

Midwest summer packing list


For the 4th summer in a row, since moving the Charleston, we are heading to the Midwest for a month at the lake! We will be visiting my parents outside of Chicago for a few days, then heading to Wisconsin where my family has a lake house and then renting a house up in Northern Michigan for a week in July with Dave’s brother. I am so excited to check into summer and the freedom that comes with being out of your routine and embracing the chaos. I’m excited for cool mornings, hot sunny days, fresh lake air and just some time away in a place that will always be home.

summer vacation packing list
summer packing list
Over the Moon x Poolside monogram bag

I put together a little collection of most of the items I’m packing for our trip! I tried to link everything that is still in stock but quite a few pieces are older/out of stock. Either way, the majority of our trip is VERY casual and instead of packing a ton of dresses I plan to live in breezy shorts and tees (with of course some fun prints mixed in!). I tend to overpack every year so I was determined to pair it down (for all of us) and repeat outfits as much as possible. Excited to take you along on our trip!!