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Coffee with Liz • June 7, 2024

coffee with liz

Do you consider yourself an introvert or an extrovert?

I would say I’m an introverted extrovert. I feel like my energy isn’t as high as it once was and although I love being social, my body and mind crave recharges. I love to be out and about with people and I would say I’m generally very good at keeping conversation/being social but these days I love to be home more than out and about.

How do you fit in your blogging? Batch it for certain days? Wake up early?

This is honestly a struggle for me. I feel like I have really good weeks where I get 3-5 posts up on the blog and then a week where it is pretty quiet. I don’t just want to throw content up to throw it up. I prefer it to be thought out and “created” for you. But if I’m being honest my creative juices aren’t always flowing. Although I have so much help, when it comes to content creation I feel a little spread thin. I could easily create a collage of “things that I like” every day there isn’t a post and put it up on the blog but it gets a little boring to me.

The reality is that when I started blogging it was just that – a blog! Now there are so many layers with brand collaboration, newsletters, social media, video, editing, etc. that I’m pulled in so many directions and it’s hard to find dedicated time to sit down and write. I woke up at 4:52 to get to work on Coffee with Liz if that tells you anything – ha. Early mornings are my preference but most days sleep takes precedence.

Can you share some classic everyday jewelry pieces?

Here are a few favorites from my personal collection –

Mignonne Gavigan – I have and wear this necklace a lot and just ordered this one! Use code LIZ20 for 20% off!

Thatch Jewelry – the prettiest delicate pieces. I love this pearl link necklace or this simple ‘HAPPY’ necklace. The Finn chain is a great starting point. Use LIZ15 for 15% off!

HART Jewelry – some of my favorite FUN jewelry! Also Hart, the owner, is the coolest. The perfect layering stack. I recently added this to my stack!

Dana Rebecca – my fine jewelry favorite. I have been wearing my paper clip charm necklace non stop! I also have and love the Lulu Jack Bezel Bar necklace.

What is your “mom car”? Looking for a family car rec!

We have a Chevrolet Tahoe and we love it!

Favorite pool sandals?!

I usually just wear my Birkenstocks or flip flops! But thinking I need a cute pair of pool slides like this or this. How do we feel about the jelly shoe trend coming back? I sort of love these.

If you *poof* could have a different career, what would it be?

I always say I would own a bakery where I could serve people coffee and pastries and they can sit and chat and buy fresh flowers and maybe have a little market. I would have fresh baked bread and sandwiches and maybe wine in the afternoon. Something like that! But that’s a dream for when my kids are older.

What is one thing you and Dave are having fun doing these days?

Day dates! They are about to be long gone (ha hello summer). But we don’t love getting babysitters at night because we enjoy hanging with the kids so we try to grab lunch once a week or today we rented a boat for a couple hours to celebrate summer! It is the last full day the kids are in school so our day dates are going to take a break until late August.

What advice would you give moms a few years behind you with kids ages 1-2 or so?

Slow down. I always felt like I had to get back to a place or get to a new phase or be prepared for the ball to drop or anticipate all the things. You don’t. Slow down. I’m telling you, you will blink and your kids will be in elementary school with little attitudes and arguments and you would give anything to go back to where you are right now. There is no rush. It gets harder, emotionally and physically and I’m just telling you to hold on to every ounce of where you are right now. Those little ages are so precious, I miss them so much!

Can you tell us more about George’s therapy?

George is in Speech Therapy and OT. He has some pretty major speech delays that we are working through (but he is getting so much better!) and then he has some fine motor delays. We have the most wonderful therapists who I am so so grateful for! They both meet with him 1x per week (so he has 2 sessions every week). We started therapy in April 2023 and have seen great improvement in a year. I’m excited to personally work with him while we are away this summer!

Recently had my second baby – advice for that transition? 2 kids is definitely more than 1!

Embrace it! It is okay to feel like you’re not prepared or you have no idea what you’re doing. You don’t need to! We learn as we go. If I’m being honest I always get asked for “advice” when it comes to transitioning to more kids and I don’t think I can give you something concrete that is going to help. It is mentally up to you to embrace it (and speaking to all of these submissions I get every week!). I think as moms we become super heroes in that we somehow just find the mental, emotional, physical capacity to do all the things and you will! You just do because you know deep down you can. I can tell you that when you’re in it it feels soooo long but it is so short! I promise.

In a breakfast rut – any favorites for yourself and the kids?

We do a lot of breakfast parfaits (yogurt, granola, fruit), Kodiak waffles with peanut butter, mini bagels with cream cheese, scrambled eggs with Everything But the Bagel Seasoning on top and a side of avocado and cereal!

Favorites recent purchases?

I need a stylish pool/beach bad with kids?

I have been eyeing these waterproof bags from Marc & Graham for years or I’m a big fan of this classic LL Bean Tote. I personally use my favorite stripe tote from a local restaurant here in Charleston (they also have this blue stripe from their other restaurant). LOVE the size and shape!

Decision on baby 3? Did you always know you wanted 3 and did you and Dave agree?

Yes, I always knew I wanted 3 (I was one of 3) and Dave was fine with 2 but ultimately was on board for whatever I wanted to do. Now George is literally the little light of our family, everyone is obsessed with him ha.

Do you ever get sad about not having a girl? Or has time passed now that they’re older?

No, not sad! I honestly never really think about it. I have talked about being sad and sort of mourning that I would never have a daughter when I found out George was a boy. But now I wouldn’t have it any other way and I absolutely love being a boy mom!!

Cute red 4th of July options (not too expensive, under $200ish)

I put together a big collection of red, white and blue favorites right here!

How did you get through the baby phase days? Days are a little slow around here!

Settle in! Go on walks, find music classes or library classes to meet moms in the same stage. You find your groove! But also embrace the slow because I WISH time would slow down over here.

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