Ask Liz 17 hours ago by Liz Adams

Coffee with Liz • May 10, 2024

If you had a thousand dollars to spend on summer fashion, what are you buying?

Great question! I am really looking for some fun colorful sandals and love these (look for less here and here) and these. I really want a Loewe bag but struggle to decide, I’m eyeing this, this and this. Caio Lucia just dropped new dresses and I love their summer pieces. Also really into the flowy pants with a shorter top look lately. Something like this and this!

Favorite swimsuit brand? Are you eyeing any swimsuits for summer?

I wouldn’t say I have a favorite brand but I do have some favorites! I saw this one from Farm Rio and thought it was so fun. I have this Agua by Ague Bendita Lemon swimsuit in 4 prints because it is the most flattering fit, it fits higher on the thighs (great to elongate shorter legs) and nice and tight throughout which makes you feel nice and smooth. More sizes here and new print here. This swimsuit from Minnow is my favorite swimsuit for mom duties, supportive, slimming and conservative but sexy!

I’m also eyeing this plaid one from Beach Riot!

Have any of your boys had their tonsils out? Our 2.5 yo is having his out next week – so nervous!

Yes! Jack had his tonsils and adenoids out at 2.5 years, too! He did so great. We spent one night in the hospital because he was under 3 years old but truly the recovery was so easy. He was running around with Charlie the next day! Lots of popsicles and smoothies. I was always told the younger you do it, the easier the recovery. It has been a GAMECHANGER for Jack’s overall health.

Do your kids ever have trouble at drop off? How do you handle it?

At the beginning of the year Jack struggles with drop off but then gets used to it! I find that the more nurturing in and consoling I am with him, the harder drop offs remain. It is honestly easier for Dave to take the kids to school and me to pick up. George always gets the saddest wimpy lip when I drop him off but his teacher texts me two minutes later and he is happy as can be!

In my own personal experience I find that giving in too much creates more of a reaction from my kids so I try to just be really positive about how wonderful their days will be and it eventually gets easier!

Need help with bridal earrings, any ideas? Dress is clean & classic, hair is down!

I think Loren Hope has a beautiful collection (I wore on my wedding + gifted my bridesmaids a pair!). My personal favorites are these, these (something blue!) and these.

Going to Europe! What comfy but stylish sneakers to pair with a dress do you recommend?

I am really leaning in hard to the Sambas right now! I just ordered this pair (but have never ordered from this site before, says they just shipped!).

Good knit summer cardigans to recommend?

This stripe Minnow cardigan is perfect in my opinion! I have the XS/S and it is relaxed/a great fit.

When did you feel like your kids got independent enough to let you breathe? Boys are currently 1 and 3 and feel like its getting harder, not easier?

Oh girl you’re still in it! I feel like it is hard-ish until your youngest is 5. Not hard but more mentally exhausting/draining. I think because George is the youngest (3) he keeps up with Charlie (8) and Jack (6) pretty well but 3 is still hard.

How did you and Dave take the leap on moving so far from family? Struggling with this!

We honestly just sort of went for it. I feel like I blacked out during the process, ha. But overall, I think we did a really good job separating what we personally wanted to do for the wellbeing of our family vs. what our family/friends wanted us to do. We actually didn’t tell anyone we put an offer on a house/had an inspection until it was done because we knew outside opinions would maybe sway us into staying in Chicago. I think it all comes down to knowing what is best for you/your family.

Morning routine?

Wake up at 6am (or earlier to work or if a child makes me up cough: George), have a ginger shot and coffee, check my emails if kids are still asleep or if they are up we chat, I make lunches and breakfasts and get backpacks ready for the day! Dave walks Charlie and Jack to school at 7am (they start so early at 7:20) and I hang with George, make his breakfast, watch Bluey or play and clean up a bit. Then I get ready for a workout/workout class around 8/8:30. While I’m working out Dave takes George to school and then goes to the gym. Then we are both home and showered by 10 and start work!

Where did you go on your honeymoon?


Could you share 3 easy meals your kids love?

Homemade chicken enchiladas, chicken pesto ravioli, taco bowl casserole!

New boy mom – 8 weeks PP with my first! Any advice for PP fitness routine?

Give yourself grace! It took me two years (once I started working out consistently) to see a significant difference in my body/strength. I think practicing patience and not being so hard on yourself is huge in sustainability when it comes to exercise.

If you had a day all to yourself, what would you do?

Ohh I would wake up. Have coffee in bed and write. Go for a run/walk or a workout class. Grab a coffee/breakfast with a friend. Go home and take a shower, get ready, get dressed. Meet girlfriends for lunch! Then go to the beach. Grab a glass of wine outside somewhere, cook dinner for myself (pasta) and watch a girl-y movie and go to bed at 8pm.

Amazon whats in my cart!

These cute boxer shorts, concentrated bubble refills because you don’t want to run out, this facial cupping set because I was #influenced haha, this cute peplum tie top, gingham pants, bad air sponge (MUST HAVE) and 15lb weights. And to be fair I just hit purchase on my cart!

Expecting a baby boy! Best thing about having sons?

They love their mamas SOOOOO MUCH! It’s the best.

How are you navigating social media and sharing about your children as they get older?

I really don’t share much about my kids. I think I’ve really transitioned into a motherhood perspective of my children rather than sharing their individual lives/personalities. There are moments when I share a video of them playing sports or losing a tooth or singing but it is always shares with good intentions. I would never share anything personal and I very very rarely take on partnerships that involve them. I think creating boundaries as a parent in social media is very important.

Did you always know Dave was “the one”?

Hmm, I don’t know if I ever thought of him as “the one.” I think I just knew that I didn’t want to be apart from him. It sort of felt like our path was just always meant to be! Dave doesn’t let anything be too serious and I think that helped in putting less pressure on what was to come for us (pertaining to early years). We just had so much fun together (we still do!) and it was a feeling neither of us wanted to let go of. I’m grateful that our relationship still feels fun.

Are skinny jeans still in? If not, what is a good pair of dark jeans to transition to?

I guess technically no but I think in general people are leaning towards a more relaxed style (hello 90’s!). I think if you’re looking for skinny, try these slim straight jeans from J.Crew (they are SO FLATTERING). I have and love the Giselle Wash but they come in a ton of different colors!

What TV character do you most identify with? Why?

I honestly don’t watch a lot of TV! But I do think I’m a combo of Rachel and Monica.

Best spot to grab a night cap with husband downtown? Visiting next week!

The Ordinary Bar or Thoroughbred Club at Charleston Place or the Dewberry Bar!

Did you ever sleep train any of the boys? 6 months PP and struggling!

Yes! I honestly think it is hard to sleep train before 6 months and the babies that do sleep well are magical. My boys were not magical (except maybe Jack). Charlie didn’t sleep until 6 months and it wasn’t until we started him on formula. Jack was a pretty good sleepy baby. George still woke up multiple times a night at 6 months too. But I always waited to get through the 4 month sleep regression otherwise I would drive myself crazy. I forget what “method” we used but is was basically cry it out. Once I knew my babies didn’t need food during the night I didn’t feel as guilty about letting them cry. And my pediatrician back in Chicago told me to think of their tears as a workout, they just needed to get a little energy out before passing out. Anyways, it is a mental struggle! It took us 3 nights committing to “crying it out” for both Charlie and George to fall asleep on their own and now they are GREAT sleepers!

Best boy mom advice!

I don’t know if my boy mom advice would be any different than girl mom advice! I think my best advice in motherhood is to let go and let be. Relinquish control, let your kids be kids, lower your expectations, have fun, don’t take it too seriously. I think we all know what it means to nurture a child and I think our biggest tool is learning how to respond to what is thrown at you in motherhood. If I can look back on my experience thus far and change anything, it would be to not think I’m doing it “wrong.” There is no wrong when it comes to loving your child! We are all doing our best, so go easy on yourself and parenting as a whole and I promise it will be easier on you.