Liz 3 months ago by Liz Adams

Spring in J.Crew

j.crew spring collection

shop this look: J.Crew Seamed Flare Midi Dress, Navy Beach Sweater, Small Raffia Ruffle Bag, Faux Raffia Sandals with Pearls

If there is a brand that really nails spring it is J.Crew! They know how to channel that fresh, airy energy into pieces that are light and lived in. The new J.Crew Spring Collection is filled with all the essentials but with a little extra twist in colors that feel like being outdoors on a warm spring day. I feel like photos are the perfect reflection of what I want my style to feel like right now – soft, effortless and easy. J.Crew’s new collection is made for this season.

J.crew spring 2024 new arrivals
J.Crew spring collection 2024
J.Crew raffia ruffle bag spring 2024

This small raffia ruffle bag is maybe my favorite find of the season! Under $100 and the cutest little carry on. When this linen dress came in the mail I was blown away by the quality and detail. The green color is so dreamy! This mini version is cute, too.

J.crew raffia sandals for spring
j.crew raffia ruffle bag

The entire J.Crew Spring collection is the perfect introduction to the season ahead. Browse their new arrivals right here. You can find more styles posts and other favorites from J.Crew right here.