Liz 5 months ago by Liz Adams

If I Could Only Have 10 Pieces in My Closet…

shop this outfit: Sezane Michele Jacket (wearing a 4), Pistola Lexi Jeans (more sizes here), Leset Margo Tee, Chanel Ballet Flats, Sezane Scarf

I was recently asked if I could only have 10 pieces in my closet what would they be! It took me a second to think about the items that I wear the most and feel I can get the most wear out of when it comes to mixing and matching. I would consider all of these items “essentials” in my wardrobe and thought it would be fun to break it down with you today. When people ask me to create a seasonal “capsule” wardrobe, I struggle with that idea because I’m not a big wearer of basics. I appreciate a little depth and often feel like capsule wardrobes lack depth (sorry I said it). I would say I lean towards investing in pieces that stay with you for seasons and years, pieces that are fun and feel the most like you. A capsule wardrobe is great way to find inspiration for what pieces are important but I would encourage you to think out of the box with color/pattern/silhouette because it’s easy for capsule wardrobes to all look the same. Either way, here are some of my personal essentials and the 10 items that shine the brightest in my wardrobe.

A good pair of jeans. My personal favorites are my Agolde Riley Jeans, Pistola Lexi Jeans, Re/Done Straight Jeans, AMO Billie Jeans and Askk NY Slim Crop Jeans.

A white blouse. An essential! I love a more structured style like this, a more feminine silhouette like this or something airy and light like this.

A white tee. My favorite of all time right here – the Leset Margo Tee. I wear a small and have 4 of them.

A striped tee. Kule’s Modern Long stripe tee is my personal favorite. I wear a medium!

A cardigan. I love the Sezane Emile Cardigan that is a bit more oversized and this Doen style is more fitted.

A mini dress. This is where you have a little fun! I love this $150 style (the best fit), this bow dress and this little cutie. I have a type, ha!

A classic midi dress like this.

A chic tote bag. I love my mini woven Naghedi tote or this slouchy ophisticated style.

Ballet flats. My favorite ballet flats for the price. The fit reminds me of my Chanel flats and come in a ton of colors! I personally love the nude, silver and blue!

Sneakers. Really love my Adidas sneakers right now!

…and if I had some extra room I’d do a blazer that doubles as a coat, a midi skirt and some heels.

What are your 10 pieces?