Blogging 6 months ago by Liz Adams

What if…

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What if in 2024 we write a new chapter. It doesn’t have to be completely different from the last but I think it would be nice to throw a curveball. Not changing who we are but channeling the best version of ourselves so that we can step into a new year bigger, better, more authentic and more content.

It’s hard to keep up with expectations of others. Our peers, happy people we see on the internets, those that maybe seem deeply in love, fulfilled with work, those that set clear goals and go after them, the ones whose lives seem completely perfect. But what if that’s just the narrative you’ve told yourself the last few years and that in this next chapter, the narrative becomes YOURS. The one where possibility comes first and any self doubt becomes last years issues.

I’m not one to set goals because I usually set too high of expectations for myself and get disappointed. Instead I like to visualize, manifest, focus on a few words that I want to be the backbone of my year. In 2024 my words are abundance, community and consistency. Community and consistency have been my words the past few years but I think what was missing from them was ABUNDANCE.

Let me tell you how my mind operates – I post something for work, it gets good feedback, I commit, I repeat, it doesn’t get as much attention, I pivot. I am SO BAD at committing to consistency to create and grow my brand and instead I’m throwing darts to try and please everyone. I’ve seen the power of staying true to myself and not focusing on being something for everyone. I know that this is what LEADS TO COMMUNITY. Consistency brings community. But without seeing the abundance and what you (I, ME!) already have (rather than reaching for more which sadly social media makes you feel like you always need to be reaching for more) you lose sight of the community already in place. It is eye opening to connect the dots between what’s missing and what’s not. I promise you in most cases you’ll realize you weren’t really missing anything, instead maybe focusing on the wrong thing.

2024 is the year that I stop focusing on the bull shit and instead focus on what’s in front of me. I commit. I show up every day aiming to be the best version of a mom, business owner, wife, friend that I can be. Be the highest version of yourself. And what if, if we were consistent, the universe rewarded us with more, with abundance. GUYS, WHEN YOU FOCUS ON THE GOOD, THE GOOD GETS BETTER. Abundance is looking at your life and seeing all that you have. Not always reaching for more and instead seeing our lives for what the truly are – overflowing. Our energy introduces us before anything else, put your energy into what’s important. CHOOSE how you want to show up every day.

What if in 2024 we say fuck it to all the things that aren’t serving us. We speak up for the things that we need (self care) and say no to the things that don’t serve us. No more wasting our own time!

That’s it. I have a feeling 2024 is going to be a good one. What if it’s even better? No matter what happens, I hope my corner of the internet gives you a space to feel inspired, to show up as your are and a place that reminds you that we’re all in this together.