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Fun Stuff for Kids

Shop this image: No. 1 Reusable Water Balloons // No. 2 EzyRoller Scooter // No. 3 Color Changing Kitchen Sink // No. 4 Hardest Hidden Pictures Book Ever // No. 5 Table Tennis Set // No. 6 Electronic Dance Mat // No. 7 Toddler Bike Helmet // No. 8 Micro Kickboard // No. 9 Washable Markers // No. 10 Monkey Bars Climbing Tower // No. 11 Bubble Wands // No. 12 Flower Garden Building Toys // No. 13 Splash Pad Sprinkler // No. 14 Kids’ Karaoke Machine // No. 15 Minnidip Pool

A bunch of fun stuff for kids! While our summer is busy with camps and travels, there is also plenty of downtime at home. My kids range from 2-7 years old and we have a pretty good collection of items to keep them busy when we don’t have plans. Anything from water toys to bubbles to outdoor sports to activity books. There is something for everyone!

George, my 2 year old, loves this automated sink, our climbing gym and his little scooter!

Jack, my 5 year old, loves this flower garden and this dance challenge mat!

Charlie, my 7 year old, loves this hidden picture book, table tennis and the Ezy Roller.

All of my kids love a blow up pool or splash pad situation and these bubble wands that I buy in bulk to have on hand. The reusable water balloons are also a HIT!

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