Beauty about 1 year ago by Liz Adams

UBeauty Skincare Favorites

I’ve been meaning to talk to you about UBeauty – a skincare line that I’ve become completely obsessed with over the past 6 months. Beauty products are sort of a pain point for me. There are other things I’d rather spend money on, you know? (But as I get older, I also need all the help I can get, ha) So when it does come down to spending money on skincare or makeup I need them to GET THE JOB DONE. There are a ton of skincare brands that I love – Sunday Riley, Vintner’s Daughter, Augustinus Bader – but there aren’t many where I love a collection of products that work well together and show results quickly.

Actually my friend Molly first introduced me to UBeauty when she said “have you tried UBeauty, it completely transformed my skin!” So I ordered the UBeauty Duo because it was the two products she recommended most. And now they are the two I recommend the most, too!

The Resurfacing Compound – Brighten, resurface, renew, tighten, equalize, and defend with one complexion-boosting compound. A clean, high-performance formula designed to optimize your daily beauty regimen without sacrificing results. Smoother, brighter and revitalized-looking skin begins to emerge within only 3-6 days. Pores look diminished, skin appears to brighten as dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles visibly fade.

The Super Hydrator – A next-level moisturizer that actively hydrates for up to 48 hours, it transports five unique sizes of hyaluronic acid molecules deeply into the skin—for sustained intense, multi-level hydration and increased bounce, creating a protective 3D shield to lock in moisture all day long, revealing primed, nourished, and hydrated skin. *this gives me Augustinus Bader vibes/texture but at a lower price!

These two products together are my most used. I put them both on at least every night and usually in the morning too (or just the Super Hydrator). The UBeauty Duo gives you almost $40 off this combo.

Then I bought the Barrier Bioactive Treatment and I use it as the last layer of my skincare routine. The website describes it as inspired by the immortal jellyfish, this highly concentrated, restorative overnight treatment uses bioactive marine ingredient to optimize normal skin renewal for visibly softer, stronger skin with boosted barrier function to reveal refreshed, supple-looking skin. The three of these products are magical together.

I also use and love their Return Eye Concentrate and I am someone who never has faith in eye creams. A complete contouring treatment that targets oxidative stress and free-radical imbalance against the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness, and dark circles for unprecedented eye defense with visible sustained renewal. Designed to visibly lift, smooth, plump, and brighten, the result is a flawless photoluminescent finish with restored moisture and a soft-focus glow. I’m sharing all the tidbits the website gives you because it explains each product so well.

Ok and I can’t not tell you about the Plasma Lip Compound. They give your lips so much moisture with a little bit of plumping without the tingle. My lips feels like little pillows and they just launched color! Rose and Fawn are my favorites.

Ok, you can skip the cleanser. I don’t love their cleanser. It never fully removes my makeup and sort of leaves a film on my skin. Tula’s Purifying Cleanser is still my favorite (LIZADAMS gets you 15% off).

I loved the Resurfacing Compound for my face so much that I got the Resurfacing Body Compound and WOW WOW WOW. This stuff is incredible. My skin feels so incredibly smooth and soft to the touch. It encourages cell turnover and leaves your skin bright and beautiful!

Honestly, these products are pretty much all I’ve used over the past few months. I love them! I think LIZADAMS will give 20% off for new customers only! *hoping my code still works!*

Let me know if you try UBeauty! You won’t regret it!