Ask Liz 10 months ago by Liz Adams

Coffee with Liz • June 4, 2023

Will you share some more inspiration about leaving your full-time job to follow your passion?

I don’t know if I have inspiration to share but more just an intuition to do so! I think any big change comes with uncertainty, especially when it comes to financial shifts, it can be scary. But I guess my inspiration was always you’ll never know unless you try. I think if it is truly your passion, you’ll find a way to make it happen.

How do you meal plan for your family? I am struggling and keep defaulting to takeout!

I am not a huge meal planner to be honest. We cook a lot of the same things during the week to keep it easy and I also like to try new things. But I feel like I have faithful recipes that I make over and over again because I know they work and everyone loves them! The ingredients for these recipes are usually always in my pantry. Things like my turkey meatballs, crispy baked chicken nuggets, enchiladas, taco bowl casserole is a big family favorites, ingredients for pesto pasta, chopped salads + my pantry salad, lots of fruits and veggies. I

How do you manage stains on your clothes as the mom of three boys?

My kids destroy their clothes and I don’t put them in a ton of nice stuff for that reason. Stains don’t really bother me for that reason because it’s never on an item that I hold a ton of value in.

Did you battle sleep issues with any of your kids? It’s all-consuming for us!

Not huge issues, but transitioning Charlie from a crib to a toddler bed was a process. He slept in the hallway between our bedrooms for a good 6 months, ha. We never really knew where he would end up but put a hard stop on coming into our bed to make it clear how important it is to stay in your own bed. With Jack it was easier and so far so good with George but it sometimes feels like it is never perfect.

What’s currently on your handbag wishlist?

I really want this Loewe bag with the logo shoulder strap, this raffia basket bag or this one, and this Celine raffia cutie. Clearly looking for a summer bag!

When you get a haircut/highlight, what do you request? I love how natural it looks!

I ask for blunt ends with layers cut IN to the hair, like not the shelf layers if that makes sense. And then I get balayage but I think you have to have someone who is good at highlighting brown hair, that’s hard!

How do you get everything done and not constantly feel behind on life?!

I never get everything done and always feel behind, haha. But I think I’ve learned to accept that I can’t do it all during this season of life and that’s ok. Letting go of expectations a bit and just accepting it for what it is. It helps me to put less pressure on myself!

Best non-diaper diaper bag?

A cute tote with this chic insert.

Any suggestions for cute, casual shoes that can go with shorts or a day dress?

I really love these simple J.Crew sneakers, these gorgeous raffia loafers and these gorgeous sandals that are giving Hermes vibes!

What’s a bad/stressful day in the influencer world look like for you?

I would say worst case scenario is a lot of brand previews due on the same day, not enough time to complete all of them and then a brand that pushes back on your content. My “bad” days are when a brand tries to change the way I present content or share with you all. But that is so few and far between! I feel like I’m in such a great place when it comes to relationships with the brands I work with. My bad/stressful days aren’t usually related to work, it’s more the work/life balance that gets in the way of getting everything done that I need to.

I would also say a general stress is just never consistently knowing what income you’re going to make every month. Some months I take on more to account for a slower month ahead (like summer travels) and comparing a jam packed calendar to a slow calendar can sometimes make me anxious. It’s all relative!

What double stroller do you use?

We have and love the BOB Revolution Flex.

I desperately need a new beach/pool bag for the family…any suggestions?!

My girlfriend had this amazing Target tote at her house this weekend I immediately ordered for the beach/pool! The photos don’t go it justice but it has so many big compartments. I’ll show it to you when it comes in! We also use this bag in the XL with long handles that we’ve had since last year and it is deep and HUGE (great for beach toys and towels), great for shlepping.

Can you talk about laser hair removal? What you’re doing, pain level, progress, etc?

Oh my gosh I’m obsessed! I’ve been meaning to give you an update. I am doing it at Ella Ora with Hailey. I’m doing my underarms and a Brazilian. I was going to just do my bikini line but everyone I knew who was doing it told me to do a little more. I think I’ve done 5 sessions and will do a total of 7 or 8 with maintenance once a year maybe? Not sure what the follow up is. I basically have no more hair! It is so so so thin in a couple places otherwise completely gone. Now I want to do my legs! HIGHLY highly recommend. My only regret is that I didn’t do it earlier. The pain is way less that what I thought it would be. Everyone told me it sort of feels like a rubber brand snapping on your skin and that’s accurate but it isn’t every time. It gets hot and then is pulled off as soon as it gets too hot, if that makes sense? It is totally manageable and quick!

Any ideas for entertaining toddlers that don’t involve screen time?

Outside time, we go on lots of walks, my boys loved (and still love!) this little race track set, we do a lot of car washes with bowls of water and dish soap and muddy race cars, splash pads in the front yard – to name a few!

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