Liz 10 months ago by Liz Adams

My Shopping Strategy

shop this look: Saloni Dress (wearing a 4, also here), Mansur Gavriel Flats, Haverhill Adelaide Chain Necklace in 14″, Sezane Mini Milo Bag

One of my most frequently asked questions is my strategy when it comes to shopping. How I know what to look for, the brands I gravitate towards, where I draw the line on what I want/what I need and so on. The tough part (and wonderful part!) is that shopping is sort of required for the job. As an “influencer” you rely on me to share what’s new and exciting. When I wear something that is older or no longer available I feel bad that I can’t provide you a link to shop! So a part of the job has become sharing the new and noteworthy and as much as I love it, I also don’t like to have a lot of stuff. I miss the days when a box shows up on your doorstep and it felt special! I like to think that is how I like to shop. Special pieces that feel the most like me.

Obviously we all have different budgets for what we are buying. With my budget, I choose to buy a few pricier items rather than a bunch of lower priced items. My style tends to lean more novelty than basic/essentials which usually end up being more expensive. But I know that those items get more wear in my closet so it helps me define boundaries for where I spend my money. But it’s no secret that influencers get perks when it comes to shopping. I am grateful to work with brands that either provide a discount for me to shop or offer gifting to share with you all. I never ever want you to feel like because I buy something that is expensive (like this dress that I’m wearing!) you should go beyond your means to do the same. I just hope it inspires you to find something similar or try something new when it comes to your personal style.

I like to think I have settled into my personal style but if you ever find yourself confused, here is an exercise I like to do every few months. I sit in my closet and just sort of observe for a few minutes. Then I go through my entire closet and pick out the items that bring me the most joy. Usually this starts with pieces I feel best in, maybe items that I don’t wear a lot but LOVE, pieces that are loud and fun but hard to wear, even items that I bought wanting them to be my style but haven’t incorporated them in yet! I put those all together and let them shine. Then I go through and decide what pieces make me feel the opposite. Items I don’t reach for anymore, pieces that served their purpose at a time but no longer fit with who I am now, items that look too worn, items that I know fit wrong but I keep anyways. I purge those. No second chances for those pieces anymore! Then it is sort of like connecting the dots. It is easier to see the holes in my wardrobe when I like everything that’s there!

My Shopping Strategy

Analyze your closet

Focus on the pieces that make you feel good

Take note of any gaps

Put together some inspiration for outfits

Make retailer accounts and heart your favorite items

Figure out your budget

Invest in pieces that will help BUILD your wardrobe.

Fill in the gaps with pieces that help HIGHLIGHT your wardrobe (basics/essentials).

The truth is I don’t buy a lot of fast fashion (not never, I love a good Zara or H&M find!). Not because I don’t think there are amazing finds from places like Amazon, Walmart and beyond but because I wash them once and they never look the same. I like to wear my pieces many times and the fast fashion just doesn’t hold up for me. So I’ve learned to invest more in the pieces that I buy knowing the price per wear will be worth it. This dress is a good example of that! It can be worn casually with flats or sandals for day but dressed up for night. I buy a lot of dresses with this in mind and obviously certain occasions spark reasons to shop but I usually look for a dress that can pull doubly duty.

But, if you’re looking for some fun dresses under $200, here are some favorites:

The prettiest pink mini dress (giving Zimmermann vibes!)

This smocked stripe midi dress is SO GOOD.

Blush florals that look just like LoveShackFancy, and this mini one, too.

A very pretty blue smocked dress and this mini one, too.

This gorgeous floral dress would be perfect for a special occasion!

I love this classic and feminine yellow midi dress!

A lavender midi with cinched in waist for a super flattering silhouette.

I LOVE this ric rac linen mini dress, it looks so expensive!

The print on this mini shift dress is so fun!