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Coffee with Liz • May 7, 2023

I’m a new mom and I feel like my husband and I have figured out (mostly, for now!) how to fit in individual time and also date nights but I’m curious about how you fit in away trips with Dave!? Any tips on how to logistically do that!? I imagine it’s not all family watching the kids each time so any tips on how to make it happen would be helpful!!

It is definitely hard and I will say we don’t take many trips away just us. If it is a longer (3+ days) trip that requires an airplane ride, I’m really only comfortable with family watching the boys. That usually means my parents and I also try to hire a babysitter a few of the days just to give them a little break. If it is a weekend away that is closer (say Palmetto Bluff) or even just a night away at a hotel here in Charleston, we feel comfortable with a few of our babysitters. We also have some teachers who we love and are available for overnights. I think it’s just finding the people outside of family that you’re the most comfortable with and who your trust! I never want my parents to feel like the babysitters so I’ve always tried to have reliable babysitters on hand.

Do you send Bear to daycare during the day? I can’t get anything done with my puppy around!

No but we literally just talked about this last night and I think it needs to happen a couple days a week! He isn’t really in the way but he needs to get some energy out.

Our friends are getting married in Greece in August this year so my husband and I are planning a two-week vacation out there (yay!). Do you have any recommendations for a beachside reception dress and then other fun items to wear around the islands?

Ohh fun! For a reception dress I love this, this or this. For fun items to wear around the islands I love this fun red dress could be good for day or night, this gorgeous mini dress under $200, and this dress (the colors were made for Greece!). You can’t go wrong with a good pair of jean shorts and an easy blouse. You also need these fun lemon earrings and gorgeous sandals to wear with everything.

Can you tell us more about your journey with weight-lifting?

I don’t know if it is much of journey but more a period of time where I was working out hard and lifting heavy weights. After I had Jack I was determined to get back in shape more quickly than after having Charlie (with Charlie I didn’t exercise at all until 1 year postpartum). I hired a personal trainer and just really saw a huge transformation in my body in those two years. You can read more about it here, here and here!

As a Mother’s Day gift to myself, I’m looking for a small handbag that I can wear for date nights and more dressy occasions. Something neutral that will stand the test of time. Do you have favorites that are investment-worthy? Ideally different price points under $1K. Thanks!

I really love this YSL clutch and this YSL clutch this season. My girlfriend just got this cute Loewe bag! I love the Mansur Gavriel Cloud Clutch. This Gucci bag is $1100 but the colors are stunning. The perfect evening bag!

A bit above your budget but my Small Cabas Celine Bag is my favorite for everything – new styles here and here. Oh my gosh I found mine on a great resale site in VERY GOOD condition, someone grab it!!

Do you have a strategy when you shop? Or just browse for what speaks to you?

My problem is that I like new stuff (don’t we all). I’m not a good sale shopper so I usually browse my favorite sites to see what’s new every morning. For example, Shopbop is a site I can always count on for brands I love and the latest and greatest from those brands. I browse their new arrivals every morning and save them to my hearts to go back to! I typically know what brands I love and focus on those (Agolde, Mother, Rhode, Sea, Saloni). Another favorite site is Matches but more for brand discovery! I feel like I find so many new brands to love on their site.

Do you think you’ll always live in Charleston?


What activities did you do with the kids while Dave was away?

We went to the beach, out to lunch, discovered new parks around our town, went to visit my grandmother, went to a garden store and went on lots of walks/bike rides.

How often do you talk to your parents?

I talk to my parents through text every day and then on the phone every 2-3 days!

Do you use a self-tanner? If so, what kind?

No I don’t. Self tanner looks terrible on me. I’ve tried multiple brands and I always come out orange. So my tan is natural, I love the sun.

Any 40th birthday gift ideas for best girlfriends? Under $150, please!

This rainbow HELL YES bracelet, a monogrammed travel kit, a pretty pajama set, or maybe a massage or facial!

What did you pack in your hospital bag (for you and baby!)?

A very comfortable outfit for me (I love Lake pajamas maternity items – my code is LIZADAMSXLAKE for 10% off!), cloud socks, a bluetooth speaker, chapstick – I am obsessed with this one right now, a soft little outfit for baby, Evian water spray (the best for moisture and a sleepy face) and small toiletries to make my shower feel a little more luxurious. You don’t need much!

What do you do when life feels hard?

Get outside, delete social media apps from my phone, spend time with my family, go to bed early, exercise, go grocery shopping for healthy foods, clean my house, watch a movie with my kids. REST.

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