Liz about 1 year ago by Liz Adams

Mother’s Day Gifts from Haverhill

shop my jewelry: Personalized Adelaide 3 Pave Birthstone Link Bracelet, Classic 3 Birthstone Bracelet, 3 Letter Necklace

The older my kids get the more I value personalized gifts that honor them and my role as a mom. Jewelry is one of those gifts that always provides a happy little reminder in my day. A necklace with my kids initials, a birthstone ring, a significant number to symbolize our family or a simple heart. Jewelry is one of my favorite ways to keep my kids close by and I wanted to share some of my favorite pieces just in time for Mother’s Day.

Haverhill creates beautiful, solid 14K gold jewelry that you’ll have forever. I love that their designs are modern and classic with so many ways to personalize them to really create a custom piece just for you. I recently added a few pieces to my collection that I have been wearing non-stop (thanks to the 14K gold I don’t have to take them off for exercise, showers or sleep!).

The Personalized Adelaide 3 Pave Birthstone Link Bracelet is beautiful. I love the three links in each of my boy’s birthstones to celebrate them. It’s so fun to see all three together in one bracelet. The chain link design is so classic, making it easy to layer with other special pieces in your collection.

I also have the Classic 3 Birthstone Bracelet which I decided to customize with three white topaz stones to signify my boys. Haverhill has an amazing feature on their site where you can build each piece and see the final product. You can explore different metals, stone orders, sizes and more. I have been wearing both of these bracelets every day and they look so beautiful together. Like I said, the quality of Haverhill pieces is incredible. Definitely a gift that you’ll wear forever.

The 3 Letter Necklace is perfect for Mother’s Day, I even ordered one for my mom to honor her grandchildren! Again, I love that Haverhill’s pieces are fresh and modern. Personalized jewelry that will be staples in your collection for years to come. Haverhill has so many amazing designs to choose from but these are three of my favorites. Personalized gifts are special for so many occasions (an engagement, marriage, honoring a loved one, special memory!) but Mother’s Day is the perfect time to honor being a MOM.

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