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Coffee with Liz • March 24, 2023

I’m spending three days at the Masters in a few weeks. What to wear? Obviously, I need some comfortable options but would love to make it fun, too. 

I think a fun dress with sneakers, a simple short set, or this cute golf jumpsuit!

What do your kids do that makes you lose your $#*%?

Not listening and testing boundaries/rules that they know are in place are probably my biggest annoyances.

Can you share some ideas for fun and versatile spring coats? A jacket that could work for school drop-off, errands, date nights, etc.?

I just love this little denim coat so much, I’d wear it all the time.

I feel like everything is a trench or blazer right now – this yellow trench is cute cute cute. This navy one is also cute and under $100!

I also love a lightweight quilted coat for spring – this style and this style are cute!

This light little puffer is cute, too! And on sale.

Can you talk more about George’s OT and early intervention for speech? My kid is in the same boat.

So what initiated this was the fact that George is 26 months and not speaking. I voiced my concern to our pediatrician and she sent in an order for George to be evaluated. Here in South Carolina if they are evaluated and “accepted” into therapy under 3, then it is free (through Babynet). He also has some delays with his fine motor skills, specifically with his hands and his pincher reflex. George has had little socialization and starts a small summer camp this summer and school in August. I want him to be prepared 🙂

What are your current favorite hair care products? Your hair always looks wonderful!

If I’m going to splurge on shampoo + conditioner, these would be it. I try to keep heat off my hair 3-4 days a week. I also love this hair balm. It is so light and makes your hair so shiny. It also combats frizz and helps repair damaged hair. I just love it so much.

Have you found any resources for working on defensiveness? I can be that way, too.

Hm…resources? No. I read this book which helped a lot in understanding where my defensiveness comes from. For me it is really important to pause. I can easily rush into a reaction instead of taking a moment to listen and understand before reacting.

What’s coming up next for Olive Lane?

Exciting things! We are transitioning our backend and making some internal updates (I’ll share more details once it is complete) but working on some really exciting launches and an update to our marketplace. Hoping you’ll see these by May 1. Also working on some branded products which I can’t wait to share with you! I really appreciate your patience as we clean things up a bit.

Any affordable spring/Easter dress ideas?

This brand has a ton of cute styles under $200!

I also think this, this and this (only $38!!) are darling!

What are your favorite toddler shoes?

I sort of struggle with this! New Balance seem to fit my kids the best but also I love Crocs for ease (ha).

Will you have a fourth kid?

No. Dave just called to schedule his snip! Closing the chapter on that beautiful season of life.

How do you mimic your parents in raising your own kids? How are you different?

I think encouraging open conversation, being understanding of the kids emotions, practicing patience and letting them BE kids, creating a relationship that feels safe and open. Also smothering them with I love you’s and hugs and just making sure they know they can always come to me and feel heard.

I’m from Minnesota and considering a move to Charleston. Did you ever feel out of place as a Midwesterner?

No! There are so many transplants here and everyone is welcoming and kind and wonderful.

Looking back, how would you prepare for a newborn? Any advice?

I honestly don’t know if this is possible. With every one of my kids in the newborn stage, you’re never really prepared until you’re in it. I think trusting yourself and being confident that you’re really just doing the best you can is the most important. There is so much doubt and uncertainty in the newborn days. You just sort of have to embrace it and let yourself be in it. Looking back that is probably what made every newborn phase easier. The products, gadgets and books all help but really embracing it and having faith in yourself and your partner is soooo much more.

What’s on your travel bucket list?

I want to go back to Italy with Dave! I also want to take the kids on a National Parks adventure but when they are a little older. Honestly since moving to Charleston I feel very content with never leaving, ha!

We see so little of Dave these days…we miss him! Where is he??

I guess I didn’t realize! Honestly I’ve been thinking a lot about change lately…

It is crazy to think about how long I’ve been doing this! You all have seen me through so many life milestones and changes. Motherhood especially has been the biggest change and even more so, having my kids get older has proved to be the biggest shift in our lifestyle. We are busy! Our kids are so fricking busy and active. I feel like my head is constantly on a swivel. I guess the bottom line is I don’t pull my phone out as much as I used to. I really try to savor my family time and not document it. I don’t know if that is getting older or being more aware of our privacy? I guess when I’m with Dave (or our family) I focus on being present with them. As a mom I naturally take photos/videos of my kids that I share here and there but I don’t feel this need to document Dave. I need to! He is so silly and fun and happy. Just know it isn’t intentional, I’m just savoring the not sharing more 🙂

What is most stressful about your job?

I guess like the above, probably the sharing! I have always been someone who shares in the moment and it feels harder now that our kids are getting older and they don’t like to be photographed/filmed. I asked Charlie the other day what he thought mommy did for work and he said “take care of us!” And I think a part of me wants him to always think that is my job. I know how amazing it is to show him my business and how hard I work for them (I just showed him for the first time last week and he was like “cool!”) but I also want them to think my job is them. The balance is hard. Visualizing professional growth the older I get becomes harder and harder as I see and feel the demands of being a mom. I think I’ll figure out a happy balance but it doesn’t always feel easy with young kids. I’m constantly torn and it is both wonderful and challenging.

Did you have any sadness when your baby stage ended with your third?

YES. And it showed itself in a massive panic attack and dehydration. I think the ending of any wonderful phase is ultimately sad but I find so much joy in watching my kids grow, too. I try to replace the sadness with feeling grateful. Being a parent is all the emotions.

What are your favorite rooms in your house and why?

I love the wallpaper in our dining room and mud room! We hang out in the sitting area off our kitchen the most. I love our new bathroom and the boys room. I really just love our house so much. It’s open and bigger than our house in Chicago but something about it feels small. We can hear the kids no matter where they are in the house. It’s spacious without a ton of rooms. It feels warm and fuzzy. I just love it all.

How would you describe your style right now? I love it, BTW!

Feminine, colorful, happy and classic.

Best Amazon purchases for yourself? I have a gift card to spend.

According to my recent order history: a tongue scraper, these odor sponges for the house, Liquid IV, Folex, these cat eye sunglasses, cleaning gel for the car and this hand vacuum for our bathroom!

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