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My 5 Favorite Pairs of Jeans

Today I’m sharing 5 of my favorite pairs of jeans and clearly I have a type here. Relaxed, straight leg, lighter wash and slightly cropped at the ankle. I am 5’4″ with muscular legs and feel like I’ve finally discovered a style of denim that works for me. I never felt very confident in skinny jeans and darker jeans just feel too dressy for the phase of life I am in. I find that if denim hits just above my ankle bone, it gives some length to my legs rather than a longer style and all of these are the same but different you know? I’m breaking it all down!

Let me start by saying that if I could be a jean size it would be 26.5. 27 is always a little too big and 26 can sometimes be a little snug. I am wearing a 26 in all of these knowing that after a few wears they soften just right. I personally think Agolde tends to run all over the board in terms of sizing so hopefully this post helps. I’ll give you exact details below!

*also, this is my new favorite white tee! I’m wearing a small.


Agolde Parker Jean

I think these look terrible on the website but they are a win in person. A slouchy, straight leg that hits at the ankle. I would say these are my softest jeans that definitely relax with wear. They are sort of a “girlfriend” fit with a little wider, looser leg. I like that there is no raw edge. My most comfortable denim. I’m wearing a 26.

Citizens of Humanity Charlotte Crop Jeans

The quality of this denim makes it stand out in my closet. They are soft but the denim never feels thin, it is consistent (if that makes sense!). These just fit like a glove. They are the same relaxed straight leg style as above but more of a narrow leg. I have and love the full length pair (which I share below) and knew the crop had to be mine too. Super super flattering. I’m in a 26 but they are a little snug at first, the 27 is just a tinge too big.

Agolde Riley Distressed Jeans

I am a sucker for the Agolde Riley silhouette. A good high waist and slim, straight leg style. This denim is also very soft and they loosen with wear so I’m going to say take your smaller size. I love that the distress isn’t overwhelming and that it has a clean hem. Makes them feel more tailored!

Agolde Riley in Zephyr

Without a doubt my most favorite favorite jeans. I always feel like a million bucks when I wear these. These are one of those styles that are tighter for me. I actually own in both the 26 and 27 and wear them each regularly. This is the 26 and you’ll see it is tighter in my waist but they fit perfectly everywhere else. So keep in mind that for some reason this denim doesn’t stretch out too much. This is a slimmer straight leg rather than relaxed.

Citizens of Humanity Charlotte Jeans

Just like the crop style above, the denim on these is just so good. I did cut these a little bit but may get them professionally hemmed because I’d prefer them to not have the raw end. They are naturally just a little too long for me but I love them either way. These are definitely a slimmer straight leg as well but just a classic jean. I’m wearing a 26 but they are tight, I also own these in the 27.

Let me know if you have any questions below! I feel like I have tried so many brands of jeans and these are the two that I always go back to.

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