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Coffee with Liz • September 9, 2022

What are your go-to casual sneakers for fall?

I have been loving my Nike Waffle Ones, Everlane Forever sneakers and my Golden Goose. I also wear my Kizik shoes all the time because they are the easiest.

I’m in the market for a diaper bag! What have you used in the past/what do you currently use?

I currently don’t use one, I just throw a diaper and wipes into whatever bag I’m carrying. And honestly, I never loved diaper bags. They always felt so stuffed with stuff. I would go the route of a tote bag and a tote insert (I LOVE this one).

Please give us your tips! How do you keep your white bed *white* when your dog sleeps in the bed?

If you looked closely, it is covered in dog hair! But I use a lint roller religiously and he doesn’t sleep in our bed every night. He usually sleeps in his bed on the floor.

How did you handle having visitors after coming home with a newborn?

Set boundaries! We were lucky with Covid that George really didn’t have any visitors and it was so nice. I think you get to and have to draw the line. It can be a lot and just voice that you want respect in your own recovery. I remember telling my mom who was SO HELPFUL when I had Charlie that I got to a point where I had to get comfortable with our new situation on my own and she totally respected that. Write down what would best help you during such a vulnerable time and tell your partner to help you make sure you visitors stick to those guidelines. Funny story, my sister in law, when she had her second baby, she made a list of things that needed to get done around the house and her parents and in-laws could only hold the baby if the list was complete. Haha, so genius.

Strange question, but what color are you painting your toes these days?

I don’t know. I gravitate towards a warmer red. I like Essie’s new Risk Takers Only color. I also go back to OPI Funny Bunny a lot.

What are your favorite Chicago restaurants when you are back in town?

Gosh it’s been so long since we really ventured downtown! But Gemini Bistro, Summer House, Bavette’s, Tarantino’s – to name a few. Honestly I’m out of the game when it comes to Chicago restaurants.

How are you feeling? How does it feel to be back home and back in the swing of things after a busy summer?

I feel good! Being home feels good. I would say I maybe still feel a little discombobulated with renovations still happening and not really having a space for myself to check out of household life and into work life. But the kids are happy and everyone is slowly getting into a groove! Our September is a little busy and I look forward to slowing down in October.

Any favorite fall Spotify playlists? The HAF summer playlist was amazing.

Yes! The Hello Adams Family fall playlist (crowd-sourced from all of your favorite cozy, seasonal songs) is so so good. It can’t be redone! It’s the best. It is my most listened to playlist.

I booked a one-month stay in Charleston this winter — thinking of it as a bit of a trial period, similar to what you all did, as I am currently in the midwest. What would you pack for a month-long stay in Charleston in winter? I’d love to hear everything you wear most but specifically coat-wise.

It varies! Honestly you could have a 70 degree day and then a 40 degree day. I think it depends what month? If you’re coming January-March timing, I would focus on denim, blouses, sweaters, a couple dresses and a light jacket. You don’t need anything too heavy. I love something like this or this!

How do you get yourself out of a “mom rut?”

Do things that don’t make you feel like a mom! Get your nails done, plan a night out with girlfriends, host a dinner party, go shopping, plan a trip. When I feel burned out by motherhood I feel like I try to think of myself pre-motherhood and do the things that brought me joy then. Treat myself to a fancy solo lunch, indulge yourself in things YOU enjoy.

How did you and Dave meet?

My best friend growing up went to college with Dave at Michigan State. Then after college my girlfriend and I lived together in Chicago and a year later Dave moved to Chicago from Michigan and we were introduced!

How do you get your kids to eat veggies?

My kids love carrots + cucumbers with ranch dressing, frozen peas, I cut up spinach or zucchini in their pasta sauce, they like those Dr. Praegers broccoli littles. I honestly don’t push it too hard but those are some veggie items they actually enjoy.

What do you ask for when you get your hair cut? Do you do balayage?

I either just leave it up to my hairdresser or I bring in an image that I find on Pinterest. I feel like we usually go for long layers framing the face and then choppy layers throughout. I don’t like the layers that look like a shelf – do you know what I mean? Very Rachel Green with the flip underneath. I like choppy layers, more cutting into the hair if that makes sense. And yes then I do balayage!

How long into fall do you wear light wash jeans?

I wear light wash jeans all year round! These are my favorites.

When you go on date nights, do you put the kids to sleep before leaving?

For awhile I would always put George down before we leave but now we have a couple seasoned babysitters, and we’ve moved George’s bedtime from 6:30 to 7, so we have the sitters put him to bed. He is also inching closer to two years old and with time I’ve become more comfortable leaving him. The big boys do great with sitters, they loooove babysitters haha.

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