Wellness about 1 year ago by Liz Adams

Summer Mindset

wearing this Mille dress

Something changes when you accept where you are. When you learn that certain seasons of life require different versions of yourself. For so long I fought against this mindset, feeling like no matter what I had to be making progress or doing more or filling my time. Now, I watch time pass by through my kids, as they grow and change in such short years, and realize how important it is to be present. To sometimes not look ahead but be right where I am. Time is a thief and a year goes by and I don’t want to look back feeling like I wished it away or watched it go by.

So this summer I am checking out a little bit to be present with my family. To worry less about what I’m posting here and instead share what we are living and doing and enjoying. I want time to stand still, I want to celebrate ordinary moments, I want to cook more and play outside. I want to wake up and read a book and savor my coffee and lay in the sun and not wear makeup. I want to stay up late and watch movies in bed and cuddle my kids. I want to go on little adventures as a family and try new things and swim in the lake and lie in the grass. I want to do the things that I usually feel like I don’t have enough time for, because I do. Because it is important to make space and time for the little things.

So that’s my summer mindset! To let go a little bit and enjoy what’s in front of me. I hope you get to, too. I wanted to share a quote that I love so much. Read it 5 times, let it sink in, let it remind you how magical ordinary life can be.