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Warming Up

Bear in a bag!

The temperatures have warmed up quickly here in Charleston! All of a sudden we went from 65-70 degree days into almost 90 degrees with lots of humidity. Oof. This Midwesterner is still adjusting to the steamy Lowcountry air! But with the quick change of temperatures means our flowers have been POPPING.

shop this look: Juliet Dunn Dress (wearing a 1), Marni Tote, Carrie Forbes Sandals, Marea Bon Bon Necklace

Living in Charleston has really allowed me to dive deep into my dress obsession. I feel like I’ve built up quite the collection of breezy dresses that work for all sorts of temperatures. Even in the winter here, dresses are appropriate, and with lots of events around town I have found myself becoming a bit of a hoarder. This dress from Juliet Dunn is a style that I have in a couple of colors. It is the perfect beach-to-day-to-night dress and the details and fit are so beautiful. You just feel sort of ethereal in it. I found some pretty colorways here, here, and here (love this for the 4th!).

I’m wearing the Harbour Island Shortie Bon Bon necklace from Liz’s new brand, Marea! I love it! The colors are so fun and it just goes with everything. A happy addition to any outfit!

Can we take a second to talk about Bear? He is growing so fast! I swear every day he looks a little bigger. Also, he is such a puppy. Chewing and peeing on EVERYTHING. But he is also the sweetest thing, sleeps through the night, and is learning what is right and wrong. We are remembering that it takes a couple of months for things to click with puppies so we know we will be out of the woods one day soon. For now, George and Bear and two toddlers getting into EVERYTHING.

Will you do me a favor and leave me a comment below with topics you want to see on HAF? I feel like I have been in a creative rut lately and would love your suggestions! One thing is for sure, you can expect a lot more dresses in the months ahead. This look will be on repeat.

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  1. Love all your lifestyle and motherhood posts always!! Currently struggling with end of school for kids/beginning of summer and how to keep up healthy routines through the summer while still relishing in it. Would love your thoughts!

  2. Getting married this summer and loved your yt series talking about love life and marriage. Also just moved in our forever home so looking forward to more decorating.

  3. I love seeing the flowers/nature of Charleston this time of year, dreamy tablescapes for outdoor dining, fun & easy cocktail recipes & of course your style!

  4. I’m fascinated by the blogger community especially in Charleston and how you all came to be friends and so supportive of one another!

    Would love to see a blog post on that! Maybe do some interviews or a Instagram live together with a few of them.

  5. Love it! Would love to see what you would register for – if you could do it all over again. Recently engaged and would love to see your recs!!!

  6. Would love to see posts on:
    Straight white jeans with some stretch for those of us who have hips and a butt 🙂 No frayed hems regarding the above.
    Beach Cover-ups
    What type workout equipment do you use (ex. free weights, bands, etc.)?
    Favorite Songs for working out
    Hair Care Products and tools
    Dessert Recipes
    Interior Design Home Posts
    Favorite Magazines and Books
    Favorite Movies

  7. Always love reading your blogs! I would love a wedding guest dress round up for summer/early fall. I’m specifically looking for a navy dress and it’s hard!

    I also have a 1 year old and would love a list of summer activities/routines with toddlers that are fun for mom too!

    I use your recipes all the time so any summer recipe/cocktail pairing would also be fun. Thanks!!

  8. I truly enjoy all of your content. Would love some ideas for some summer vacay outfits for boys. I really love your posts on just life lately, I find I relate so much to those especially being a mom of three and about to get a puppy! Home decor is always great too, always upgrading our home!

  9. Hi! I’ve been a reader since before you were married and just had a son – I’d love to hear about your favorite brands for them, as well as anything summer related for children (like sunscreen/skincare, swimsuit brands etc). I love hearing about all things Charleston/surrounding areas!

  10. All these comments are stop on. I think we love whatever you throw at us. Your style is almost like art. Its just beautiful to look at. Your kids are so fun and you let us know the real side of kids…they can be hard and crazy but the best. Charleston is such a romantic setting that I love anything you share about the area. Pictures, recs, your daily life there, just random pictures of the streets/beach/sunsets…all of it. Your recipes are so yummy too! I’m sure this is no help in direction but really everything you share is wonderful. Its so well rounded and genuine.

  11. Would love to see some style options for shorts that aren’t blue jean cutoffs. Also, always welcome more Dave content 😍.

  12. Summer recipes or easy side dishes or apps for get togethers or grilling out.
    Anything toddler related – foods, favorite summer activities.
    Beach coverups
    Cute clutch or crossbody bags

  13. Beautiful post Liz! Love the Marea necklace with your outfit. You look so happy and puppy joy is always a plus!