Olive Lane over 2 years ago by Liz Adams

Olive Lane Friends + Family Sale

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I am so excited to announce our Olive Lane Friends and Family Sale is launching today! Get 20% off select styles that are sure to bring some JOY to your home and kitchen. Featuring some of our most loved products + a few new additions to Olive Lane. I really wanted to highlight the products I use the most and the items that are sure to give you a reason to celebrate cooking in the kitchen as a family!

Our Olive Lane by Ekobo collection which has been our bestseller since launching and was truly the dream behind Olive Lane. These kids plates are so beautiful, well-made and COOL. These pieces are the foundation of OL, giving kids a seat at the table and letting them help you cook and create and gather together. Plus, our colander and mixing bowls (also available in this smaller version) are a personal favorite, our ultimate kitchen utensil set that I use everyday, the best items for storage like this porter bowl (think salads and bowls and meals on the go!) or our silicone bags and all of our favorite items from Meri Meri because every day is a reason to celebrate!

Don’t miss out on my favorite measuring spoons + measuring cups!

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AND, as if we need another reason to celebrate, we are FINALLY launching our bento boxes!! Which truly bring me so much joy, we use them every single day of the week and they are so simple and sophisticated and sleek and easy to clean and MAKE ME HAPPY. I am so excited to launch them with the sale! Perfect for lunches (we send one with Charlie every single day), picnics, meals on the go, charcuterie to pair with your wine while watching the sunset – literally ANYTHING. I love the color combinations we have in the shop, perfect for every little moment.

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Plus, a few more special items to complete your kitchen! We really tried to focus this Friends + Family Sale on the pieces that our customers LOVE, to give back to you for being so supportive and wonderful. I can’t wait to see what you add to your own kitchen! xoxo

Shop some more of my favorites from the sale!

No. 1 Ultimate Tool Set // No. 2 Sushi Sidewalk Chalk // No. 3 Mini Muffin Pan // No. 4 Ekobo Large Mixing Bowl and Colander // No. 5 Measuring Spoons // No. 6 Nested Measuring Cups // No. 7 Shallow Baking Pan // No. 8 Gold Glitter Candles // No. 9 Ekobo Kids Dinner Plate Set