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Best Amazon Buys for 2022

Shop this image: No. 1 GoHydrate Drink Mix // No. 2 Felt Tip Pens // No. 3 Apple Cider Vinegar Gummy Vitamins // No. 4 Almond Oil // No. 5 Multi-Device Keyboard // No. 6 Travel Jewelry Box Organizer // No. 7 Folex Spot Remover // No. 8 Tongue Scraper // No. 9 Hydro Flask Water Bottle // No. 10 Lavender Epsom Salt // No. 11 Drink Dispenser // No. 12 Dropps Laundry Detergent // No. 13 Expandable Utensil Organizer // No. 14 No Bones About It Sponge // No. 15 BISSELL SpotClean Pro Portable Carpet Cleaner // No. 16 Portable Tripod // No. 17 Under Sink Organizer

It’s no secret that Amazon has been our lifeline over the past couple years. Although I don’t usually shop their fashion pieces, I have discovered quite a few “essentials” that get used on the daily around here. Little things that have become lifesavers or items that bring me joy for no apparent reason. The Amazon hole can be vast and I always appreciate others recommendations so here are a few of mine to help start your year off right! And, if you’re looking for more you can visit My Amazon Shop that is filled with a ton of our favorite products in different categories.

I feel like the majority of my “best buys” are around cleaning and organizing, wellness and productivity. A clear demand of what I need in my current season of life – ha! Here are some favorites:

FOLEX. The best stain remover ever. Test on your fabric before (obviously) but I’ve never had an issue with it pulling out color and it always gets the job done.

Our Bissell Spot Clean Pro upholstery vacuum. This was the top seller across all of the HAF community in 2020 (out of EVERYTHING I FEATURED, that says a lot). I try to clean our couch with this every 3 months or so and holy wow it works.

If you have a dog that sheds, this handy little bone sponge removes hair from fabric surfaces. It’s a HUGE help!

These expandable drawer organizers are THE BEST. I have bought so many variations of these over the years and this is the only style I bought for all of our drawers in the new house. For other organizing I love these can drink dispenser bins (great to maximize refrigerator space) and shelving for underneath the sink.

Three items I have on monthly delivery – Dropps laundry detergent, GoHydrate hydrations sticks and apple cider vinegar gummies!

If you struggle with dry skin, Almond Oil is the BEST for keeping your body nourished and moisturized. I started using when I was pregnant and can’t quit it.

I always have to have Epsom salt on hand for the rare occasions that I crave a bath. I immediately feel more relaxed. An easy way to soothe an achey body.

These tongue scrapers are the BEST. I swear it’s the only way to really get rid of bad breathe and even Charlie and Jack are adamant about using them.

Finally, a few things that you obviously don’t need but you’ll be happen to have on hand:

These pretty pens make writing in my planner so much more fun.

I recently ordered this bluetooth keyboard to have on hand when I want to accomplish more from my phone. Whether it’s writing out a shopping list, jotting down mental notes, emails or replying to messages – it is sooo convenient (and pretty!).

A tripod for your phone! For all those family photos you wish you had, this is the perfect thing to have on hand for when you want to capture those moments!

Ok now what are your Amazon favorites? Leave them in the comments so we can all take advantage of your recommendations!