Olive Lane over 2 years ago by Liz Adams

Olive Lane Holiday

I can’t tell you how much joy it brings me to have an online destination dedicated to a place in my home that I love most. Growing up, my mom always made the kitchen this cozy little corner of our home. A warm and fuzzy feeling filled with so many memories of sitting around the kitchen table while my mom cooked dinner, chatting with my siblings and just always starting and ending our day at the same spot. The kitchen is the heartbeat of the home and Olive Lane was created to make sure that your kitchen is filled with that same fuzzy feeling.

We decked the halls a little early to showcase some of our favorite pieces from Olive Lane to help you celebrate this holiday season. We will be traveling for Thanksgiving and hosting for Christmas which makes me so excited. I can’t wait to fill our table with all of my favorite pieces to celebrate around the table with family and friends.

August Sage Crema Ceramic Bowl

Wood + Stripe Napkin Rings, Creative Women Linen Napkins, August Sage Ceramic Plates, Emerald Glass Set, Water Hyacinth Chargers, Faux Eucalyptus Garland

When it comes to my home and hosting, I’m not a fancy person. I’m sort of a no-fuss gal. I always tell Dave that there are two types of homes: the ones that are so perfect that when you walk in you’re immediately intimidated and scared to touch anything or the ones that are clean but also sort of a mess and chaotic but you feel like you can plop on the couch and stay forever. I always want my house to feel like the latter. That anyone could walk thru the door and feel like they have a seat at the table. Olive Lane is that place. For you to fill your table with pieces that feel like home. My table setting for the holidays will be just that – warm, welcoming, casual and soft. I am all for the special holiday pieces but I’d rather spend money on the things I can use year round. This table is just that! Perfect for the holidays or a random Wednesday.

Blue Burst Serving Bowls

Olive Lane came to be because I saw a void of sophisticated serveware for kids in the marketplace. This dream began three years ago and after receiving multiple samples for kids’ serveware, I never really felt like the products we received were worthy enough to bring to market. Fast forward to COVID and we revisited this idea only to find Ekobo, the most beautiful bamboo serveware for kids. We created this custom Storm color which isn’t my normal bright and colorful style but I AM OBSESSED with how modern and chic and COOL it is. The perfect edition to your holiday table. We sell the kids serveware in sets or in single items so you can complete your table as needed! Our kids deserve to feel like their place setting is special, too.

Virginia Boys Kitchen Wood Carving Set

Virginia Boys Kitchen Walnut Charcuterie Paddle, Large Walnut Cutting Board, Stainless Steel Chef Knife

Because baking a is a big part of the holiday season, you can’t miss our 7 piece nesting bowls! Truly, THE BEST. Every size for every need and super durable. Perfect for little hands who like to make a mess! Other favorites include these minimal measuring spoons and measuring cups. Both are very storage friendly, no more getting caught in the drawer. Also, I love my boys so much.

A big goal for Olive Lane this holiday season was to make sure you had everything you need to feel prepped to make, to host, to entertain and to ENJOY. Our Abbio pans are one of my favorite products we sell. The price and the quality can’t be beat! My mom actually bought the entire set (which is a steal) for my brother who just moved into a new place. A great gift idea for newlyweds, new homeowners, etc. We also just added this Ultimate Tool set to the site with my favorite kitchen utensils. I replaced all of my old ones with this beautiful set.

Olivewood Peppermill, Ceramic Vase, Aerangis Candle, Candle Wick Trimmer, White Lacquer Tray

Our ruffle collection has been our most popular products on Olive Lane by far. They make for the most beautiful serveware. This is our new ruffle pitcher that can easily serve water on the table or a floral arrangement as a centerpiece. Shop the entire collection here!

Serena + Lily Fairmont Chandelier, Serena + Lily Balboa Chairs, Faithfull the Brand Dress (wearing a small)

My goal with Olive Lane is to give you that warm fuzzy feeling of home. Whether you’re cooking for your family, filling your cooking space with things that make you happy, lighting a candle while sipping your morning coffee or baking with your kids. It’s a place where everyone is welcome at the table. I can’t wait to see our pieces on your table this holiday season! Thank you for letting me create this space for you. xoxo, Liz

photos by the lovely Charlotte Zacharkiw