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Fall Patchwork Dress

shop the look: Hunter Bell Dress c/o The Avenue (also have + love this shorter version), Dolce Vita Mules, Madewell Sunglasses

Remember when outfit posts were a regular thing around here? I can’t remember the last time Dave and I left our house to take photos! I forgot how fun it is to get lost in the moment of sharing items that make me happy. A reminder that getting dressed can totally change your mood. It’s like that feeling of playing dress up as a child; we can still play dress up as adults!

Personal style is so interesting. I’ve seen mine shift so many times over the past 10 years. Maybe due to outside influence? Maybe due to age and location? I feel like fashion has been in such a phase of neutrals and simplicity lately. Reflected even more in the last year of staying home! I’ve never been a sweats/sneakers kind of girl, I appreciate the art of getting dressed or dressed up. I think Charleston has elevated that feeling even more with its beautiful weather and the fact that people are dressier here but in a very effortless way. I’ll forever be a jeans and tee girl on a casual day but I’m really having fun with all the dresses.

One of my favorite places to shop for special pieces like this Hunter Bell dress is The Avenue. It is curated by the extremely stylish Lyndsey Zorich and I is one of my daily destinations to check on new arrivals. All of their pieces feel special and their new fall arrivals are no exception.

A few more sizes of my Hunter Bell dress here!

How do you feel about outfit posts like this? Do you miss them? Should I do more??

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    1. I agree with other poster …and I completely respect where you are coming from on not apologizing for your style and your taste and for enjoying and focusing on cultivating pieces of value that last. However without a balance of price points it is incredibly hard for those of us that look to your for style inspiration to actually access and attain the looks you share that we would love to emulate. If we don’t have that kind of money for individual prices we end up glancing at it, enjoying it, and discarding it because we don’t have time to go searching for a cost friendly version and we simply can drop that level of money on one shirt or dress. It makes it nice to see, but not useful to our actual lives. This is personal, plenty probably don’t share this viewpoint. And owning and embracing your taste SHOULD be something we all respect. But I’ll admit that whenever I see you in something I love these days I barely ever click on it or give it more than a wistful once over…because I just can’t (in my own life) invest THAT much on one piece even if I’d like to and share the feeling that investments pay off. Without the balance in price points, I end up investing far too much.

      1. I totally get it! I’m honestly not looking for you to purchase. This is a place for me to share my personal style. If I was looking for a quick commission, I would be sharing way more items across my blog and social channels. That’s just not my goal, my goal is to share my style and inspire. I’m sorry that these price points are not always available to you and I in no way ever want anyone to feel pressured to buy. There are a lot of people that share many many price points across their channels. I don’t want to share just to share. I share my style and my own wardrobe because that’s what I know. Thanks so much for your thoughtful comment!

  1. Typically I love your feminine style and the maxis you’ve been showing alll year. However, these patchwork pieces remind me of phish lot and druggie culture. I seen them at Bergdorf’s and shopbop it reminds me Derelicte collection in the movie Zoolander.

  2. The dress is beautiful, but your price points you feature have dramatically risen in the last year. It seems like every dress you feature is $300+. That’s just a lot of money, even for wealthy people, to spend on clothes on a regular basis. Would love to see a more concerted effort to include slightly lower price points more frequently. I can get onboard with an investment piece here and then, but not every day. I love your style and would appreciate seeing some more attainable suggestions, like you used to do for the past several years.

  3. I’m honestly LOVING all your content and gorgeous style lately!! As a young mom like you, I think it’s important to have special pieces for yourself that make you smile and feel pretty. I think its beautiful and I’ve been purchasing or at least knowing I’m going to purchase a lot of the things you are sharing. Keep it up, loving it!!!

  4. I love your style, and thought I can’t always afford your pieces, I can draw inspiration. I THOUROUGHLY appreciate you’re not hawking Amazon roundups featuring Shein 🙂