Wellness over 2 years ago by Liz Adams

My Happy Running Tunes Playlist

In the middle of a workout, is there any better feeling than the perfect song coming on shuffle and pushing you through the next few minutes? Running has always been one of my favorite forms of cardio, but I definitely rely on a good playlist to motivate me to get out there and keep going. I took advantage of a free hour last weekend to treat myself to a longer run, and I listened to so many greatsongs during the run that I decided to make them into a full playlist. It’s the perfect mix of chill songs for zoning out and upbeat tunes that just put you in a good mood.

I prefer to run outside and there are moments in my run when I appreciate a song that slows me down and lets me recover, followed by something motivating and upbeat. Regardless of the song, all of these have a great beat which I appreciate when my stride goes along with the beat of the music. Listen to the playlist below, and be sure to follow me on Spotify as I keep adding to it/updating my other playlists!

My Happy Running Playlist

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What’s your favorite song to listen to while running?