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New Hello Adams Family Playlists!

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There’s nothing like new music to put you in a good mood, and we have TWO brand-new Hello Adams Family playlists that will make your week! Just like the Hello Adams Family Fall Playlist you all loved, both of these were created with song suggestions from all of you. The first, our Hello Adams Family Summer Playlist, is full of happy, upbeat tunes to put you in a summer state of mind. The second, our Hello Adams Family Workout Jams playlist, is all about energizing songs that will power you through any run, HIIT session, or power walk.

Listen to both of the playlists on Spotify below, and feel free to share them with friends!

Hello Adams Family Summer Playlist

Hello Adams Family Workout Jams

Leave a comment below if you have any other songs you want to add!

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  1. Glad you are happy with your move!
    We also had a big move earlier this year. We left the Chicago burbs and headed to a beach town in west Michigan. We wanted a bit slower pace of life, a cheaper cost of living, smaller schools for our kids, and more access to outdoor activities like camping, skiing, hiking, etc.
    Overall we love it and the kids (3 and 5) have adjusted very well. I feel like it has strengthened my relationship with my hubs and we love exploring the new area together.
    Aside from the hard part of leaving friends and jobs, we do sometimes miss the accessibility and ease of shopping. Outside of Walmart and Meijer (and some cute downtown stores) we have to drive a bit to find other stores. Definitely miss Oakbrook and Old Orchard but my wallet sure doesn’t!