Health & Fitness over 3 years ago by Liz Adams

3 Circuit Full Body Workout – Pregnancy Approved!

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Good morning! It feels like forever since I’ve shared anything workout related with you – it goes to show just how active this time of life has been! It’s definitely been a transition for me consistently working out in a gym and having to get creative at home. I’m not easily motivated at home without a designated space but I’ve learned to make due with what I have! I’m still working out 1-2x a week with my trainer but most days I try to fit in short circuits that burn out my muscles quickly and efficiently.

When it comes to working out while pregnant there are definitely restrictions. Overall I move a little slower, my weights have decreased, no laying on my back, no deep twisting, limited time in plank position, etc. I think everyone is going to feel different during their pregnancy and you just have to listen to your body! I was very active before quarantine and getting pregnant has made me limit what I think I can do. Go at your own pace, stop when you need to, don’t overdo it and remember that this time of life is short and sweet. My goal with exercising during my pregnancies is to feel good and to keep my body healthy and active.

I love this workout because it hits the entire body! I’m using 10lb weights and you can do these circuits pregnant or not. For a real burn, complete all circuits 3X through!

Circuit 1: Lower Body (complete 3X)

15x swinging dumbbell squats
12x pulsing yum squats
12x each leg, bulgarian lunge/bench lunge

Circuit 2: Upper Body (complete 2X)

15x tricep kickbacks
20x tricep extensions
12x kneeling bicep curl to press

Circuit 3: Burn Out! (complete 1X)

40x seated slow twists (lean back until you feel your abs catch)
20x each side hip raise
20 x straight back glute extension
20x side hip raise with extension
(repeat all together on one side and then the other side)
20x each leg, inside leg raise


I’d love to know – are you currently pregnant? Are you a mom? Tell me about your workout routine during this year at home in the comments!