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In My Feelings

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Every time I mention on social media that I feel insecure or talk about the fact that my clothes don’t ft or that I’m struggling with body image you all tell me to chill out. To give myself grace, to not have such high expectations – basically to just STFU, ha. Honestly, I’m sure it’s annoying. I’m annoying myself but regardless, it’s how I feel.

I don’t feel like myself right now. I want to say it’s because my clothes don’t fit but I think it’s beyond that. My identity is changing a little bit. Not myself, not my personality, but my whole entire life is shifting into this new environment. I miss my fiends, I miss my family, I miss our pediatrician and our daycare. I miss our routine and the comfort of our routine. I feel like I’m very aware that we are fish out of water right now and I want everyone to settle in and not feel like we are the new kids on the block.

Let me also say that I think this move is one of the best decisions we have ever made. I wake up every morning and can’t believe how lucky we are to live near the beach and in this beautiful city. I already have friends here who I adore and that settled feeling will come. Our home is starting to look and feel like ours and in general I’m just so happy to envision our lives in here in the years to come.

But I’m also feeling insecure lately. My clothes don’t fit, my body doesn’t belong to me right now. I miss my sense of freedom.

I’m so grateful for the moments away, feeding and cuddling with George. Our moments of reprieve where we get to stare into each others eyes and smile and love on each other. Those moments are really the only thing that have gotten me through the move I think. It created calm in a time that was so chaotic. I’m so grateful for George. My little saving grace!

So here I am. I look at these photos and I see insecurity and discomfort. But I also want to remember the first time I got dressed for myself in awhile. So it got me thinking about self confidence and self love and that is something that I want this space to promote. I also want it to encourage honesty and remind you that it is okay to be in your feelings. I don’t need anyone to tell me to “give yourself grace!” or “you just had a baby!” Because I know. I also know that this is how I feel so I’m telling you because you’re my friends.

Body image is a tricky subject. I never worked out or lost weight for the number on the scale (as an adult). It was strictly for my own mental health – the fact that my clothes fit was a perk. I miss my clothes. I’m really pissed that I’m still wearing leggings. I’m ready to feel like myself again.

Anyways, I just wanted to tell you. I (we) have a lot going on. I’m transitioning. I forget what I used to talk about, I forget what you guys find interesting about me! I am out of my comfort zone. I’m trying to figure things out. I know I’ll get back there 🙂

So that’s that. Thanks for even coming here and visiting and staying awhile. THAT MEANS MORE THAN YOU KNOW. xoxo

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  1. 33 weeks pregnant and miss my clothes, too. Can’t wait for the baby, but mourning that I have a long while until I feel like myself again. I find your honestly refreshing. Everyone says give yourself grace, but that doesn’t change the way you feel! Glad to know I’m not alone.

  2. I love your honesty and this speaks to me deeply right now! I’m also postpartum (with my second) and finding my expectations on my body and my insecurities WAY HARDER this time than the first?! Maybe it’s because I’m not overwhelmed with worry over the baby (which is great!), but this time I feel much less like myself and feel a greater urgency to regain my physical strength and sense of self. I’m also allowing myself to feel these frustrations, but I’m also trying to talk to myself and my postpartum body the way I did my pregnant body — I’m proud of what it’s doing. I just need to remind myself way more and consciously focus on that internal dialogue. You’re not alone in these feelings! Congratulations on your big move — as someone still living in the snow, I can say it was a great decision 😉

  3. Liz, your feelings are 100% valid! When our bodies don’t feel like they normally do, it can make us feel out of place with ourselves. Know that you are not alone in that feeling and that your vulnerability is much valued!

  4. My second baby is 8 months now and I STILL feel this insecurity. Especially once I stopped breastfeeding. After months of growing a baby and feeding him suddenly he doesn’t need me like that, but I don’t look or feel like myself. I know I’ll get back there eventually, but the interim is hard and my sense of self is kind of skewed. I have so solution for it— just empathy!

  5. Thank you so much for saying this. I needed to hear it. I’ve been feeling like this for almost a year. Where it’s not post PPD, but just missing my old self and my old body. There’s so much on IG about embracing your new body and look what it did! And yes, I get that, but it’s still okay to mourn my old self/body.

  6. I just want to say, I see you, I hear you, and it’s okay – it’s okay to feel how you feel, it’s okay to share that or not share that, it’s okay to not like this time, and it’s okay to have moments that you just say THIS SUCKS or I HATE THIS. you can have those moments and still be so grateful for others and this amazing new home you have. it’s okay! thanks for feeling you can be so open and honest with us!

    xo Laura Leigh

  7. Just finished reading this and your post on breastfeeding…your honesty is so refreshing! I pinned the breastfeeding journey to my private Pinterest board I keep for having babies one day. I appreciate you—please keep publishing posts like this! And here’s to hoping you get back to feeling more like yourself sooner than later. <3

  8. 5 months PP with #2 and I was jealous of your cute outfit because I’m still in leggings myself! It takes awhile but you know it eventually comes back 😊

  9. 32 weeks pregnant and I miss my jeans, I miss my underwear not feeling maxed out 😆, I miss wine and not feeling like rolling over in bed with my big baby belly is an annoying task.

    With positive body image and the pride of our bodies still comes feeling out of sorts and even insecure. You don’t make it to feeling good without some yucky feelings on the way there.

    It’s normal and it’s okay and it’s definitely okay to talk about.

    I appreciate you talking about it as I am super pregnant and uncomfortable.
    🤍 it makes it not such a lonely place to be. Hugs!

  10. So much love to you. Liz. Thanks for sharing how you’re feeling. I really struggled after baby #2, and that was without a big move and new house fo deal with! The weight didn’t come off as quickly as it did with my first but my clothes fit again after 4 months or so and now (7 months postpartum) I do feel like myself again… still don’t have enough time to work out yet.
    Everything on social media is either positive or dramatic these days, great to hear some real feelings from you, another mom in the thick of it!! Wishing you guys the best.

  11. Hang in there! You are amazing to share your story. I felt like this in so many ways when I had my 3rd boy-a shift and transition of all sorts! You got this!! I’m still in leggings -eek—a mom of athleisure and always on the go but I’m here for it and I have no shame!! Perhaps you give me motivation to get out of my comfort zone and put on a cute jean or dress outfit!! ☺️ Thank you again for sharing your thoughts in this space.

  12. I appreciate your honestly and candidness! After my first baby, I felt the same way and didn’t feel “normal” until after a year when I stopped breastfeeding and lost the baby weight. Everyone kept telling me “you just had a baby!” or “you’re still breastfeeding”. Maybe they thought it was a weight issue instead of a comfort issue? I didn’t want to hear the reasons why I wasn’t; I just wanted to feel normal. Sending love to you in Charleston! It’s okay to be ready for your body to feel normal again.

  13. I relate to this so much! I had a baby 2 weeks before you and woah, it’s so hard. I’m so grateful for my body and all that it’s able to do but man I miss my clothes!

  14. You are allowed to feel whatever you feel! And it is SO refreshing that you are honest about it. That is why we love following along with you and your life. It’s so relatable to not want to celebrate yourself all day everyday – sometimes I feel like there’s too big of a push right now for “self love” and “finding joy” where people yell at you for those honest moments where you’re just feeling shitty! Ugh, dumb. Honesty and authenticity forever – venting helps, and you’ll be back to feeling like your self soon!!!! Sending love. You’re the best!

  15. I visited Charleston when I was pregnant and almost started crying in a boutique because I wanted to buy something so badly but didn’t know if it’d fit me post-baby. I hated my body not belonging to myself, which was part of the reason I chose not to breastfeed. I was one of the very lucky ones whose body bounced back super quickly, and I’m so thankful because mentally I desperately needed that reminder that I was still me. Being pregnant was THE HARDEST thing I’ve ever done and made me so mad at my body, which makes me sad because it was obviously performing a miracle for me.

    All that to say… I hear you loud and clear on this. Sharing your body is hard and complicated. So is undergoing so many different changes at once (or in a row!). Cheering you on. <3

  16. The thought of putting my white,ashly, Covid body in a bathing suit makes me want to cry. And then I stress eat🤦🏻‍♀️XO

  17. I completely relate to how you are feeling, Liz. I feel like I am finally at a good place with myself, feeling comfortable in my body again. Hugs to you!

  18. Did you read my mind? I feel like my life has been on the edge of beginning again, but we’re not quite there yet. It is nice to not feel alone in these feelings. May read at the 3 am feeding as a reminder when I need it most.

  19. Hang in there! I gained a few lbs from the pandemic/new relationship and definitely feel a little less like myself as a result but trying to be patient and kind to myself.

  20. We’re here for you. Good days, bad days and everything in between. I’m struggling with a lot of the same emotions and I haven’t moved — I’m only pregnant with my second child and sort of mentally preparing for what I know will be months of not feeling like myself. The good news (as you know) is it does come back. Like you said, we’ll be here when you feel better.

  21. When I was having a hard time feeling like “me” postpartum my therapist said, “how about a little Zoloft.” She made the analogy (for any epidural ladies)… when you were laboring and you chose the epidural, sure you absolutely could’ve done it without, but you opted for some help to make it a little more comfortable and easier to experience. Similarly, when you’re recovering physically & emotionally, sure you could absolutely grin, bear it and make it through, but it’s also fine to opt in for some help to make it a little more comfortable and easier to experience.

    And I’ve been stunned how many friends have said “me too!” once I started talking about postpartum Zoloft. Fast forward after a bit on the rx and I’m HAPPY and dealing w/ all aspects of life in a way that feel very “me.”

  22. Thank you! I’m pregnant and any time I say anything about needing to make more time to workout or eat better someone is telling me “to just eat what I want,” and “not to overdo it.” It frankly pisses me off even though I know they’re just saying what they think they should say. And maybe I shouldn’t rely on others to help motivate me to do the things that will help me feel my best. Your posts about longing for your clothes to fit, etc. don’t annoy me. They make me feel more normal and give me hope that even after baby is here and things are crazy, I can still want to improve on myself and make time for myself; to work on my self-image and get stronger. Thank you, Liz for keeping it real.

  23. Thank you for sharing! I can really relate to it about the shifts in my own life right now and appreciate the honesty!

  24. Your honesty is refreshing and inspiring! We’ve all had these times in our life or are also currently going through them, but the good news is that they pass and we come out clearer, and stronger, and even better. Hang in there Momma!

  25. We love reading and hearing whatever you want to share! And your readers love when you call us your friends 🙂 Your friends are here to say you can feel whatever you need to feel right now, mama! I think our 30s are just such a time of constant change, and it’s a lot. Mostly all good, but for some it means marriage, new jobs, new babies, new houses, etc, and my BFFs and I just decided we’ll wait til our 40s+ to feel settled, and for now we should just embrace the constant chaos and change. XO

  26. 7 weeks postpartum and feeling the exact same way. I want to fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans, I’m so frustrated with how out of shape I feel when working out and just want my body back. I’m trying to give myself grace, but it’s hard. Thanks for sharing. I’m glad I’m not alone in these feelings!

  27. Thanks for being so real and honest in this space. I am 24 weeks with my 3rd boy as well and it’s so all so relatable and comforting to know we aren’t alone in these feelings.

  28. You are not alone in feeling these feelings! It’s easy for an outsider to say “give yourself grace” but easier said than done! Feel all those feelings and know you have a wonderful support system – digitally and otherwise – who are here to support you through your journey. I find inspiration from you being so open and honest!

  29. 4 week PP with baby #3 and I’m loving every special moment – in a way I didn’t with my last 2 (knowing this one is my last, but also because the previous experience of knowing how fast it goes). Also feeling desperate for that freedom again, having my strength and body back too! All the feelings and that’s Ok!!

  30. I may not have just had a baby, but I can relate. I fed like I’m out of it too and I’m just getting ready to move again for the fourth year in a row. I won’t tell you to stfu. I’ll tell you – I HEAR AND SEE YOU. I will accompany you on this dynamic journey to a new home, a new addition, a new body image and a deep awareness. Sending you love as I struggle with other things right along with you.

  31. Your feelings are your feelings, therefore they are valid. I have friends who have made big moves in their lives and say it takes about 2 years to feel truly settled. Enjoy the ride!

  32. Thank you for normalizing these feelings! Being confident and secure is great…..but getting there doesn’t happen over night. You are amazing mama! Keep it up!

  33. I’m a month postpartum with my second and feeling the same. I can’t fit into my bigger jeans but I’m desperate to be in pre-pregnancy clothes and feel cute again. This pregnancy was definitely harder on my body and I have stretch marks I avoided with my first (blaming covid stress eating). Even though I got back to my pre-pregnancy weight after my first, the thought of having to do that again feels very overwhelming. So thank you for sharing! Makes me feel a little less alone about it! And congrats on your move xx

  34. Your honesty is always so inspiring & genuine, Liz! I love that you keep it real… also, though I’m not just coming off of a pregnancy, for other reasons I totally relate to not “feeling like yourself” lately! I’m right there with ya, girl. Thank you for this post & just keep, on, swimmin’. 🥰

  35. Oh boy, do I resonate with this post like NO OTHER! And not because I just had a baby as well. Or moved. But because I also don’t quite feel like myself right now and a lot of it has to do with not fitting into my clothes. And I know that the reason why is because I’ve been eating terribly and literally doing nothing even remotely active. But I am trying to give myself grace and start with small steps to getting myself back. I’m starting with trying to take a walk after work, especially if the sun is shining. Getting my body moving again has been such a God send! I love these posts when it’s just honesty and truth coming from you because there are so many of us who are feeling the EXACT SAME WAY! Thanks for sharing Liz and having a space where people feel comfortable enough to share their own thoughts, me especially!

  36. It’s so hard. Flubby postpartum bodies. It’s just no fun. Ordering clothes two sizes larger is no fun. Seeing skinny people (lol) is no fun. Wanting to eat a whole pizza and your kids French fries (knowing you probably shouldn’t) is no fun. It IS a hard stage of motherhood. But it’s just the way it will be for a little while longer. So until then…enjoy some stretchy Mom jeans/jeggings and cute flowy tops. Add one of adorable headbands and you will look fabulous. Besides…all people notice is that cute little newborn. 😉 Sending hugs to you!

  37. I still don’t fit into my jeans and I’m 3 YEARS PP!! Enjoy your incredible kids, husband and the new adventure you’re on 🙂 Maybe taking a break from social for a bit could be good too!

  38. This is how I felt when my first left for college. I was so sad and grieving his childhood. I knew I needed to grieve and then I would be able to move on. I encouraged him to go away to college. I was excited for him but I was also sad that childhood was over. Friends confused my sadness with me not being able to move on. People are not always comfortable with two opposing views. Being able to be in your feelings is so important, even when they appear to contradict each other.

  39. Liz, I think you look beautiful! I honestly love that you are letting us know how you feel rather then keeping it all bottled inside. I truly think that is so good for your mental health. I have never gone through a pregnancy before so I can’t say that I understand how you feel in that sense but I have hypothyroidism and in the past year, it’s has caused me to gain weight to the point that my clothes don’t fit, not even my underware (tmi). I feel really insecure about my body, about how my clothes look on and how I look in general. It can really make you feel like you are living in someone else’s body. It just feels very foreign to me right now and it’s something that I think about every day.
    Moving to a new location can be a shock to the system! We have moved twice recently, meaning two different states in the past 2.5 years. When we moved to our first location, everything felt strange and I too missed our doctors, our routines, knowing where to go when I needed something. I would get upset when I didn’t have a place in my new city to get something specific and would miss that store in my old state. Give yourself some time, it will take a good year to two years until you feel feel comfortable in your new city.

  40. I feel this 10000 percent. Same boat with an almost 7 month old (my second). It’s so hard and normal to feel this way. I find it even harder with multiple kids to try and find the time to invest in yourself and even when you do it takes AWHILE to get your body back to your normal. It sucks. I’m over wearing leggings all the time and not feeling good about myself. We both know it will pass and we’ll get back there eventually. But for now just know you’re not alone. XO

  41. Liz—I so appreciate your honesty and rawness. You are 100% allowed those feelings! No matter the sweet moments, no matter the self-grace, those feelings are yours to feel. Proud of you for being real. Your honesty encourages me and reminds me I’m not alone in my own insecurities. Hugs!

  42. Thank you for your honesty and sincerity. It is a beautiful thing! I definitely find comfort in knowing we are all human and basically all have the same insecurities. When you are able to I can’t wait for more cooking with Liz and drinking with Dave, can’t wait to see what you’re wearing and shopping for!

  43. I’m sorry that you feel that way. All valid feelings given your changing lifestyle. It’s hard over here to relate to your new content. I don’t live a climate that you do so finding it hard to relate… and it’s not just to you… it’s to anyone transitioning… I do hope you feel like you soon and find your new groove. That’s all anyone really wants these days, eh?

  44. Transitions are so hard. I feel this post deeply. Thank you for the reminder that more than one thing can be true….You’re excited for your life in Charleston AND you miss the comfort and familiarity of your life in Chicago. You are grateful for what your body has done for you/given you AND you miss how you felt before and miss feeling good in your clothes.All makes perfect sense to me.

    Thanks for leading by example- and showing that allowing yourself space to feel what you feel IS what self compassion and grace look like.


  45. Liz, these are the posts that I want to read! I am 1 month postpartum and feeling the same way about my body image. I tried to squeeze myself into my pre-pregancy jeans the other day…big mistake! Ha! You being real on here reassures me that I am not alone and it is definitely comforting to me – we can still be strong and have these feelings at the same time!

  46. I totally get your feelings. And, it’s absolutely ok to voice these feelings. I think that is part of the process- admitting to yourself that you feel this way. When you have a baby it changes your identity & sense of self a bit. Moving & having a new (& third!) baby is a big deal but things will settle down & you’ll find a routine soon. Despite all your blessings it’s ok to admit you feel off. Acknowledge the blessings & feel gratitude & I’m thinking these feelings will eventually subside with a little more time. Hang in there- you got this! 😀

  47. This!! Thank you for sharing, and for saying that’s it’s ok not to feel ok. Sometimes the well meaning positive encouragement from friends can be a lot to handle, and it’s alright to say you don’t feel like you, especially in moments of BIG change. Body positivity is definitely tricky, but so is mentally supporting each other through new seasons!

  48. I fully support you being honest with yourself (and your readership) – without needing support, praise, qualifiers or a pep talk. Life isn’t always easy and perfect, no matter how much you have going for you. You can only recognize it, accept it and slog on through. 🙂

  49. As a 6 months postpartum first-time mom, I SO appreciate your honesty and how you are able to put this into words! We are so grateful for our bodies & what they have done, but we are still women who want to feel good, mentally and physically! It’s hard when you try to voice this and people just dismiss it with “you JUST had a baby, chill out!” I want to feel my best for myself (especially before getting pregnant again…) and for my baby girl! And exercise/fueling my body is what helps keep me mentally sane & happy. Hang in there – you’re doing amazing through these huge life changes and you’ll get back to you soon 🙂 xox

  50. This is why we love you… real life! Moving is hard, having a new baby is hard, the postpartum body is hard. Thanks for a sharing and for being you!

  51. so encouraged by so many women sharing tough feelings! i haven’t had a baby, but the last year has been a rough one and left me without things / experiences i would normally enjoy so getting back to feeling like myself is a journey i think so many are working through!

  52. Hi Liz! I can totally relate to your post! Thank you for being so open and vulnerable because I am sure there are lots of us feeling this way. Just like you, I had our third baby recently and we’re moving to a new city in a couple weeks. With my other babies, I was already out going for walks, meeting friends for coffee and had a whole routine down by now. This time around, life is much more chaotic (three kids in a pandemic without a normal daycare or school schedule to occupy the older ones or even our normal community of friends and family to lean on thanks to Covid). Add in the stress of a move and it’s totally understandable that you (and I) are feeling way different about ourselves and where we are at post baby this time around. So many things are different and it’s totally fine to be in your feelings about it all. You can still be giving yourself grace while still wanting your old body back or wanting to fit in to something other than leggings. I’ve resigned myself to leggings and know that I’ll just have to order some new jeans when the time comes! Eventually everything will fall in to place and we’ll both feel a bit more normal.💙

  53. Hey Liz!
    Don’t feel badly- I love the honesty, and know you aren’t alone. My little ‘Penny’ was born on January 4th (my 2nd child), and I completely relate….and am still in leggings. I have bumps all over my body from the breastfeeding hormones, can’t fit my clothes, and almost want to quit breastfeeding so (like you) my body can start releasing the weight and I can start feeling better about myself. Like you, I’m also tired of the ‘give yourself time, you just had a baby’ comments. It’s so hard to feel so uncomfortable in your own skin. Anyways, sending you hugs in this period of life. I keep telling myself, it’s temporary and there will be years to get back in shape etc etc, but this little stretch with our little ones will be gone before we know it. Hugs!

  54. I can so relate! I had my third baby in November and have also felt very low on my self confidence. It has been so hard to not feel like myself and having the patience to get back to where I was before this baby is tough. I know it’s not all about “bouncing back,” but I just miss feeling healthy and strong! Xo you are not alone.

  55. I’ve been there … postpartum is hard… some adjust better than others, but I too found it hard. Pregnancy, breastfeeding, having a baby is such a sacrifice and blessing all at one. Hang in there girl. Time heals all.

  56. Thank you for sharing! I’m four months postpartum with my first and I feel this on many levels. Your vulnerability makes me feel seen and understood ☺️. You’re doing great Mama!!

  57. I can totally relate to this blog post. I’m 5 months postpartum and have the same feelings. It’s hard not to be hard on yourself, because like you, I was in the best shape before I had my third boy. We will get back to it, we just both need patience!

  58. Hi! You just had a baby and uprooted your entire life, so the way you feel is totally normal! Without our routines, we tend to lose our sense of self. I know I’ve felt that way when I started working from home and it really made me feel like I’d lost my identity. But one thing to remember is that life is what we make it and we’re not meant to stay stagnant, literally or figuratively. Focus on the little moments each day that make you happy and remember that you’re still you, anywhere you go. Lots of love.

  59. Hang in there, Momma and just let yourself focus on one day at a time. Do little things here and there that make you feel like non Mom Liz. When I had my second last year, I kept thinking to myself, man- was it this hard last time?? Did it take this long to fit in my clothes again?? It’s HARD. I’d tell myself they were “just clothes,” but it felt like more than that. I wanted to feel put together and like my old self again. It comes in time. It’s ok to recognize how you’re feeling and work through it. It’s definitely a mind game some days. I found it helpful to focus on something that brought made me smile…because sometimes defining what brought me “joy” just felt like another “to do” 🙈 There’s so much to come ❤️❤️❤️ We’re here to listen, encourage and go along for the ride! Love your little family! ☺️

  60. This is my first comment ever like this. I always just read and never participate. But thanks for this Liz! I just had my third baby boy in October (oldest is four years old middle is two), so we are in the same boat….team boy! Literally this is exactly me with the body image..totally out of sorts! Tired of leggings and want to throw everything away snd buy a new wardrobe but one for someone that weighs 20 pounds less. #3 is hard!

  61. Thank you for being so honest, Liz. I commend you for sharing this and even working at this point in time! Your life has made 2 significant changes and here you are inspiring others. Your beauty shines so brightly no matter where you are or what you’re wearing. Thank you for showing up and sharing!

  62. I think a lot of people can relate to this with pandemic bod. I know I can! You are not alone in this, my thighs are screaming “Amen” or is that just the sound of them rubbing together? Either way, you got this, and just remember you had a baby, and all I did was eat a shit ton of ice cream for a year.

  63. I’m with you and totally understand. If you don’t feel good about your body and that’s important to you — then yes it’s OK to feel crappy. I hate it when people say, “you look great” and I know I need to lose 10 lbs…I think the whole not validating what’s important to one person and just giving lip service has got to end. I mean if gardening is important to you and your garden is a mess – does it help when someone says “they’re just flowers, they’ll grow back”? NO! So if your body (weight) is important to you and is a source of confidence. I would say to you “Work hard at it – stay on course and I wish you success”!! GO LIZ!

  64. Bouncing back from baby #3 has been SO HARD. I so appreciate your honesty. It’s nice to know we aren’t alone 🙂

  65. I am 4 months postpartum and feel the same way. I am exercising and being healthy, and while I knew our bodies did this amazing thing, it doesn’t make me feel any better. I would still love to wear some of my old clothes and feel more confident in my skin. I know people are trying to be kind and helpful, but sometimes what I need is for someone to validate my feelings. So I’m here to say….I hear you, it really sucks and it’s hard to deal with. I’m right there with you!

  66. going from 2-3 kids rocks you world, well it did mine…! and then throw in a major move with newborn and covid and well you are bound to feel off…like you said you’ll get there and what beautiful place discover your new normal in… I am feeling like I need to be leaning into “pull” in another direction…Im at a crossroads.

  67. Liz! You are exactly where you are supposed to be. Your followers adore you (including me) for your honest approach to the day to day. For you recommendations and shared wisdom. For your kindness and smile. We love you pre, during and post pregnancy. This is all part of the journey! Xoxox

  68. I felt the same way with baby #3 and I thought my clothes would never fit again … 10 months later, they do! It took a little longer than with my other two. Trust in the process. Three kids are hard!