Charleston over 3 years ago by Liz Adams

One Month in Charleston

I’m writing this as we are just waking up at home after spending a month in Charleston. It was such a special time together! I didn’t think about the fact that when we booked this house for the month of November we would be savoring 30 days together before becoming a family 5 in a few weeks. I know this past month will forever be a special time for all of us.

*any links you’ll be able to find here if you just scroll until you see the photo/item you’re looking for!

We went into our trip with very few plans. Since we’ve visited many times over the years we are pretty familiar with everything to see and do there. We rented a house in the Mount Pleasant area with intentions of really “moving in” for the month. I’m not going to share a link to the house for a few reasons. I don’t think I would recommend it for a family. It was very formally decorated, not what I would label as “family friendly” and didn’t have a ton of amenities (aside from the pool which was a gift during our trip!). It was also extremely overpriced for what it was albeit the location was exactly what we wanted. We justified it for a month but since I value the recommendations I give to you all, I wouldn’t necessarily suggest it for a family trip. That being said, we made it home!

Dave and I have discussed the possibility of moving to Charleston since before we had kids. We almost visited for a month last year but it didn’t work out. 2020 has reminded us that there is no better time than now to give it a try! This potential move is something we have considered for years and we decided it truly needed a test run to see what we wanted for the future of our family.

I kept getting questions about what to see and do in Charleston but we truly did a whole lot of nothing. Most mornings were spent at the beach, most days were spent swimming or going to the park with the boys and having picnics outside. We only went out to dinner a handful of times and most nights we cooked at home! We really just wanted to experience the area as if we truly lived there so we settled in and laid low. We did get a membership to the Charleston aquarium which the boys LOVED.

Dave and I managed to visit a few of our favorite restaurants while we were in town. Since we’ve visited so frequently over the years, a lot of these are our staples and others were new to us!

Favorite Restaurants in Charleston

Little Jacks
Leon’s Oyster Shop
Buther & Bee
167 Raw
Lewis BBQ
Po’s Tavern (Sullivan’s Island)
Obstinate Daughter (Sullivan’s Island)
Melfie’s *date night!
Post House Inn *date night!
The Ordinary *date night!
Hall’s Chophouse *date night!

*this in no way is a comprehensive list, just a few favorites!

Our time in Charleston was so special but it also feels so good to be home as we get ready for the holidays before baby’s arrival!