Gift Guides over 3 years ago by Liz Adams

2020 Gift Guides: Cozy Gift Ideas

Shop this gift guide: No. 1 Patagonia Better Sweater // No. 2 Rattan Round Serving Tray // No. 3 Farmhouse Pottery Heart Mug // No. 4 Snooz White Noise Machine // No. 5 Summersalt Cashmere Joggers // No. 6 Olive and June Pedi System // No. 7 Slip Silk Pillowcase // No. 8 Equilibria Joy of Sleep CBD Gift Set // No. 9 Winc Monthly Wine Subscription // No. 10 Heroic Women Museum Puzzle // No. 11 Fuzzy Leopard Slippers

Cozy at home is the theme of 2020 and I’m rounding up a few of my favorite things that have made this year a little extra special. With a long winter ahead and more stay at home restrictions it only seems fitting to give the gift of cozy this year! I really tried to think about the items in my own home that were put to good use – from a chic serving tray with a handmade mug that can sit on the coffee table and just look pretty (it’s the little things, right?), to a wine subscription, or the joy of sleep from my favorite CBD brand that is sure to provide balance and support (use code LIZADAMS for 15% off your first order!). Cozy looked like a little more self care this year and a little less stuff so here are my favorite things to make your “cozy at home” a little more luxe!

This heroic women museum puzzle is so much fun! I am stocking up on puzzles as gifts this year because it feels like something that anyone on your list would be grateful to have on a rainy day.

I have mastered the art of not washing my hair everyday this year and I owe a big thanks to my new found love for a Slip pillowcase. It keeps your hair in check and prevents your face from smooshing up on the pillow meaning fresh hair and fresh skin in the morning! I swear I don’t look as puffy when I sleep on it. A great gift for those who love a little beauty sleep!

Ok, this is the BEST sound machine ever. It’s nothing fancy but the white noise is muffled, soft and super relaxing. Dave and I sleep with this every night. Unlike the sound machine our kids use which I feel like is really meant to drown out noise – with this one you can still hear your kids get out of bed or call for you in the night. I can’t sleep without it!

I live in slippers at home and two of my favorite pairs are this leopard style and these Fluffette slippers. I brought both pairs to Charleston and wear them daily! I don’t like the strappy slippers because I find the stretch out and slippers with a full back make my feet sweat so these are a happy medium.

A few other items to love: I bought the Olive + June mani system (and they just launched a pedicure system!) this year and it’s been a GAMECHANGE for doing your nails at home or cozy cashmere separates!

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