Gift Guides over 3 years ago by Liz Adams

2020 Gift Guides: Gifts for Kids

Shop this gift guide: No. 1 Who Will You Be Book // No. 2 Play Weather Station // No. 3 Wild Pines Train Set // No. 4 Play Shaving Kit // No. 5 Rey to Z Letter Hat // No. 6 DIY Bracelet Kit // No. 7 Stitch Monograms Custom Crewneck // No. 8 Magnetic World Map // No. 9 Little Patient Toy Set // No. 10 Kids’ Apron // No. 11 The Night Before Christmas Leather-Bound Book // No. 12 Tinkertots Box Subscription // No. 13 Rattan Doll Bed // No. 14 Dino Waffle Maker

Back with another gift guide (and we have a lot more to go!) and today is all about the kids! How are you guys enjoying gift guide week? It’s always one of my favorites. Just feels happy to be sharing gift ideas for the ones we love. Remember, you can find all of my gift guides here or at the HOLIDAY tab in the navigation bar.

Let’s be honest, our kids don’t NEED anything. Charlie and Jack have more than enough to keep them entertained at home BUT these ideas are too fun not to share.

I’ve talked about Tinkertots Boxes a ton in the past but they are a monthly subscription box (or a one time gift purchase!) of educational and fun activities for your kiddos. Last year we have my 3 year old nephew a 3 month subscription and he LOVED it. Charlie gets sooo excited every time it arrives! Use code HAF15 for 15% off!

…and here are some fun gift ideas for the kiddos!

A dinosaur waffle maker! How fun is this? It’s also on sale right now. I’m definitely ordering for the boys. Charlie will think this is the coolest for Sunday morning breakfasts. This little animal one is adorable, too!

Rey to Z hats are our favorites (for adults and kids!) and one of my favorite gifts to give to kiddos. So many colors to choose from!

How fun is this little weather station? We always have Charlie give a “morning report” and it’s usually how he slept, what his dreams were about, what he wants to do that day but I love the idea of adding weather report to our morning report!

This leather bound version of Twas the Night Before Christmas is so special. I have so many books from my childhood that my grandmother gave me and cherish her little notes, sweet signature and date on the first page. I feel like this is one of those special keepsakes your kids will have forever. The making of a family tradition!

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